I won Ethiopia and helped Spain. Why wait 2 years for a Battleship if I can build 20 or more subs in the same time with the same dockyards and using less resources? Regardless of the nation though, the navy you construct in most cases will take years to create, not weeks like an army can. You have two spheres of thought to use here: Fill It and Kill It -or- Strip It and Ship It. If you can afford it, you should lease and build these craft. Train the 50 XP for things like Depth Charges and Hull Armor upgrades. This can be done via the diplomacy screen but be aware that the more gap between your existing tech and theirs, the less likely they are to give plans over to you. Use Lancer for surface torpedoes such as from a Destroyer, and Silent Hunter for submarines. If a fleet does not have enough raiding task forces for the area it covers, their efficiency will be reduced. Keeps the big guns at harbor until the patrol has confirmation for a strike force to deploy. A single Destroyer with 3 ASW slots is a fantastic sub hunter when combined with sonar tracking and Radar. This is a community maintained wiki. A place to share content, ask questions and/or talk about the grand strategy game Hearts of Iron IV by Paradox Development Studio. That's why I spent 5000 words explaining it. At sea. Some results may shock you so try new things out. Using 2 Destroyers to cover the Atlantic isn’t really effective, clearly, but they will make a lazy looping patrol of all zones regardless. After an enemy force is fully spotted, the patrolling task force may choose to engage the enemy immediately, depending upon their assigned engagement rule. Carriers are able to strike at the enemy from a greater distance than any naval cannon and with eyes in the sky we will never be caught off guard. Naval Invasion Support: Fleets will help convoys by escorting them on the way to an invasion and they will also help soften up the defenders when the invasion makes landfall. Attacking only when the odds are overwhelmingly in our favour. They were probably on their way to Madagascar or something. They're more durable to a degree, but just having more total ships helps all ships. you know how more armored divisions absolutely wreck even slightly less armored divisions thanks to armor/piercing mechanic? However, when troop transfers are being performed automatically as part of a naval invasion order, the naval invasion support mission may be a more appropriate choice. If they are doing a job such as a patrol, escort, or mine operation groups of 8 Screens could be used. Take advantage of that. And here I was loading every form of gun into a strike force and every form of recon into a patrol force, thank you for the guide. Now, it’s not that the boats aren’t ‘good enough’ because they aren’t loaded to the teeth, in fact, in many ways they are superior to the Fill It and Kill It concept. Gain experience each day until they reach the 'Regular' level. Hunt them down one by one. Not sure if they made it so that now Mil factories produce also ship parts ? Striking at the enemy's ports will cripple their ability to rebuild their fleet. Seashell. The pummeling they offer is only matched by air power. Next to the weapon summaries we also display the side’s. But sometimes a fleet will not engage with an enemy because these settings are too low. So plan to have your ‘Grand Fleet’ hit the waves sometime around 1940-41 if you start early. The pier to your own navy, if you will. The investment and the payoff are well worth the cost of protection so before you spam a carrier fleet, make sure it’s got support. I did a lot of naval combat testing if anybody feels like finding old links, but that was a few patches ago. The following effects apply to each mined strategic region, scaled according to the quantity of mines: When equipped with a minesweeping module, destroyers or cruisers can be assigned to minesweeping missions during wartime. Build Light Cruisers and max Engines, Reliability, and Armor. It would be extreamly costly if you destroy a carrier. Once the med is closed down you can hunt down and occupy any remaining ships and take Cyprus (from Rhodes). You could bring it down to 4 screens if you include a capital ship such as a Coastal Defense, Battleship, or Heavy Cruiser. are the most favorable to deploy in for zone control. Literally every release has had significant AI improvements. Base time to research []. Projects and perspectives . However, it will cost more production per boat, you’ll produce less each year vs a stripped-down version of the same thing, and you’ll typically need the tech available at the time of design or be forced to upgrade after. So if you’re struggling with getting troops to bloody move, try changing their invasion support option to convoy raid or escort or any combination thereof. What about using destroyers to screen against other destroyers / torp stuff? If you buy one DLC, make it Man the Guns. Cookies help us deliver our Services. A real mess can be made of your naval layer cake if you don’t have sufficient screens. Hi everyone! Naval doctrine is a technology group that allows a nation to specialize the way its navy conducts naval warfare. You can access the missions for your fleet via the Naval Screen (F2) and assign zones of control from here as well. Now you're getting it! With our most powerful ships on the hunt for trade convoys, the enemy will no longer find safety in numbers. This is similar to the approach of Japan and the United States. In my opinion, you shouldn’t purchase an upgrade that has a time reduction penalty still locked. The navy screen is F2 to access by default. This is sort of like asking why you got beat by Germany when playing Poland. I grouped into large Search and Destroy fleets, based around battleships. ‘Not every division works for every situation so I need to change things sometimes.’. Either of them can use any unlocked carrier engine. This will keep your ships in the water training and essentially mining for XP for as long as possible. Ships with minelaying equipment can be assigned to minelaying missions during wartime. For the air controllers, I typically upgrade the fighters. This usually happens after a spotting process is complete or opposing fleets move onto the same province. This is a community maintained wiki. Why do the DDs have more than a single depth charge? The ship you’re getting should really be something that you can’t build yourself, it isn’t worth the time to research, or it is needed strongly enough for creating an effective navy. Even the Royal Navy chose the more modern Battle Cruiser as its Pride of the Fleet. Really excited for the naval overhaul. i.e. Minesweeping: A couple of Destroyers with a single sweeper kit can be left to their own devices and do good work. However, one don't have to be a total minimaxer to be efficient at this game and be a better player. Finally, and important, is that Admiral upgrades do not have an indicator to say an upgrade is available. Speedy ships are great here. How does it deals with different types of ships, f.e. Although a strike force can be assigned to cover a wide area, it may not arrive in time to engage the enemy if the spotted enemy force is far from the strike force's port. Airplanes are an efficient way of thinning out the enemy fleet. Naval Yards are actually quite cheap to construct at 6400 production vs MILs 7200 and CIVs 10800. if the enemy force appears too strong for the strike force to safely handle. So you have a big pool of XP and now you want to spend it on some stuff! And you can pump those out like hotdogs at a ballpark. From a ship. DD Destroyer – light, fast, cheap. When the strategic navy map mode is selected, existing convoy routes are shown on the map. This can mean you're adding months or years to apply an upgrade to an already years-long project. So, plan your endgame. That's a great look, glad to see it. I’ll discuss the MTG content 99% of the time. A strike force will only choose to intercept and engage a spotted enemy force if their engagement rule permits it. AI has a tough time chasing them down, even humans can struggle with raiding that pops up in a massive number of zones. This mission assigns a task force to look for enemy convoys in the fleet's operational area. If the cursor is placed over this number, a tooltip will appear which provides further information about the mission. But for someone picking up HOI4 and NOT having MTG? Use care when selecting these options for your fleets. If there's no battle or the battle is over, those task forces will return to their home port. When escort efficiency is 100% among task forces within a given fleet, one of these task forces will instantly come to the defence of any convoys under attack within the fleet's assigned regions. The presence of our ships will make enemies more reluctant to take our ports. I would advise against it. To make the naval game interesting, it should matter more than it does. For the heavy conversion, unless you absolutely need every bit of speed, the carrier engine is going to be cheaper and ckbsume less fuel. I don’t usually fill out an entire naval doctrine tree, but typically one or two branches. I can dig it. SS Submarine – cheap, slow, limited loadout options. I have a normal fleet destroyer and a "reduced" anti Sub escort destroyer (as of your example in ship designer)?. It should be obvious, but worth mentioning, some countries will simply have a harder time putting a navy in the water than others. Can you talk about admiral stats and which stats should we look for in different scenarios (eg convoy raiding, ASW, carrier fleet or just big battle). Make no mistake though, a Heavy Cruiser is not the same as the other Heavy Weapon ships. Some of the ‘light on Navy, heavy on oil’ nations can also do this relentless naval training to great effect. its needed to combat doomstacking. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Each mission has a corresponding hotkey. If you have the 4 seashells locked up, there is no reason you cannot produce Battleships. Call in nearby ships as soon as an enemy vessel is spotted. I like using 3 Destroyers to 1 Cruiser (but it’s usually loaded out). Strike at their trade convoys before they can react and disappear below the surface again.

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