Yamaha YEP-201 made by Yamaha for Holton(model#s ending in R are all made by Yamaha) Ready to play(let me know if you need a mouthpiece) Although well used. Has been in storage. USED Holton B470R Student Euphonium Up for sale is a used Holton B470R student euphonium. with a hard case that needs some major TLC. Serial Number M20390. It is very close in design to a Yamaha 321, which was always my favorite euphonium until I played the Holton B490RS. Does have some dents but nothing major. References Local pick up items not claimed within 14 days will be relisted without notice and considered a donation. A silver-plated yellow brass baritone horn, this instrument has a bright, vibrant sound that stands out in bands and orchestras. This extra tubing corrects the pitch when playing low, without altering the tuning of the mid and upper registers. Please be sure to view all posted pictures(clickon, them for large and detailed images)This is a very nice instrument. However, silver-plate gives the brass instrument a warmer tone that many players like. Shipping fee to p.o.box address. Note that earlier I said that there are usually three valves. May have intonation problems, and the low register isn’t great. Tone suffers and stuffy in the low register. However, talking to the manufacturer and vendor may give you a good idea of the responsiveness, such as how fast the pistons press down, how quickly the instrument can switch from note to note, and how well the baritone can reach the full extension of the octaves. Hand slide: Chrome-plated nickel silver with seamless inner slide and integral chamfered stocking. Some items may need some adjustments after you've bought them. Mouthpiece: No mouthpiece included. It is very nice looking and came with an attractive case (not bullet proof but should do OK for me). Many of the items I put up for auction are purchased at estate sales. How well an item will work when shipped across country. Belts, Yamaha Yep201 Euphonium Baritone Horn Yep, Yamaha Yep321 Euphonium Baritone Horn Yep, Amati Holton Collegiate B490R 4-Valve Euphonium (ex-demo, excellent condition). With the compensating system, there is a fingering for low B, so you get a fully chromatic low range with only four valves. I did twenty hours of research on baritone specifications and the choosing of the proper baritone, then thirty more hours researching the best baritones on the market. For more Vintage and Pro-Line Musical Instruments Visit our new Website"musicalinstrumentcity" you know what ebay won't let me say. It is a horn that will give you a career of service. Buy from Amazon The slide is extremely smooth and fast, and is a little narrower than on the Bach. CONDITION: Pistons have visible plating wear(see last 2 pics) But compression is excellent- no leaks, great sound. However, if you have a dated receipt of a horn’s serial number, please contact us through the link in the header so we can add more detail to this serial number list. If you aren't a music instrument repair person or have access to one. The Holton falls between a Conn 88H and a Bach 42B in sound and feel. 845-692-6922 If you would like to receive more. “The Holton TR 160 is one of the best large bore tenor trombone I've played. There are absolutely no refunds for the following items: Software(if unsealed or registered) Sheet Music Books DVDs Videos CDs Harmonicas. PLEASE NOTE ALL FAULTS SHOWN, IN PICTURES ARE CONSIDERED PART OF THE DESCRIPTION. Made of yellow brass, another great feature is that it is available in lacquer or silver-plate, so you can decide whether you want a less expensive or better sounding instrument. Lots of cleaning and polishing needed. Auction includes: Euphonium. This leaves low B without a fingering. A great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. You do not have to have Paypal account to buy this item, use your credit card through Paypal,confirmed/eligible shipping address)contact me for local pick up payment option. Nothing is wrong with it. WE NEED CONTACT WITHIN 48 HOURS WITH PAYMENT INTENTIONS& Payment is expected within 4 days of invoice. Pistons: 4, Nickel-plated A great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. Thanks for looking. The euphonium has a larger bell and bore, and its tubing is mostly conical, meaning that the diameter of the tubing becomes larger as it extends to the bell. The case is in fair condition. I am getting back into the euphonium after a 30 year absence. Too bad not many high schools use them as they’re nearly as heavy as marching euphoniums and cost. Vintage 3-Valve Collegiate Baritone Euphonium by Holton. The slide is extremely smooth and fast, and is a little narrower than on the Bach. This is a great instrument for bands and orchestras with great responsiveness and projection. Doing this made me want to play the instrument all over again!

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