Bossk | Full Name Type of Villain General Hux | Origin He knew his chances of ever being able to regain power in … Zillo Beast, See Also Velken Tezeri | Garnac | Taskmaster Grint Riff Tamson | One year following Snoke's death, Pryde was informed of the return of Darth Sidious, who was thought to be seemingly killed by Darth Vader during the Battle of Endor. Allegiant General Pryde | Salacious B. Crumb | Boba Fett | Mar Tuuk | As the First Order rises to power after the Battle of Crait under Kylo Ren's leadership following the death of Supreme Leader Snoke, Pryde works alongside General Hux to create countless legions of First Order Stormtroopersto take over the galaxy. Benefactor: Darth Sidious Evil-doer Nix Card | K2-B4 | Jabba the Hutt | Agent Terex | Greedo | Military Leaders: Admiral Trench | With General Pryde (Richard E. Grant) even coming in, he felt powerless more than ever. Graxol Kelvyyn | It did always seem odd that he fell for such a clear stalling tactic… Anyway, moving on: – “Hux is about to put a bullet in a passed out Kylo’s head after the throne room scene in TLJ. TV-94B | War crimesMurderGenocideMundicideAttempted conquestTerrorismConspiracyBetrayal Bala-Tik | Gar Saxon | Sith Troopers Destroy the Resistance organization at all costs and assure the First Order's control and power upon the entire galaxy. Datoo | @KinelRyan So if General Hux was the spy… Why did the mass genocide six planets in the force awakens without warning? here are our picks for the most disappointing movies of 2019. Commerce Guild | Gar Saxon | Gideon Hask | Also it was Finn who shot Hux. Bec Lawise | Commandant Aresko | Bo-Katan Kryze | It would be sweet revenge.” Indeed it was! Dengar | Aurra Sing | Kithaba | Klaatu | Hobby Mas Amedda | Taron Malicos, Hutt Clan Star Wars The Old Republic Villains, Vast resources and control over the First Order. TX-20 | At your screening of the film, you likely heard people whispering in surprise as the iconic scrolling text graced the screen. Plus, he didn't like him anyway, so he wouldn't have cared if he was dead. Razoo Qin-Fee Well done, Finn. Also, aren't there security cameras on the Steadfast? Death Troopers Son | Rune Haako | COMPNOR, First Order Leaders: Darth Bane | Everything is perfect. Cad Bane | Sith Eternal | There are a range of surprises laced throughout the concluding chapter, and a lot of pressing questions fans have had since The Force Awakens have now been answered. That was a different part of the ship.Also, wouldn't Hux have to input a personal code to free the Millennium Falcon? MurderGenocideMundicideAttempted conquestTerrorismConspiracyBetrayal. I’m sure Pryde was well aware of Hux’s hatred for Kylo and knew that was reason enough for him to betray the First Order. Imperial Officers: Other Officials and Operatives: 4A-7 | Admiral Versio | Sarlacc | Grand Moff Tarkin | Passel Argente | Ziro the Hutt, Other Pyke Syndicate | Elite Praetorian Guards | Sixth Brother | The Client | The decision has attracted both praise and critique already, but nevertheless, it was a bold and exciting approach to take. Hutt Clan | Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker has plenty of surprises in store, but the General Hux spy scene really had people shocked. Moff Jerjerrod | General Veers | Early in the film, it’s mentioned that a rebel spy is present within the First Order and feeding information to the Resistance.

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