Cheers, Will, Hi Will My first canvas I prepped using gesso and water. would this work to seal the canvas ok. thanks. Hi Carolyn, if its acrylic painting she would just need to apply a couple of coats of gesso to the canvas, ideally stretched onto stretcher bars to keep the canvas taught. Apply a couple of coats of acrylic Gesso and sand in-between layers to achieve the flattest surface. Will it be advisable then to apply a third layer of Gesso, or two layers should do the trick? So you are against pre-primed fabric canvases? Feeling very tensed but I really want to do it with all my efforts. Is gesso toxic and are the fumes dangerous? was planning to use acrylics. I didn’t know what the differnce between oils and acrylics were so I googled it while standing at walmart ready to grab my first set (and make my first mistake!…. That is an interesting point. I always keep a strong lid on the gesso so nothing can get in...but it stinks like hell... My guess is that it was mold now just by the way it smells...the smell is unbearable, not like the normal primer stench, more rotten kinda smelling. It helps paint keep on with any surface, including paper, cloth or board. My first proof were a stunning disaster (color creates stains on the canvas and spreads everywhere). Hi Will, I am working on an acrylic landscape with two foreground mountains to the sides, one midground, and another background. I just primed my canvas with a thin layer of acrylic gesso and was wondering how long I should wait before adding another layer? I am painting with oils on a canvas that I stretched and gesso’d myself for the first time. Lately I am using a thinned layering process on portrait paintings. I would actually like to do a self body painting on this canvas, any suggestions as to what I should do? Liquid clear is the medium without the titanium white. The answer comes back to the issue of absorbency, not of the gesso, but of the surface upon which it is being applied; for my purposes, I don’t want that surface to be absorbent. Just a quick question, can I prime MDF with white emulsion instead of gesso? One last reason. :). I was wondering how you gesso or prime the wood and still be able to get that effect ? Liquid white & liquid clear are brand names made famous by Bob Ross, who often applied a coat of ‘liquid white’ onto the canvas to work the paint wet into wet. More absorbent add more chalk More flexible add more binder Less absorbent add more pigment. I had liquid white on the canvas in question and had laid my first patches of color for the sky when I became ill and had to leave the painting sit (dry). I looked at some of the comments on this page, and a person said something about a traditional canvas, that the store people apply the gesso on the canvas, so you don’t have to. My linseed oil has gone thick and sticky? I’ve been doing research and can find no specific reference to a way to overcome this. For a canvas that is already white I’ll often paint onto it without applying an extra gesso coats Will. Do you recommend to sand the surface of the last gesso layer? What is the reason for this? a walmart set /slaps forehead) Your site came up so I booked marked it after deciding to go with acrylics. What painter was famous in 1995? I’ve just started painting with acrylics with the aim to start selling them – Im pretty new to the world of materials, and stuck to linen canvas at first, then this week I bought a few Winsor and Newton deep edge cotton canvases (double primed weight is 8oz unprimed, 14oz primed), My worry is that they might not be good enough as a surface for professional use – mainly from a longevity point of view. Hi Jo, That is a lot of gesso!! Gesso is the primer. I want the effect to be flat and smooth on the canvas. At my age this will be my final move, and although I will be painting in Southeast light instead of north, it will make no difference in the limited painterly knowledge I possess. On the cheaper ranges for some reason manufacturers often use a seal on top which creates a shiny surface which is completely ridiculous… defeating the object of gesso! I wouldn’t want to say it would ‘grab’ on 100% though and not continue peeling. 2.) Hello Will. Wow! Am also interested in your thoughts on this. However, I am interested in what you think about making your own compared to buying. Recently I was laid off from my last marketing job and have been on unemployment ever since. Also when you are thinking of painting, do you need to prepare a day before, so you can let the gesso dry, because I looked at other websites and they say that you need to add 2 layers of gesso and it takes a long time to dry, so you have to wait.

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