- Sun They hold a stakeout at the Vale Port. Sun is among the group of students present at Amity Colosseum at the beginning of the Grimm attack on Vale. Sage Ayana | He is also present when a Giant Nevermore breaches the defenses of the city and begins attacking the stadium. Suddenly, the pillar breaks and the balcony above falls toward Ilia until Ghira holds the debris up. BlackSun Ozma | Blond Become a Huntsman.Help Blake. Two days later, he is seen sharing a drink and talking with her. Bartholomew Oobleck | SSSNScarletSageNeptune He is voiced Michael Jones. BlackSun is believed to be Blake's second biggest ship and Sun's biggest. Sun is seen eavesdropping on Team RWBY's plan, where he is hanging from a tree. Sun Wukong He comments on how she looks better without it. Nickname Weiss then makes several negative comments about him, to Blake's frustration. Harriet Bree | Sun seems to be highly adept in martial arts, able to fend off many members of the White Fang single-handedly without taking a hit and using his tail as an extra appendage during combat. After Blake accidentally reveals she is a Faunus to her team, she flees and runs into Sun. LOL Well I'm glad i was able to make your day a little better. 92% Upvoted. Later when the team decides to investigate, Sun and Blake are made partners for it. Later, he engages against Dew Gayl, though he doesn't manage to beat her and accidentally causes Scarlet's elimination. Ilia Amitola | He was waiting outside to invite Blake to the dance, but she harshly turns him down, saying she wouldn't want to waste her time with something so stupid. Once their time is not preoccupied with fighting, he reveals that he believed she was going solo on a dangerous mission to go after the White Fang and that he was determined to help her. In Volumes 4 and 5, Sun persistently remains at Blake's side and continues to try to help her in any way he can. He also wears blue cargo pants tied up with a white belt. Sun and Neptune attempt to take down Torchwick's Paladin, Sun unveiling his Semblance of creating explosive clones, but they are both knocked off the highway by Torchwick, leaving Team RWBY to deal with the Paladin themselves. In his first appearance, Sun is shown to be fun-loving and mischievous, with little regard for the law - stowing away on a ship, thanking the crew for the ride during his escape, throwing a banana peel in a detective's face and stealing apples. He begins hanging on a post when two cops demand that he comes down. Huntsman-in-trainingStudent at Haven AcademyLeader of Team SSSNMember of the Menagerie Militia This quality is further demonstrated when he readily volunteers to help Team RWBY with their investigation, despite both Blake and Ruby Rose stating their opposition to his involvement. Dexter Grif | Dick Simmons | Michael J. Caboose | Epsilon | Church | Sarge | Sparx | Aku Aku, Spider-Man has declared that this article is still. Sun joins Blake in the Battle of Haven by leading a large group of Faunus, surprising Adam and the White Fang forces currently present there. Penny Polendina | Elm Ederne | 142. Runaways and Stowaways, Eclipse, Sunblaked, Wudonna, Sunbella, Sundonna, Wubella. Sun's use of his "gun-chucks" is similar to the martial arts Eskrima. He abandons the cloak while fighting the Sea Feilong with Blake and the ship. In that respect, Blake believes Sun to be the embodiment of the word "earnest". Fox Alistair | Character Status He also has above average speed and endurance, such as being able to run constantly without showing signs of fatigue, as was the same in is fight with Roman. Qrow Branwen, Beacon Academy Het Those who don't like BlackSun will often ship Sea Monkeys, Sunflakes, or Strawbana instead. Sun Wukong is a Faunus from the Kingdom of Vacuo, who later moved to Mistral and made his first appearance in "The Stray." Coco Adel | Arryn Zech stated at Supernova 2018 that as far as she knows, "Sun is meant for Blake". Wukong (By Ghira Belladonna), Student at Haven AcademyLeader of Team SSSNMember of the Menagerie Militia, AthleticismMartial ArtsSpectral Clone SemblanceHeightened SensesAura, Neptune VasiliasScarlet DavidSage AyanaRuby RoseWeiss SchneeYang Xiao Long. In the battle against the Sea Feilong, Sun uses three of the clones from his Semblance to launch Blake hundreds of feet into the air, yet seemingly made the same distance himself with one jump. The song's writer, Jeff Williams, stated that the track is not related to any couple in particular, yet, in the show, it played only once, specifically during the scene in which Sun winks at Blake and she blushes. RWBY He appears to have above-average strength, being able to send multiple White Fang members flying with a sweep of his staff. As Sun and Neptune enter the room, Sun seems overly excited by the chaos caused by the food fight between teams RWBY and JNPR, while Neptune seems more shocked.

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