I think I must have gotten on the same train as you. It’s less intimidating and I feel like I can start this right now – unlike everywhere else I searched. My mom loves to ferment all kinds of veggies but I never learned how to make it. Doing the salt brine in the beginning is simply a time saver. I’ve never tried fermenting tempeh so I’m not much help there. Many people think dill works great with any veggie ferment. :), These look amazing! Not sure about this Brian. March 3rd 2016 How many days did you ferment it when you used Himalayan salt? Some of the most delicious ones to ferment include cabbage, carrots, cucumbers, peppers, beets, garlic, and cauliflower. Specialty, Fruit, Historical, Other Recipes, Brewing with fruit and secondary fermentation, Making a Fruit Beer Without any additional Fermentation from the Fruit?? I would love to try kraut! Hi Jenn, The instructions say to keep the jars out of direct sunlight. Where to get it: It’s actually lurking in your average bottle of Worcestershire sauce, but you’re most likely to find it in its fresher form at a local Asian supermarket. Just doing some shopping at the mexican market and found a ball of pure tamarind in the treats section. Fermented food has become one of 2018’s biggest food trends, with some even calling it a superfood. $(document).ready(function () { Prepare a warm place for the milk to ferment. There is a thrill that accompanies the cracking of a brittle tamarind pod. Chew often uses vegetable cores to weigh down her ferments, as the fermented vegetables and fruits must be submerged in water to create anaerobic conditions. I’m getting more back to consuming what I grew up with and I can really feel the difference ! I wasn’t a terribly naughty child by any means, but I had my share of errant behavior that kept my parents busy. Thank you for being so concise. The fluid in the jar has turned cloudy and I’m afraid to eat it now that I read your blog about tightening the lids ! Been reading the comments and I’ve used baking paper to push down the vegetables instead of cabbage too. I love to take a swig or two of it from the jar as I snack on the veggies…it’s delicious! Kombucha is derived from tea, but has a cloudy and dark appearance which is a by-product of the natural fermentation process. Hidden beneath that unassuming brown shell lies a soft, sticky, sweet-and-sour pulp I’d quickly devour. After 24 hours, open jar to release gasses, it should be stinky. And when is it safe to hot bath the jars. Recipes: Tamarind Paste | Shrimp, Cilantro, and Tamarind Soup | Roasted New Potatoes With Garlic and Tamarind | Almond, Black Pepper and Fig Cake With Tamarind Glaze. Thanks for your great recipe. Sea salt, or any other non-iodized salt (hence, no table salt) can be used for fermenting, I am also seeing some cloudy liquid – did that other post about the cloudy ever get answered? / Ayesha Muttucumaru, February 26th 2018 In India, tamarind pods are used to season meat, fish and rice dishes while in areas like Jamaica, Cuba and the Dominican Republic, tamarind candy is a common treat made by mixing tamarind pulp with sugar. It look healthy… Good idea for vegetable! I’ve been adding them to salads, on top of my protein with lunch or dinner or, just picking at them throughout the day when I’m bored. I think the fermentation is done, and the jar is moved to the fridge. We make our fermented food like this in Poland😉, Cultured food book by Donna schwenk on genesis library free. Also make sure to try out this bulgogi kimchi rice plate and this kimchi potato hash. We actually use the brine as a salad dressing after we’ve finished the vegetables. Over the past few years, her interest in fermentation has burgeoned, and as a result, she has emerged as something of a local font of knowledge on the subject. Just a good old mason jar like my grandma used!!! I use glass weights to keep down and seal with lid, I prefer the Easy Fermenter lid, as it allows gas to escape and keeps air out. Going to try then with this recipe! Use only the liquid, not the pulp that is left behind. In the roasted potatoes, it’s used as a finishing touch, in the form of a dressing inspired by those chutneys of Indian street food. You are so good at responding! Use distilled water. This looks great, Gina! is it advisable to drink the water after fermenting the recipes .does it have any effect? If they’re exposed to air, they might form some mold. Make sure it’s sea salt. They’re perfect for snacking on or adding to your meals for a probiotic boost. Turmeric has a reputation as a great healthy ingredient. The first time I drank it I was a bit nervous about the cloudy appearance, but it’s common to see a bit of the SCOBY (symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast). You might discover the seeds in an international food shop, and tamarind paste can be found widely, sold as a solid block or a pre prepared paste in most supermarkets. To find out more about Gabriela, discover her new supplement programme or book an appointment, visit her website, For more information about Zoe and to book an appointment, check out her website, Devour nutrition articles? I’m surprised there’s no “tang” to them yet after 5 days. And you can use a little in a new batch of fermented veggies to help get your ferment started, but it’s not necessary. Also, I tried to press the veg down with a big round slice of apple (didn’t have any cabbage) and it worked when I first put it in the jar but the apple turned a brown and green colour so I took it out and replaced it with some baking paper. Your 16 cups of water (1 gallon) weighs 3,785 grams. In his book, The Clever Guts Diet, Dr Michael Mosley writes “One of the reasons why fermented foods are so good for the gut is that, gramme for gramme, they contain a huge number of different microbes. Heat and water dissolve the flesh and release its fruity sourness. Do you ever add any sweetener, sugar or honey, to make sweet-sour fermented veggies. I did this with a friend and I misunderstood and did not tighten the lid down. Tepache is a wild ferment- the yeast and bacteria naturally present on the pineapple are responsible for the fermentation process so no additional cultures are needed.

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