He told me he doesn’t think the twins are his because the timing was off and they didn’t live together…and because he was unsure, he didn’t feel like he should tell me until he knew for sure. He told me he was not married and had no kids. I started talking to someone from lagos Nigeria and need someone to talk to please, i dont know what to believe after reading all of this. Yes, they are. We Will Never Forget! He told me he no longer had the machete and come to find out he was lying again as he hid it in his brand new car!! I’M LIVING IT RIGHT NOW. How can you expect someone of that age not to have bn married? Judge this matter with your heart and brain maturely I believe God will lead you through. During one split he even had his Dad call to patch things up. Details of any and all previous marriages or registered partnerships must appear on the document. If the lady wants to end up in a mental hospital, then go ahead. This may be reason why this guy might not have fully made up his mind on marrige but that does not mean he did not have a girl friend or whom he might have temporarily promised to marry. Start by searching for their full name and click on any images, social media profiles or websites you think are relevant. Called the women and indeed he was talking to someone in another state. You could just use ZoSearch to check the same records in under 10 minutes instead. He asked me to buy him a machete the first two months he arrived to cut our grass and I did. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to find out if someone is married. But they are few in number considering the large population of the country. He went to northern stay with his guy friends, he got a job there. Prior to traveling, I spoke with his parents and sisters and it all seemed on the up and up. Please I read a story on your website a couple of minutes ago and something compelled me to ask you guys one question. He has recently told his family about me, even let’s me video call his sister and speak with his mom……but even now I still have my fears, I know the pain your in, not wanting to be fooled or used, yet not willing to let go of the one you love……sometimes I even convince myself it wouldn’t matter if he was already married, ….sometimes other people can plant doubts and ideas in your head coz they don’t want your happiness ..don’t judge him based on what anyone else says ,judge it with your heart…..you love him, could you handle never hearing from him again? He also told me he would have to work while I was there and would wake up throughout the night to be on his computer, he does marketing, he tells me. So if he was already married, our marriage wont be legal here. Let’s assume you fall for the excuse as to why his family or parents could not be part of your wedding, two years into the wedding he has not taken you to Nigeria to meet his parents and entire family, and you are yet to see any concrete plan he is making to achieve that, I suggest you should have every reason to cry foul; in most cases there is something to hide. In December I submitted for his spousal visa, so it could get issued in a couple of months. In the mean time my kind and caring heart begin to turn into coal. To the lady that is worried about her Nigerian boyfriend, I too am in a relationship with a Nigerian man, he is my whole life all we do is talk about getting married and having a family, however we have never met each other, we became friends through Facebook, and within a few weeks we realized we had feelings for each other,.we always call for hours and talk, and I have supported him through the loss of his brother. Also, we used to have phone sex every couple of weeks and that abruptly stopped, he says he will wait till we are together he prefers the real thing. “The worst thing is to have children with the wrong woman” quote from a perfect husband bachelor & many agree. Get some of his family contact or probably make a request of visiting his homeland wit him… Bcos i really dout dat a nigerian man living comfortably ill stay upto 45 without a wife or sibling somewhere…do d job urself thanks. They had been chatting for like 3 weeks before they suggested meeting each other. I’ve also met his younger brother, he wanted to introduce me to his older brother & his wife that he lives with, but I refused as that is disrespectful on my part, him as well. I confronted him about it and he denied being married and gave me a story which he insists is the truth. He says the church wedding is not legal but they did it to fulfill the request/pressure of the elders. ZoSearch is a "people search" engine that can dig up information about anyone, including their personal details.

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