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I've raised the budget of the houses, I've got a lot of bunk houses for the broke. Also, Free Housing does nothing to increase housing quality, it just means that everyone can use the most expensive form of housing (so you should have focused on Houses, Manors and Apartments if you wanted to go with Free housing). New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Press J to jump to the feed.

The staff also matters and so does their jobs and work. I tried to please people of all wealth category. This will definitely keep your citizens happy. Ah, thanks. You can check the modifiers from your buildings under the faction and alter it that way if necessary, but the easiest ways are missions and edicts. Seems like keeping factions happy is actually easier than people. To do so, you’ve to search for the places with the crime rate and build police stations and prisons there so the citizens can feel safe and the crime rate doesn’t increase. Give people the jobs that their qualification deserves and keep upgrading the buildings so you keep getting more positions and more and more people can be employed at one time.

By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Improve your standing towards the revolutionaries and use them as a stepping stone towards gaining ultimate control over your tropical state. Also, remember that different foods have a different level of effectiveness on happiness. People working at plantations and mines will tend to build shacks close to where they work rather than move into the bunkhouses you just built.

While building your empire you will need to maintain various things like food, housing, and other essential things which is needed to make a citizen.

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The categories though will differ, as the middle-class people will choose normal “Entertainment” category whereas the rich people will be choosing the Luxury Entertainment category.
Make sure you give the jobs fairly otherwise that too will affect happiness.

All rights reserved. But I just couldn't raise it by 15.

IF Caribbean happiness is higher that's going to hurt you. You can build Restaurants, Grocery Stores, and can even plant so your citizens get food all the time and it doesn’t get short. Liberty can easily be bumped a bit. i tried all that in my first few play. It's tedious and you can leave it pretty late until you can easily afford it, but if you need a quick boost then it raises housing.

I need 61. I built the buildings as close to workplaces as possible, and not only one type.

Keep making new buildings that will also increase their quality and will make the citizens happy.

Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America). Couldn't understand why, happiness is above the Caribbean, people have jobs and homes. It's not a cheap process but the housing happiness seems to be slowly increasing, along with some conventillos set up for broke people. Housing happiness is hard to bump and never ever ever promise to bump job quality. Tropico 5 will require you to take care of your citizens lest you want to suffer the might of their vengeful wrath. Regular houses are higher rated than country houses and even higher than apartments. Liberty can easily be bumped a bit.

They'll be happier, and you'll also free up some poor housing for any homeless to move in to.

Thats how i, from multiple play of getting 20% support and ousted afterward (spamming garden, provide good food, good entertainment etc) to above 80% consistently by using the above formula. I've placed metro stations and parks in the neighbourhood. While you’re making promises to the citizens and making strategies for your elections, a few things take part in the role. Research Audience edict and use it as soon as it is available, Build Commando Garrison and hire full staff with highest budget. Missions, if you're not getting enough through use the Audience edict which is invaluable and should be an early research priority. As for election promises. The citizens in Tropico 6 really appreciate food so you have to make sure to make the food supply increase so everyone gets an ample amount of food all the time. This will provide your citizens with more happiness. Never promise to improve something that isn't abyssmal. Like enacting Agricultural subsidies or Right to Arms.

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