Atmokinesis is the ability to manipulate the weather making it conform to practically any conditions. What's going on is that the user have probably gotten so used to whatever form of atmokinesis created, that the user have kind of developed a mental block. Watch how the weather acts, try to get a feel for it. Bloodstone is known to enhance this ability due to the mystical properties of bloodstone aiding one in controlling the weather. Particularly cloudy day, the user must concentrate on a set of clouds.

It is also possible that, instead of the typical ideas associated with particular seasons, the user only produces seasonal changes appropriate to their surroundings; this may imply a simple shift form the "wet season" to the "dry season" or the like. “We all have this ability but the more developed your energies are the faster the effects take place." Take this into consideration when reading or editing this page. However previous knowledge makes the learning experience a lot easier. Atmokinesis . Atmokinesis s the psychical influence of meteorological phenomena including the states of the atmosphere as measured on temperature, humidity, clarity, and activity scales. Aside from this obvious strength, atmokinesis does have other appealing qualities for its wielders. This is always a difficult limitation to give an exact figure for as there are many factors that effect range. Take great care to choose a location where clouds are moderately small, puffy, and perhaps scattered. Also the user can meditate, because that way the user can find the way and fix it/unblock the mind, and not thinking in anything but to be conscious in that moment.

Try to remove the cloud from your mind, but soon return your gaze and your thoughts to the cloud. It has been known for quite some time that the weather can be affected by our thoughts.

In case the user doesn't control this ability anymore, this skill is very useful to unblock/reactivate it.

For example if a user of atmokinesis attempting to fast forward a cloudy day into a light drizzle got frustrated for some reason; unexpected weather like a thunderstorm could accidentally be produced as a result. (Psychic Academy *MUST WATCH) by Dmitrius | Aug 22, 2017 | Dmitrius, Energy Work, Psychic Abilities | … The user can also create Ki/Psi Balls in it's hands and send them to the sky as energy to create it. As with any ability; atmokinesis comes with a range of different strengths and limitations. It can also be used to make showing up late seem like an acceptable offence or to bring snow to a cool town that receives rain and cold weather but not to the point where it snows.,,,,, To manipulate and control the weather and atmosphere. Its strengths come mostly from its incorporation of other powers along with its range of uses whilst its limitations mainly stem from the experience the wielder has in the ability. It is very important the user to sit outside at a weather view when practicing atmokinesis. This page may contain fake, misleading, or incorrect information. So the first strength of atmokinesis is the full might of the ability. To develop atmokinesis is simple for one with the mind opened and strong, and difficult for one with the mind closed and weak. But the most incredible capability of atmokinesis is the ease to which basic facets of weather can be altered. Even if control is lost and the weather formed isn’t chaotic, it’s still an issue for the user as it is extremely difficult to once again grasp control over surrounding conditions. A user of this ability can change the weather and can cause freak weather. When you learn atmokinesis the basics of some of those abilities are learnt as they are interconnected with the power. This in fact not at all like Atmokinesis. Also the user must feel linked to the weather actions, like if they were it's emotions that controls them. Whereas, Atmokinesis is where you are manipulating the weather around you, causing feats like rain, hurricanes, snow, sun, etc.. * The ability to manipulate body temperatures. Specifically with atmokinesis; the main things that effect the range the ability can be used are experience, time and aspect of weather. This limits the abilities use in accordance to location as well as restricting it to solely use outdoors (which should be a given considering there aren’t a lot of weather conditions that occur within the confines of a building). This is commonly mistaken for the ability to control climate, aka Atmokinesis. These powers worked into atmokinesis then allow for the creation of almost any condition by combining different abilities. Dispersing clouds is one of the easiest ways to visually demonstrate Atmokinesis. If you’re interested in learning electrokinesis, hydrokinesis or aerokinesis please take the time out to take a look at our articles on them and then some of our ebooks on learning them. It is unquestionably an enormous thing to preside over. This ability might be connected with Aerokinesis (manipulation of air) the control of the wind, Electrokinesis (manipulation of electricity), described as the control of the lightning in the clouds, and Hydrokinesis (manipulation of water), through the various forms of precipitation (rain, snow, sleet, hail). Once focused on a cloud, the user must imagine the cloud vanishing (the user can help itself by whispering the cloud to disappear) by decreasing its density with a little wind blowing the cloud until vanished totally. ~Michael Monk. Atmokinesis is the psychic ability to manipulate the flux  and elements of the atmosphere. For example rain is a simple part of naturally occurring weather and without incorporating wind and lightning, can be produced with this ability over a large distance. Atmokinesis is an extremely powerful ability; the weather dictates a multitude of aspects of everyone’s lives and to have control over it is an enormous power to hold. Now, you might want to get a chair if you plan to rid the sky of clouds; it usually takes a while for the first few times. The user must make sure to just not let it's mind doubt, and the user will quickly notice that things will get easier. Atmokinesis is the ability to manipulate the atmosphere via psychic means. With these two powers linked (hemokinesis and hydrokinesis), it makes both of the powers all the more interesting and incredible to learn. Cloud busting is quite possibly the easiest Psychokinetic ability I have discovered so get out there and give it shot guys. In the classic book "The nature of personal reality" the channeled called Seth explains that our body is constantly created at every nanosecond of our existence it is our most intimate production. Biggest limitations that plagues most abilities including atmokinesis is the range to which the power can be used.

look for shapes in the cloud, and imagine them growing as if they were sentient. Another limitation that effects atmokinesis is the impact the user’s emotions at the time the ability is being put in use has on the desired outcome (weather condition produced). Power over nature, over life and death. That is the fact that weather created may become uncontrollable and potentially even chaotic. If the weather condition being altered is simple, it can be changed over a larger distance. This ability allows generation of any natural weather condition, from fog and rain to thunderstorms, lightning, hailstorms, blizzards and hurricanes. For example if it’s cloudy outside and a wielder of atmokinesis wanted it to rain, this could easily be done even if the user had little experience. Now, imagine the cloud changing shape. There are many video demonstrations of this on the web but this is the first performed by an energy master. A clear day or a particularly cloudy day (to help the user create the cloud). Atmokinesis is the ability to manipulate the atmosphere via psychic means.

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