Pillager outposts are the second illager-filled structure added to the game, after woodland mansions. It is a good idea to release the iron golem in the cage if it generates to distract the pillagers. https://chunkbase.com/apps/pillager-outpost-finder, https://chunkbase.com/apps/village-finder, https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Pillager_Outpost?oldid=1729657, Pages using DynamicPageList dplreplace parser function, A small tent made of wool, with a crafting table and, This generates first, to mark the locations of both watchtowers and each outer structure, using. To do so, set a structure block to Load mode, enter pillager_outpost/, and press LOAD. Leisurely climb back through the ceiling with dirt and swim back up to the platform above. You can just leave. 16 Dark Oak Stairs Run into the building, grab what you want, kill the captain, and leave. Layer 2 - All slabs=top, stairs facing birch planks. Layer 10 to 12 - Logs in the wall (not the corners) must be facing outwards. Because they will be clumped together, they might friendly fire while trying to shoot you, which can further assist you. Layer 6 - Cobblestone stair face inside and upside down. If possible, also collect a bucket of lava (or just another bucket of water) for combat before dropping in, and keep dirt on hand for escape. A beachside pillager outpost with targets and a tent. Subsequently, work your way down. The space inside the cage is not enough to spawn an iron golem manually. If a cage has an iron golem in it, let it out so it can help you fight. The number of items expected per chest, averaged over a large number of chests. Eight extra air blocks also generate around the outpost.[3]. Minecraft Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. Slabs = top. You can strip the outpost of its resources: it has cobblestone, which is a useful general use item. Many players do this with woodland mansions; this is a similar situation. Because a pillager outpost can be found anywhere, it can be hard to prepare. This is an admittedly labor-intensive method of defeating an outpost, and you don't get any pillager loot from killing pillagers, but it is a mostly foolproof strategy, and can also be done early game and only requires a bucket, and two to three stacks of dirt/cobblestone. This can be conducted early-game (as it does not require armor or weapons), but can be challenging. Layer 4 - Dark oak stair blocks face the corners and are be upside down. The idea is not to be seen by the pillagers. Pillager outposts can generate naturally in any village-generating biome, including: In Java Edition, pillager outposts never generate too close to, or within, villages. Do not think that an illager patrolmeans an outpost is nearby. Do not think that an illager patrol means an outpost is nearby. Up to 4 other smaller structures may spawn around the periphery of the main outpost structure. You can do the following once you have conquered it. The horizontal jigsaw block connects to the base plate to determine its own location, while the vertical jigsaw block connects to an outer structure. Outpost captains spawn in pillager outpost watchtower. Structure blocks can be used to manually load pieces of the pillager outpost from the /data/minecraft/structures/pillager_outpost folder in minecraft.jar. Next, make it to the top of the watchtower and then use the bucket to wash any pursuing pillagers down the staircase. This uses a lot of TNT, and you should invest in a creeper farm to try this. Pillager outposts can be found in any biome that a village can, and usually generate ~300 blocks from a village, though they can spawn anywhere else in the Overworld, such as on a small island in the ocean. Therefore, players may pacify an outpost by removing all grass/sand blocks and properly lighting the area as they normally would to prevent enemy mob spawns. A pillager outpost above a ravine in Java Edition. A submerged platform around a watchtower. 16 Dark Oak Stairs Upon killing an outpost captain, the player receives 1 level of the Bad Omen effect applied to them for 100 minutes (5 in-game days). Also, it takes a long time to reload all the crossbows, even if some or all have quick charge, so you may be able to only do this once. 45 Dark Oak Slab Then build a platform above the outpost and place water directly above the center of the tower. It has. 144 Dark Oak Log This also applies to the smaller structures such as tents, targets, log piles, and cages.

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