Copy and paste your code inside of the command bar and look at the output to see if it works. It has a lot of possibilities and is quite easy to learn compared to other languages. location? rewrite the source code - the comments are to be read by programmers, not SRB2's implementation of Lua is based on BLUA, which has some syntax differences compared to standard Lua, bringing it closer to C.Additionally, some further changes have been made to adapt BLUA for SRB2's purposes. In various languages such as Python, it is required that you indent certain lines of code in order for it to be able to be read by the compiler. If you have done the above steps correctly you should be able to see the screen shown below. To make a game guardian lua script we will require only two apps. later on! Make sure to never put strings around the variable itself when printing, otherwise it will print the word “variable” rather than “YellowNoobs!”. If you have any other questions or feedback, please reply in the comments below, good luck! To access speed hack with game guardian we normally long press the floating window and a speed interface attaches to the floating window from where we can increase or decrease speed.The same feature can be used in scripts,The code for speed is, Note that the value between brackets (100) is the amount of speed you want normal being zero and maximum being 3600. This tutorial covers various topics ranging from the basics of Lua to its scope in various applications. FiveM supports the general purpose programming language Lua as one of its scripting languages. Lua is an open source language built on top of C programming language. What if you have a table and you want to go over every item once, running the Now that you think about it, aren't regular lists just hashes that use tutorial above you might've noticed how different kinds of syntax can "return" Now that you’ve understood the basics of creating a script menu we will dive a little bit deeper on how to make the script responsive.You will notice that when you select any option in the list the script does nothing instead it just ends with a notification as shown below. element now. You can name your variable mostly anything when you keep to using the English How the hell does this happen, you ask? As you notice this is a menu with 4 options and the user can select either of the options you can however change the ‘option 1’ to anything you want lets change the wording to see how this works.This time I will create a menu with different option to do this I will use the code below: menu=gg.choice({‘Subscribe’,’Unlimited Gems’,’Super Speed’,’Exit’}), As you’ve noticed this time I have used a slightly different menu however the code structure remains the same when you save and execute the code above we will have the menu shown below. You should see it as the first question answered in the Q&A section. Download the latest version of game guardian.

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