Thanks so much!! Surely, failing to produce even seams can be quite frustrating even for the most patient sewing enthusiast. Hi I have a kenmore 14001 and same with the others the the hand wheel is hard to move. 3 of them are wrong..." I finally made punch marks on mine on 1 inner tab and its mating shaft notch. So I changed the fuse, the lamp was back to work. A sewing machine handwheel can get jammed for several reasons. Clean the spring with WD-40, be sure to remove all of the WD-40 with a rag and/or air. I got it in a filthy state, so I'm going to go and get some WD40, compressed air and sewing machine oil thanks to your advice. Hello, so pleased to have found this blogger hopefully help will be at hand.I have been given a much used Elna SU sewing machine, stitches etc seem fine, however I cannot wind the thread on the bobbin.I have disengaged the needle clicked over the bobbin but the spindle is not turning although I can hear a whirring sound. I must have screwed and unscrewed the darn thing for a half an hour, and couldn't figure out why it wasn't working properly because it seems as though they should face inward. I know I have succeeded in this before with this machine, but it isn't working now.Is there anything I can do at home, or do I need to bring it in to the shop for repair? We turned that know for a while in both directions and also took the top off thinking that the belts had slipped or had broken - nope, someone put that metal ring on backwards with the tabs facing in. Bookmarking your site. Surely, any obstruction can cause the sewing machine to seize up or refuse to start working. Thanks. I've been given a Singer 158.13511 machine and I seem to have the opposite problem - when I start the machine, only the bobbin winder spins and the needle doesn't move! how can i remove it then order the new knop? Hi Pep,WD-40 always helps, in combination with a hair dryer. Thanks so much for a very helpful post.The bobbin winder on my jenome works fine now. OMG! Help! It's like they were melt in a single piece. So that's where we use the air compressor again. What do I do? I will have to find a better penetrating fluid (preferably home made).The machine hasn't been dropped; and I only tapped the BW spindle with a hammer in the way you would normally insert or remove an interference-fit item. Please help. I can twist and twist like I'm trying to open a pickle jar, but even after taking that little screw out, I cannot get the clutch off the hand wheel. This comment has been removed by the author. I have put the Elna SU on EBay a project for someone with patience. it just doesn't move if it is in really to sew mode. I used the method you introduced above, it freed the hand wheel. It's got a waxy grease in the clutch that freezes everything up. I have spent weeks searching for how to fix the Kenmore 158.1703 clutch ( a very weird one) for a friend of mine. Can the clutch ring actually wear out? I don't use my sewing machine very much, and am pretty new with it.I am frustrated because although my model is supposed to decouple the bobbin winder from the rest of the machine by twisting the bobbin clutch... it's stuck. Hi Nur,When the needle and bobbin don't work together, the timing is off. My Singer came with plastic but I tried a metal and it does sound better with a metal bobbin. I am very good repairing my chain saw, just not so much with a sewing machine. Do you want to send me a picture of the handwheel, maybe I can figure it out. I took the cover off to inspect and it seems the hook that engages the hand wheel keeps it from turning when the bobbin winder is engaged. First, I’m going to assume that you loosened or removed the little screw.Then I suggest that you soak it with WD-40. The bottom of the Elna spool is plain whereas the others have the holes around the top and bottom. Hi, I leaped before looking... How do you put the bobbin winding assembly back together? Bring your machine to your local sewing machine repair shop, and they’ll look in their loose screws and find something that looks right, and try a few until they find one that will fit. Thanks in advance! As a rule of thumb, each type of thread is intricately related to the size of the needle. Subsequently, we can forget to bring it back to the normal setting. I suspect there's grease in the clutch, inside the handwheel, that has frozen up. However, this particular fix may prove to work only temporarily. If you take your blow dryer to it, the heat will give it an extra boost. Thank you, Hi Lori,I've created a post to show you how to work with your Singer bobbin winder and clutch. more question. First of all, we need to check out if the thread is in the right position. For example, working with thicker thread requires using a lower thread number. I had my Pfaff 6230 serviced last year. The best way to get it running again, is to spray all of the internal mechanical parts with WD-40. it rotates just fine!! Next, we want to clean the debris that blocks the teeth from rising up to a suitable height. Finally I took the bobbin out and re threaded AGAIN (a little frustrated by now) and tried practicing on a piece of scrap paper. I just assumed it was an Oring issue. Consequently, we can continue sewing without feeling confused, stressed out, or puzzled. Thank you for your site. Yes, you're right. If that is worn out or cracked, it will need to be replaced. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator. After cutting most of the knot out I realized something was wonky: the "home" for my bobbin spool had rotated a full 90 degrees counterclockwise. Get shopping advice from experts, friends and the community! The ring kept slipping out of place, I didn't realize it at the time, so I got a toothpick & held it in place while I screwed the knob in. You have solved a problem that has vexed me for too many years to count (blush!). My $35 National machine now works! I found that if I held the button down with my finger, the machine would sew. I just got home from work and saw your question. Thank you so much! Good Luck! I tighten it with a screw and after some sewing it slips again.I opened it and I don't know how to put it back and what precisely is wrong with its inner working.It's all plastic from inside.I can't take it to a repair shop because Pfaff or any European sewing machine is a novelty in my country and most shops know only to repair hand crank machines.Any idea how to put it back or what could be the problem.I can move the shaft with my fingers but the handwheel is not moving the shaft.Please help. Charmaine, I have the same machine, same age, and same problem! The ring is probably on backwards. You may need to take the top lid and/or the side panel off to allow the hand wheel to move in and out. I just wanted to say THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! The bobbin winder stopped before the bobbin was quite full - maybe 3/4 full. Of course, when we don’t know how to diagnose sewing machine problems, dealing with a sewing machine that has abruptly seized up may seem like a nightmare. Firstly, we need to make sure that the sewing machine is OFF. Use some "solvent" (WD-40) to remove the old, gummy oil on the shaft. The fuse was broken. Therefore, if the issues with bobbin tension persist, it’s important to know that plastic bobbin tensions tend to wear off very fast. However, rotating the hand wheel and looking from above, it looks to be straight. For instance, the needle clamp screw might become loose. Any ideas why this would happen. Also use the solvent to wipe the old oil off of the metal ring and center knob. Here's a link to show you how to fix it. Or the shaft could be frozen. It looks as if the machine is stuck on the bobbin winding mode. Most noteworthy, it is the feed dogs which are to blame. When I engage the bobbin winder, it does not move. In short, the term hook-needle clearance means that the needle should penetrate fully from the center back to the front. If you can’t turn the handwheel forward, try to turn it backward. It turns, but the needle doesn't move. Thus, our best move is to check the manual of the sewing machine thoroughly. Thanks! I am thrilled that I found you. I pushed mines back ever so slighty. I've applied warm with a hairdryer but doesn't work. I’m trying to sew mask and turning the clutch knob all the way to the left will not disengage the needle mechanism, and start the bobbin Winding. ITS LIKE THE BOBBIN WON'T LOCK IN AND SOMETIMES JUST SET THEIR AND WON'T GO AROUND. In some cases, we may loosen the screws of the bobbin case in order to adjust it for working with thicker threads. The plastic bobbin case will probably have burrs and scratches and maybe even holes where the needle has gone through it. Got it fixed thanks to you. Take off the right side of the machine and see if the belt is too loose or is falling apart. Most importantly, we need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions closely. Does this picture look like your bobbin winder? Can you try a different bobbin? Every third turn, it is more difficult to turn and then eases up again. Put one on the handwheel and one on the center knob and turn them opposite directions – “lefty loosey” on the center knob.It’s a really good idea to just fix the problem. I am able to turn the hand wheel and nothing seems to be locked up inside the machine. Now it works like a dream! Therefore, we may need to replace the needle. Then re-oil. I have an old Kenmore close to 158.17 and the hand wheel won't pull out to disengage and allow me to fill the bobbin. In some cases, we may need to seek expert help in order to lubricate the sewing machine. we believe that to share IS to care, so don’t hesitate to show this article, » Troubleshooting 25 Sewing Machine Problems and Solutions, Can You Steam Cotton? Paper towels or a cloth rag could also work. Can you talk me through how to repair? Question for you - I have an old Japan made zig zagger (Universal De Luxe Automatic Zig Zagger), prob from the 50s, weighs a ton :). I've read so many of your articles and thrilled to find you. It was working last time when I used it. Can you tell my why I have to remove the WD-40 once I get the parts moving again? Have not been able to get top of case removed either, and have reached the limits of my 'safe tinkering' comfort zone. Have you any ideas what I should do? If they’re too wide, they won’t fit into the bobbin case. I got mine at Lowe’s, in with the garden gloves, for about $10. For example, the needle can sometimes break or bend without us being able to notice this immediately. They’re rubbery, so grip pretty good. I'm still in the situation where when the needle is going up and down, the bobbin winder is also spinning at the same time (is this normal? Remember… “righty-tighty, lefty-loosey.” If that doesn’t work… I ask The Boss to help me.

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