Likewise, you could use a different measurement, like feet instead of inches, and continue to use 3, 4, and 5. If you would rather not have to set up boards and deal with string, then you can choose to use the wood for the shed. Every corner that has this perfect triangle will be squared off correctly. Their top is formed with shape to hold beams or lumber for vertical posts. Product costs, availability and item numbers may vary online or by market. If you want to square your foundation using string, then you will need a few boards to hold it up, and... 2. Concrete slabs are also permanent, so it’s vital that if you choose to pursue this method, it’s done correctly. The easy way to check that your base 2x6's are square is to measure corner to corner and adjust until the two measurements match. Post boards into the ground. The bottom plate refers to the 2×4 (or 2×6, depending on your preference) that will be set on the slab. Once you’ve chosen the spot for your shed, use batter boards and mason’s string to measure out the perimeter of the shed’s foundation. Having a near-perfect square shed foundation means having each corner close to a 90-degree angle. Brace each post to keep it in position while the concrete sets. You'd be surprised how many folks work with an inaccurate level. If both of these diagonal measurements are the same, your foundation is square. Once thing I would mention that is frequently overlooked is checking your level to make sure it's level. If you enjoyed this article, don’t forget to share it and leave us a note in the comments! In building a shed, you always start with the base. Phase Two – Break Out the Shovel Getting Started. Next, multiply the square footage by the depth of gravel. Once you have laid out the wood, you will implore the 3-4-5 measuring to adjust the wood to make a right angle. Also, this method requires you to use a stiff tape measure because if you attempt to use another measurement tool like a paper measuring tape, you could end up with a subpar measurement due to the dip in the middle. It may sound hard but It is actually easier than you think, all you need is the right tools, and of course using the right method. The post holes should be about 4 feet apart. Then the 6, 8, 10 will turn into 9, 12, and 15; you can go as high as you need to. That’s why it’s best to enlist the help of someone else when proceeding to the next step of squaring off the corners (aka using the 3-4-5 method). Working with string can be a little finicky, especially when dealing with a large surface area. Therefore the measurement of all sides of your triangle should fall between the multiples of the 3-4-5 rule. As long as you’re leveling as you go, concrete blocks are relatively simple, quick, and inexpensive to install. With a perfectly measured foundation, you only need one measurement for your walls and roof. Also, once you have your shed built, you can use your expertise to help others do it themselves too. Builders have been using this type of on-grade foundation … Another back-to-basics method for squaring a shed foundation involves using string. The distance between the two points should be 5 feet. You can build your foundation several ways. So, put on your leather gloves,... Add the Gravel. If the triangles created at each corner don’t equal 3, 4, and 5, then you will need to begin adjusting the boards. Since one meter is equal to three feet, you’ll still be working in units of three, hence the original 3-4-5 method will still apply. Any time you’re working with corners, whether you’re installing carpet, laying flooring, or in this case, creating a shed foundation, you’ll want those corners to be square.

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