Named after the Greek goddess of victory, Nike shoes and their familiar "swoosh" mark have won a great deal of popularity since their 1971 advent. However, be careful because some sites will choose to only show “good” reviews. Thankfully, there are a number of tell-tale signs you can look for to prevent yourself from getting scammed. Besides that, you will easily notice how the fake Travis Scott Dunks have the first letter “C” in the “Cactus” text looking crooked and “wider” than the authentic Travis Dunks’ letter “C”. And finally, pay attention to the vivid green-blue colorway. Not only that, but you can see how the little tab which holds the printed “NIKE” text is also looking smaller on the fake Off-White Dunk pair than the legit one. On the legit Travis Scott Dunk pairs, all of the letters are placed in the same position, and you will never see them placed as on the replica TS Dunks exampled above in the real vs fake Travis Dunks images. You can see that the heel tab on the fake product is bigger and wider in dimension, and so is the lettering. The authentic sneaker has longer and fuzzier fur, while the suede should be more soft and pleasant to touch. should be perfectly placed on the heel tab, right in the middle of it. Now, as with any of our Real vs Fake guides, we’re going to talk to you about the price. Take the shoes in hand and try to feel the leather or fabric. They weren't even the, "I had to authenticate the fact that the shoes I purchased online were truly original and not fake. Finally, the black outline around their silhouettes is thicker as it should be, compared to the original. Most of the time, the fake Travis Scott Dunks will have their elements looking less opaque than the elements on the authentic sneakers, and the colours are usually too light on the fake shoes, Verify the exterior side of the tongue. Some online websites provide their customers with a return policy, even if the seller is a third party of the site. ", "Helped me spot fake Nike shoes purchased on eBay. Now, are going to move to the front-lower side of the sneakers, and we will analyze the real vs fake Travis Scott Dunks for the overall shape of the toe box. real authentic shoes. In fact, the authentic Travis Scott Dunk sneakers have their tongue coloured as a beige/light-brown, while the replica Travis Scott Dunks have their togue coloured as yellow. Firstly, the thunderbolt should be placed perfectly inside the text circle. Approved. The Nike SB Strangelove featured a predominantly crushed velvet upper, a material that had not been used on an SB Dunk before. On the fake sneakers, you will see almost every time the paisley pellets on the interior side of the Travis Scott Dunks being coloured as grey, as in this case, instead of the authentic white colour. Authentic Nike SB Dunks will have thick, curved tongues that are "V" or "U" shaped. That means that, on the authentic SB Dunks, you will always see darker coloured patches too, while the fake Travis SB Dunks sneakers will miss a lot of these on the exterior pattern. If you got it wrong then don’t worry. This was a surprising one. As one of the most important sneakers in history, the Nike SB Dunk is woven into the fabric of the community. On the replica Travis Scott Dunks, you will see pretty much all the time these stitches being way thinner than they have to be on the authentic sneakers.

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