Had one before a year ago. Bojrab. The Veterinary Manual was first published in 1955 as a service to the community. Cytologic preparations are poorly cellular and contain few erythrocytes and macrophages. the ulceration is getting better but his elbow is still very swollen. Since the owner was in London at the time and most vets were closed except the very expensive after-hours Emergency vet hospital, the client and I mutually agreed it was probably safe to wait until she picked him up the day after Christmas when and bring him to a vet local to her as she did not live in the area. A dog cyst can be one of several types of benign skin growths on the surface of the skin. it does not seem to be filled with fluid. If the hygroma is severely proliferative or chronically draining, or basically has a big sore on it, a more extensive surgery is needed. The sac has a dense wall and contains fluid, ranging in color from yellow to red. Regards Dr Callum Turner DVM Severe lesions can develop into decubital ulcers. A skin biopsy of atypical lesions or lesions that do not respond to conservative medical therapy is recommended. After about three weeks a protective callus should have formed. Furthermore, some dogs develop follicular cysts or calcinosis cutis circumscripta at these sites. Soft bedding or padding over pressure points is imperative to prevent further trauma. A hygroma is a false bursa that develops over bony prominences and pressure points, especially in large breeds of dogs.In young dogs the pathogenesis is believed to be due to trauma. Complicated hygroma after surgical healing is complete. ELBOW HYGROMA . Cytology cannot differentiate benign from malignant melanomas; however, melanomas on haired skin in dogs are usually benign and those on nonhaired areas, such as the lips, feet, and mouth, are usually malignant. The simple or "uncomplicated" hygroma is not painful and is mostly of cosmetic concern. Use of intrahygromal corticosteroids is not recommended. If the hygroma is infected, there is no choice but to flush and drain it. He sleep on an orthopedic bed and we encourage him not to hop as much as possible, he also gets heat packs to the area daily. Urticaria is an acute immune response to a foreign substance. The swelling is generally non-painful but can be quite bulbous and bizarre-looking. After careful examination, there was no wound or entry point for infection. You will want to let your veterinarian know when you first noticed the swelling on your dog, as well as whether you have noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior.

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