We spy with our lit, @heydavina's living room has everything we want ri, Our Claw-Proof collection is meant to be loved and, Simply purr-fect! Finally, at 5 years, the frame basically imploded and the couch collapsed completely. I am looking for a two cushion Ikea sofa bed cover in Norvalla gray. Do you sink in on couch and hard to get up out of? The uneducated consumer who has never owned a futon before may like the look of the metal frame because it appears to be the most modern in style. I’m a large fellow and so can be pretty hard on a couch. I just gave another IKEA chair and ottoman to my nephew for his first apartment along with a floor lamp. I'm not terribly experienced with shopping for this kind of stuff, so I'd like to know if this is actually feasible. Hi, we have what I think is an Ektorp 3-seater sofa bed. Also note that these are the measurements of the Sofa and not the actual slipcovers it self. After reading this review, I will definitely consider buying my next living room set from Ikea. Thanks for the insight and great review! This is not your typical college futon, this is a true piece of furniture built to withstand abuse, and also has an aesthetic appeal that would make you want to show it off in a high traffic room. In any case, here’s the link to our Ektorp 2 Seater Sofa Covers: They do not want the same furniture they grew up with. Regards It will also cover all the measurements and images of the discontinued IKEA Ektorp sofas such as the 2 seater sofa bed, corner 2+2 sofa bed, chaise lounge with armrest(s), Tullsta armrest and 2+2 Corner sofa. Have the dimensions of the chairs changed? Much appreciation This review makes me so excited as I just scored two Ektorp love seats for $250 each-and they're practically new! I'm thinking of getting the white slip covers, too, as a way to switch things up and change the look of my room! This comment has been removed by the author. Since they are 100% cotton, they wrinkle when washed, and I sometime have to steam them a bit when I first put a clean one on. Futonland is an online retailer of functional furniture for urban living. The frames are strong and solidly built to last many many years. The composition of the mattress is similar to your basic cotton and foam mattress. I bought an ektorp three-seat sofá last year and i washed the covers last month at 30 degrees. We have purchase several off craigslist in preparation for sending kiddos out into the world after college and and have been more than happy. Be the first to know! Living Room Furnitures. You might be able to do it yourself with a dolly but I'd recommend having someone help with the lifting. For nearly half the price you could get a metal futon set that serves the same function and is more practical than this piece. . As fas as we know, certain countries (ie. However, we find it horrible as the cushions are all mushy, and they detach from the velcro at the back and end up gradually sliding off the sofa until they’re basically falling onto the ground. The only wear and tear of a sofa if not sat on daily would be the fading of the dyes used on the fabrics. Would I have to have new covers made to measure? Hi Jane! I will have to measure now to see if the ottoman idea will work in my living room.....thanks! If you live near a store always check the "scratch and dent" section. Width: 82 cm Depth: 62 cm Seat height: 44 cm. Only problem is, the max weight limit is 225lbs.. which is crazy to me. Your home is BEAUTIFUL! Stains have always come out of both. Tired of being the second to know about our updates? There are much easier sofabed functions that are more user friendly. Thanks again well written and in depth review. The Ektorp is fine. The Ikea Ektorp Sofa is the best white sofa out there now. I've had my eye on the Ektorp for years. What does all this mean? However, they will not last as long so in the long run this is one item that should be given consideration. Strata manufactures the most premium futon frames that have an easy conversion mechanism. Just a FYI, I think the Nordvalla Gray Ektorp covers are being discontinued. I can send pictures if that helps but basically the 2 sofas look the same. This post details each different measurements along with it’s sizes on each Ektorp sofa model. We’re a small Australian company specialising in the creation of beautiful handmade sofa covers with an aim to rejuvenate all the world’s old & tired couches. August 11, 2012 at 9:54 pm. It mimics the style of trendy European designs. Thank you so much for an in-depth review of your sofa. Thanks so much for writing this post!! It’s good design at UBER cheap prices. They are much cheaper than natural. Looks can be very deceiving, especially at IKEA. Now, lets take a look at the composition of materials. I love mine. He loves it! The measurements for these sofas at widest points are: W 196cm D 93cm H70cm. IKEA does have some lovely newer sofa bed models that are worth checking out. Next. I ask because I'll be moving on that day, and I'll need a nice stain-hiding sofa. I was looking at the same Ikea sofa but with the chaise attatched. But, don’t expect it to last long enough…” Life Span, longevity, durability…what does all this mean? It means that typically you would have a table in front of a sofa. This post details each different measurements along with it’s sizes on each Ektorp sofa model. This post has been 'pinned' on Pinterest nearly 20,... One of my favorite back-to-school traditions is going shopping for 'new' teacher clothes at all of my local Goodwill stores. We choose the white slip cover & I too have read good things about the durability and washability of the white slip cover from people with kids & dogs, which we have both of! I recently took a little road trip down IKEA (the nearest being 2 hours away) to pick up a second. Thank you so much for posting this review. It will also cover all the measurements and images of the discontinued IKEA Ektorp sofas such as the 2 seater sofa bed, corner 2+2 sofa bed, chaise lounge with armrest(s), Tullsta armrest and 2+2 Corner sofa. I ironed them and they didn't shrink. My children had just left for college, so I bravely went with white. I recently re-stuffed my seat cushions using fiberfill. Bring Back that Loving Feelin’ at Comfort-Works.com. Now you have to completely move the table out of the way to make room for the bed. The advantage of having this type of futon frame or any standard full size futon frame is that you are able to choose your comfort preference from a wide selection of futon mattresses. Ive had them for probably about 4months maybe. What hooks customers on the IKEA sofas is not just price but the fact that many of them use slip covers. It may mimic the feel of real latex but lack essential benefits such as resistance to mold, dust mites and bacteria. Hope this helps. We love how cozy and comf, Happy Halloween! This is a wall hugger frame with a smooth opening and closing mechanism. Once my taxes come in, my kids and I are finally getting a new sofa! With heavy usage or other unmentionable activities, it doesn’t surprise me if the welding snaps within 3 years. Never. Luckily, I was able to test them out on the IKEA showroom before purchasing! .I want to purchase the sofa but want a navy color slipcover; which I've found just not at Ikea. Ektorp 3 Seat Sofa Cover Replacement is Custom Made Slipcover Compatible for IKEA Ektorp Sofa Cover (Wine Red) 4.2 out of 5 stars 30. We are looking to buy new slipcovers for the loveseats but are concerned that they may be different dimensions now. I brought it into my home with the help of a friend! I sold my old couch(there was no way to save cushions from ripping) but I would like to have one again. Peter August 17th 2020. Thanks again, my mind is made up! IKEA Ektorp 2 seater Sofa Bed – Discontinued in 2010. I just wanted to confirm that the Ektorp 2 seater with chaise dimensions from 2010 are different the same chair now? That is not going to work for me. IKEA Ektorp 3 seater Sofa Bed – Discontinued in 2014. Kristin King says. Depending on the fabric choice, the slipcovers will be sewn accordingly to accommodate fabric stretch & fitting. Ha! I'm happy to hear you found this review helpful, Ashley! Here is a modern wood futon frame in a dark color that even has a finished back. Thanks again for the in depth review. Anybody who claims that their $299 sofa from Ikea is still holding up after ten years, simply means that they barely use it, or if they do use it, they must have a body weight of under 60lbs. I purchased one bag for each cushion. If you like the look of a black frame with no wood grain showing, then the best option is simply choose a frame in a java or espresso finish. Thank you! Sorry chuck need to know is ekthorp sofa and chair discontinued ? Width: 179 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Height: 73cm, Width: 218 cm, Depth: 88 cm, Height: 73cm, Width: 252 cm  Depth: 88/160 cm Height: 73 cm Seat height: 45 cm, IKEA Ektorp Chaise Lounge with 1 armrest – Discontinued 2012, Width: 84 cm, Depth: 166 cm, Height: 73 cm, Width: 72 cm, Depth: 163 cm, Height: 73 cm, Width: 105 cm, Depth: 90 cm, Height: 73 cm, Width: 78 cm, Depth: 85 cm, Height: 84 cm, Width: 80 cm, Depth: 70 cm, Height: 77 cm. I was one of the "instagrammers" who requested it, and this is just what I was hoping for :), Oh good!

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