They learned to blend many different kinds of metals and were able to weave textiles, which were worn as clothes are adornments. Using a base of ten, each string had knots in it. The Inca Empire was a complex society with a population of around 12 million people. In less than a hundred years, it’s estimated that the Inca built nearly 25,000 miles of road. Expansion also led to an intermingling of cultures. For example, they did surgery on the human skull, which included giving the patient a drug that would make them unconscious. Terraces at Machu Picchu allowed for high altitude farming. The color of the strings and the distance between knots all had meaning to the Inca. They found remains of pottery and the stone, Machu Picchu is a good example of the Inca practice of shaping architecture around the natural features of the landscape. The advantage of the pulley basket was that it could move travelers over greater distances than could be reached with a rope bridge. The braided cables that held the bridges safely in place were as much as five feet thick. Create your own unique website with customizable templates. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices. Some sections of road were over 24 feet wide. As needed, the Inca simply added a couple of days to the month to make it right. To use these, two or three travelers at a time would climb inside a basket. The suspension bridges allowed travelers to cross both rivers and dangerous. Medical Advances
The Inca performed successful skull surgery.
The Inca also used medicines to make patients unconscious during surgery
40. The Inca invented a system of safe food storage: freeze-drying. First, they stomped their food to remove as much water as they could. Furthermore, the Inca also had medical procedures to mummify their dead. The panpipe was the most popular. Small stations and sometimes larger, more luxurious complexes were built every few miles throughout the empire so that travelers could spend the night and refresh. Finally, the Aztec people, created over 10,000 miles of roads that wound through deserts and mountains and included bridges, steps, and tunnels. • The Inca Civilization was a  powerful empire that started in about 900 BC that created and used a lot of new technology and ideas, they used to put into their cities and structures. The Incas were magnificent engineers. The Aztec people also had many medical advances. These bridges were built using braids of reed or grass rope with wooden and fiber flooring. For example, the profile of the Sacred Rock actually. One of the specialized professions was the quipu reader. Panpipes are still played in the Andes Mountains today. Inca surgeons apparently performed amputations for medical purposes, and their patients survived in good health. The Inca surgeons used bronze or copper knives, hammers, tweezers, and chisels C, ompleting the figure of a three-dimensional bird, the Inca, a rock in the shape of the condor's head and neck, Under the temple is a small cave that contained a mummy, leading some h. istorians to speculate that the head of the condor was used as a sacrificial altar. As an alternative to their suspension bridges in the mountains. Inca roads linked settlements and administrative centers. Archaeologists were excited about finding the ruins of this city in 1911. The Inca empire’s rapid expansion in the 15th century CE also played a role in the development of new technologies.

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