Letting only that race of people say the said word, and not white's or any other such race... Is it not racist as well? [26][27] Twain's advocates[who?] For example, media personality Eku Edewor is bi-racial because her father is British while her mum is Nigerian. But what the n-word describes can be described can be described in a manner not intended to offend, so why do we choose to make it offensive? [46][47] In June 2020, Canadian news host Wendy Mesley was suspended and replaced with a guest host after she attended a meeting on racial justice and, in the process of quoting a journalist, used "a word that no-one like [her] should ever use. According to Arthur K. Spears in Diverse Issues in Higher Education, 2006: In many African-American neighborhoods, nigga is simply the most common term used to refer to any male, of any race or ethnicity. ", By the late 1960s, the social change brought about by the civil rights movement had legitimized the racial identity word black as mainstream American English usage to denote black-skinned Americans of African ancestry. Many teens I interviewed felt that the word had no power when used amongst friends, but when used among white people the word took on a completely different meaning. [60] The portmanteau word wigger (white + nigger) denotes a white person emulating "street black behavior," hoping to gain acceptance to the hip hop, thug, and gangsta sub-cultures. Word's get their meaning from society. If a black person said what she did about white people, there wouldn't be half the commotion! The world is moving towards a racially sensitive future, Nigerians should follow the trend. They keep on making things complicate and all. Most blacks see the word as offensive no matter who is uttering it. [58] In the 1840s, the Morning Chronicle newspaper report series London Labour and the London Poor, by Henry Mayhew, records the usages of both "nigger" and the similar-sounding word "niggard" denoting a false bottom for a grate. A word can't be offensive by itself . The reason for this is because this word coming from negro meaning black was always offensives because if you can see correctly you would no that human beings are not naturally the color black. It's simply identifying the race, no hatred implied. The word is so gaddamned ridiculous nowadays. Find more similar words at wordhippo.com! Second, the "n-word" is not racist. The word 'nigga' is the same thing. The n-word is offensive today because it's like a reminder of the history behind it and how it was used specifically towards African Americans. The N-word's meaning in a modern context is virtually synonymous with racism. This usage has been popularized by the rap and hip-hop music cultures and is used as part of an in-group lexicon and speech. "[7] It was not used as a term exclusively for blacks among mountain men during this period, as Indians, Mexicans, and Frenchmen and Anglos alike could be a "niggur. Also it was used in time where discrimination and other violent actions against African Americans were considered okay or normal by a good number of people. Nope no one hears it so no one is offended. It's outdated and antiquated but not offensive. The word's usage in literature has led to it being a point of discussion in university lectures as well. [5] Lexicographer Noah Webster, whose eponymous dictionary did much to solidify the distinctive spelling of American English, suggested the neger spelling in place of negro in 1806.

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