Sailboats are not all Now you’re planing! Reinforced FRP rudder on transom with stainless steel fittings. Bolts, screws and fitting are all made of stainless steel, marine grade anodized. The J/80 Class holds annual World, European, Asian and North American Championships in the most famous sailing venues. . Plan A for the summer was to stretch my sailing skills and build new ones on the Clipper Round the World Race (see 48° North September 2019 "The Sailing Unicorn" for that story). With the help of a portable gin pole, two people can hoist and rig the J/80 mast. Choose the right style for you, whether it’s a traditional throated sail cover (as detailed here), a sail pack (200598XHT) or a rectangular sail cover. Cleats and blocks for backstay adjustment (4:1) led forward in cockpit to port and starboard. Performance differences between sailboats are greater than those between skis, tennis rackets or cars. Sailboat racing is all about… Read More, J/22 World Champion Zeke Horowitz explains how to put his winning formula to work for you this season. Beam 8.3 ft Ballast 1,400 lb Sail & cover Shop. More J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. Sheet Bag Kits - Standard Sunbrella Color (4 Bags), Winch Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color, Tiller Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color, Throated Sail Cover Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color (Booms to 13'), Sail Pack Kit - Standard Sunbrella Color (13' Boom), Foredeck Sail Bag Kit - Standard Sunbrella (Boats up to 30'). about dimensions. One fixed cabin window on each side of cabin side. Visit the J/Gear store here. For COVID-19 PPE Visit Dismiss. Stainless steel forestay attachment plate. The top four finishers… Read More, North clients had great results during Sail Racing Palma Vela, winning six divisions overall and sweeping the podium in ORC 1. We've limited our listing to the sails most commonly used, but these are not the only ones Pull the sprit launch control line, hoist the asymmetric spinnaker and trim. You pick your own level of comfort and adventure. If you would like to expand your sailing horizons with a modern sportboat outside protected harbors and lakes, there's only one choice: the J/80. Sailing can be the world's best family sport., Annapolis, Maryland All rights reserved. Mainsheet traveler with coaming mounted (2:1) control line, cleats. Now you're planing! Large modern cockpit with molded foot braces on centerline. J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. All Prices for Dinghy sails and covers now include free delivery to UK mainland addresses. Mainsheet system (5:1) with swivel cam cleat and ratchet block on cockpit sole. fixed lead keel (48% ballast ratio) J/80 has big-boat feel and requires less experienced crew. After hosting the Spanish J/80 Cup in 2018 and the J/80 World Championship in 2019, the Club de Las Arenas wanted to promote... 48 NORTH had a great article in their recent September 2020 online issue, contribution from Jennifer Harkness. Uncleat the furler line and pull in the jib sheet. ISP 33 ft. Pre-order your FREE Sailrite catalogs! Ready for more speed? They feature twist fasteners along the bottom & around the mast. No one on the foredeck! Sailing is one of the few "life sports" that offers both a relaxing escape as well as an invigorating challenge. J/80 does it all, with thrilling 15 knot rides under spinnaker or relaxed sunset cruises with mainsail only. The boom is high for safety and good visibility. Eleven boats fought through three days of light to medium conditions at the J/80 UK Nationals on Christchurch Bay, hosted by the Royal Lymington Yacht Club. Learn about J/70 here. Our experts created this Tool Kit to help your team prepare for racing in one of the most challenging places on the… Read More, J/22 World Champion and North Sails Expert Zeke Horowitz explains how you can maximize your chances to gain through smart boat positioning on the racecourse.

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