In July 2016, Acaster performed in the comedy tent at Latitude Festival. [contact-form-7 id=”251″ title=”sign up”]. Please note we do not accept requests for autographs, personal messages or video messages. [3] He won the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Award for Most Outstanding Show in 2019 with Cold Lasagne Hate Myself 1999,[4][5] and has won four Chortle awards.[6][7]. The quick-witted comedian has emerged as one of the UK's best-loved performers. In spring 2012, he performed Amongst Other Things as solo shows in various venues in the UK. Acaster was born in Kettering, Northamptonshire. 2016! A series of four episodes of "James Acaster's Findings" was recorded in June and July 2014, the first of these episodes being broadcast on 5 November 2014. He completed his UK tour of Lawnmower at a hometown gig in Kettering on 30 November 2013. A guide to Series 1 of James Acaster: Repertoire. classic scrapes. After meeting a woman and falling in love he decides to try and make more of himself and climbs the ladder from lollipop man all the way up to his perfect job. [29], Acaster's 2016 show was called Reset. The case isn't going well, the captain's breathing down his neck and he's worried he doesn't know who he is anymore. First published: Tuesday 27 th March 2018. But during the trial he appears to get overly obsessed with his fellow jurors as oppose to the case at hand. Haters will say its not a meal deal. A friend posted a video of them out together and swiftly deleted it , Turns out it wasn’t just Spencer breaking hearts , Armed police were called to campus as students ran screaming from fireworks, You might think you’re aunt Susan, but I think you’re the girl in the toilets on New Year’s Eve, Alex Pettyfer’s career went downhill from here, It’s cool though, she’s only got 102m followers so I doubt anyone noticed, He’s already dated Sophie Hermann and Liv Bentley, You have to bring five outfits with you to the studio, ‘As soon as the news came out, I felt my mental health just drop’, A Definitive Ranking of Exeter’s Cheesy Chips, We rated the food and drink at the Exeter Christmas market, and here’s our verdict, Exeter freshers and campus security ‘injured’ after ‘incident’ at Holland Hall last night, Maybe even scarier than 2020 itself: Looks in Lockdown halloween edition, Under half of Coronavirus cases in Exeter are now linked to the University, Dawlish man arrested after large fight outside Exeter Wetherspoons, Here’s what Exeter’s bars and restaurants have in store for Halloween, Exeter students try to escape police through back garden as party is shut down, Exeter Uni warns students can’t get ‘complacent’ despite drop in Coivd cases, Covid cases around University of Exeter drop below 100, Exeter Uni students suspended for breaching coronavirus rules, From baggy layers to sustainable legends: This week’s best dressed in lockdown, Muse launch t-shirt campagin to save the Cavern, Exeter and Falmouth Unis fund Covid marshals with bodycams, Hookups, socials and TP: What Exeter students are missing most about pre-Covid uni, ‘The postman’s quite sexy’: 12 things you’ll overhear isolating in an all-girls house, ‘The only thing declining is my mental health’: Students on Exeter’s ‘soft lockdown’, Boris Johnson labels Exeter students ‘heroic’ for following COVID-19 guidelines, Person admits ‘I sexually assaulted someone’ on anonymous Penryn confessions page, Exeter Uni is giving £40 ‘digital entertainment hamper’ to self-isolating students, Okay so Snoop Dogg performed at Timepiece in 2014, and it’s the best thing ever, Revealed: This is how much your uni is spending to test students for Covid, People think Zara and Sam are back together and the evidence is mounting, These are the 15 most eligible students studying at uni right now, according to Tatler.

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