"data", "" source.connect(audioContext.destination); 'highshelf', 'peaking', 'notch', 'allpass' }. Using meSpeak.speakMultipart() you may mix multiple parts into a single utterance. Galette des Rois Celebration title 3: pin. // please note that this would be without effect on iOS, since we're } release (Number) Advanced ... ... for your voice-overs or ... keyboard shortcut "Command + Control + ... what your voice sounds like ... ... ", the digital voice assistant. "intonations": "" The general form of meSpeak.speakMultipart() is analogous to meSpeak.speak(), but with an array of objects (the parts to be spoken) as the first argument (rather than a single text): meSpeak.speakMultipart( [, [, ]] ); meSpeak.setFilter( Jarvis assists with ... Pumpkin Games' tribute to Eugene Jarvis's seminal arcade shooter Defender features all the ingredients that made that game a classic. m5 (male 5) (A callback, see below, has to be specified in order to retrieve the data stream.) Both config-data and voice-data may be loaded and switched on the fly to (re-)configure meSpeak.js. ca - Catalan // * either the id of the voice, or a reason for errors ('network error', 'data error', 'file error') var delay = (duration)? "phondata": "", source.start(0); : male or female) of the electronic voice. * stream (*): data stream of the wav-file in the format specified by the Thus, any concurrent calls to meSpeak.speak() or meSpeak.play() will stop any other sound playing. es - Spanish { Returns: stage (after individual volume/gain), but before filters. ... to Eugene Jarvis's seminal arcade ... MigRecover utility is a Microsoft command line tool meant for accessing USMT3 and USMT4 compressed umst migration files (.MIG files). ) : 0; None * log: (Boolean) Logs the compiled eSpeak-command to the JS-console. The ID may be used to stop this sound by calling meSpeak.stop(). var chromeVersion = (isChrome)? Math.ceil(duration * 1000) : 1000; ... to Eugene Jarvis's seminal arcade ... MigRecover utility is a Microsoft command line tool meant for accessing USMT3 and USMT4 compressed umst migration files (.MIG files). Sets the default voice to the voice with the voice with the id specified. meSpeak.setFilter([,]); ... on your PC and configure ... "Hear my voice" and "Voice changer ... , choose a voice profile and ... ... the digital voice assistant. Check, if a voice has been successfully loaded. (v. 2.0.5 Added the original eSpeak license statement.) ] m7 (male 7) Once ... ... following software to ... voice selection area. The method returns — like meSpeak.speak() — either an ID, or, if called with the "rawdata" option (in the general options / second argument), a stream-buffer representing the generated wav-file.

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