Jason Oliver is not what many would call “an additive manufacturing veteran”.

Corporate communication and content marketing specialist at 3D Adept, Kety has a great interest in technological innovations, precisely for the scope of 3D printing on different sectors of activity. Oliver joined GE on January 1. “We held a thorough search process and I’m confident we have the right leader to further develop GE Additive and establish the business as the leader in the industry.”.

To stay at the forefront, you have to radically change the way you design and build combat air systems, combat vehicles, complex surface ships and more.

January 10, 2018 Cincinnati, Ohio – GE Additive has appointed Jason Oliver as CEO and Vice President, GE Additive.

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Email: contact@3dadept.com During our journey of discovery at Arcam EBM Center of Excellence, we caught up with Oliver to discuss the present and future of GE Additive and growth prospects for AM. It takes time to learn something different.

And since they’re capable of achieving high levels of accuracy, even on intricate shapes and geometries, these machines open up new design possibilities across a multitude of applications. What we are trying to do at GE Additive now, it’s to take advantage of this experience, to support our customers’ industrialization faster”, explains Oliver. He helped to launch new machines (including Project ATLAS and Project Hustle) and oversee the establishment of new facilities in Montreal, Canada; and Munich, Germany; and the expansion in Lichtenfels, Germany. He has over 20 years of experience in the digital world and the 2D printing industry. Oliver joined GE on January 1. Jason Oliver on taking the “best of each world” to make GE... let’s go & make it happen” mentality, they are always customer-focused, and that’s always the kind of “new blood” GE needs, Anybody making a metal part today at some point, will deal with AM, The Advanced Materials show co-located with Ceramics UK.

We made a conscious decision that we are going to be playing and leading in this space and ultimately our goal is to make this a tier-one business for GE.

Jason Oliver replaced Mohammad Ehteshami as CEO & Vice President of General Electric’s dedicated additive manufacturing division on January 1 st, 2018.

Even though he did not go into details, Oliver promises that we might expect a lot from the company at this level. “I think, given the fact that the industry is still young and immature, diversity is a key strength in the development of a company.”  Diversity in terms of technological skills: making an engineer with a background in conventional manufacturing technologies and an AM engineer work together for instance; but also, diversity in terms of professional experiences: an experience in AM might be good but not always enough – especially in leading positions that require a more diversified background. At GE Additive, we continue to work every day to bring the transformative power of advanced manufacturing to businesses around the globe.

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