Whether their unusual relationship can be considered a love affair in any normal sense ,is open to interpretation. Your basic "one man against the mob" flick, elevated considerably by a robotically charismatic Henry Silva, an insanely appealing Elizabeth Montgomery and unexpected depths of nastiness. It was one of the more gripping movies I have ever seen. Darien 'Dare' Guiness (Elizabeth Montgomery) notes that he's not Colini whose nickname is Johnny Cool (Henry Silva). Silva, as Johnny Cool, is a brutally efficient killing machine and spreads mass terror in the New York, L.A. and Las Vegas mob circles. This is one that I'd love to see Scorsese remake, although it's hard to imagine anyone topping Silva's cold, ruthless performance. Some cameo support performances from Jim "Mr. Magoo" Backus and Sammy Davis, Jr. make an interesting and dark gangster story. Joseph Landon's script has more holes in it than a Swiss cheese but he stuffs most of them with action and director William Asher cuts the action in thick slices. Nope...it's just the beginning. All rights reserved. Cool song over the title credits is by Sammy Davis Jr. who also stars. Here's the original trailer: www.youtube.com/watch?v=qRkVFbwwS60. Fail! Metacritic Reviews. And boy, did he pick the right guy for the job. I'm surprised Frankie and Dean-O didn't show up for a couple cruddy cameos. Report this film, "Johnny Cool" is a pretty cool movie, with not a lot of depth but a lot of superficial stuff to keep you engaged. This film begins with a brief overview of the career of a local Sicilian hood named Salvatore Giordano. Mobile site. 1963 Exile gangster Johnny Colini grooms him, fakes his death, brings him to America, tasked with killing Colini's enemies, and told that he's the heir apparent. Copyright © Fandango. | The bad guys are complex and heroic deeds few and far between. "They call me....[struggles to put on novelty 3D glasses]....Johnny Cool.". So in the beginning, while the film wants ya…. This was painful to watch. As a child, he killed Nazi soldiers and soon he's the local mob boss--but he' strictly local. The bad guys are complex and heroic deeds few and far between. This a surprisingly brutal and dark-hearted mob movie where no one gets away scot-free or clean. He works fine in that role as long as he doesn't have to act with his "love interest". This is classic Henry Silva when he was young and a potentially hot hollywood item running with the 'Rat Pack' and a pre-Bewitched Elizabeth Montgomery. Next he is an all grown up Henry Silva with quite an impressive beard. The cultural aspects of the Mafia are touched on before Mario Puzo's novel, which came a few years later. Fight Professor 1,052 films 2,504 12 Edit, The film noir genre generally refers to mystery and crime dramas produced from the early 1940s to the late 1950s.…, Jayce Fryman 18,690 films 2,925 99 Edit, This list collects every film from the Starting List that became They Shoot Pictures Don't They's 1000 Greatest Films. Still promising, but after that it all quickly goes wrong. Directed by William Asher. "Johnny Cool", your magnet is now on my fridge and Steve's card is in my Rolodex. All the films from my exploitation lists, bundled into one mega-super-list-to-rule-them-all! In fact, there's a ton of potential suspense in the idea of a hit-man taking out some big time gangsters, one-by-one. Reliable heavy, Henry Silva, assays the title role; a simple Sicilian country bandit who's enlisted against his will to carry out an exiled mobster's vendetta against his betrayers in return for inheriting his criminal empire. In this movie, he outdoes himself - causing the viewer to both loathe him and feel sorry for him in much the same way Elizabeth's character does. Also, actress Montgomery lends some much needed spark to the performances even as her role flounders in illogic. All in all, I'm with the reviewer who thinks the script had to cobble additional players from Lawford's (producer) Las Vegas crowd into the clumsy end result. We soon know that he is Salvatore Giordano, a sort of Robin Hood who steals from the rich and gives to the poor. In that limited sense, the movie's well produced. There's a parade of great character actors and a few cool shots, but not much else going for it. And though he has an exotic look about him, actor Silva more or less walks through his role. And actually once it gets going, you can see in "Johnny Cool" a surprising sense of nihilism and some pretty violent executions as Johnny Cool carries out a string of hits for a mob boss with each kill it's own set piece. "Johnny Cool" is an entertaining enough gangster saga with Henry Silva in the titular role. !The film itself I found to be a bit slow and, at times, ever so slightly confusing. The acting is almost uniformly true. and then poor William Asher has to write in scenes which derail the plot (not necessarily a bad thing in this movie). Perfect! Johnny Cool is up there with the BEST of the classics and it deserves to be presented to us completely restored to be enjoyed forever. The movie is full of Rat Pack-ers and their hangers-on, like Silva. Reviews; Dec 31, 1962 11:00pm PT. Henry Silva seems like a menacing presence to many reviewers but to me he seemed intimidated by his shot at the big time. Is this the first American Cosa Nostra film? No wonder she became a star! This Lively, but Depressing and sometimes Gruesome Mob Movie is Fascinating and Frightening at times. It seems that the old Giordano is dead and he's now been re-christened 'Johnny Cool'. Henry Silva is Johnny Collini, aka Johnny Cool. Too bad the script and direction fail to intensify the premise's rich potential. Johnny Cool moves along at a bloody and violent pace. Sammy Davis, Jr. is kinda great in his bit part, though. Nice little mob movie. He takes the name Johnny Colini. Perhaps this movie is not as realistic or well known as "The Godfather" saga, but I consider it as the most cruel, fierce and interesting film made about the mafia. Sort of a rat pack movie without Frank & Dean but with Sammy and Joey this movie exudes cool- it ain’t Point Blank but it doesn’t try to be. Fast paced Gangster film with Cameos Galore! Silva himself gives yet another amazing performance moving like a robot with his dead-eye stare and awkward smile adding to that appearance. WOW! 2,500 + Noteworthy Movies on Amazon Prime, Genre: Exploitation (100 Years: 1896-1995), The (Almost) Complete Psychotronic Encyclopedia Of Film, Psychotronic Ultimate Guide (as complete as possible), Curated | Film Noir | Worldwide | Classic | 1940-1965 | Master List, Film Noir The Encyclopedia: The Classic Period. Henry Silva is powerful and Elizabeth Montgomery is as sexy as the times would allow.It has some funny moments including Joey Bishop as a very verbal used car salesman. Good locations throughout, including many shots of Beverly Hills, Los Angeles & Las Vegas in the early 60's. An Italian mob boss sends a young Henry Silva over to America to wreak havoc against his enemies. | This movie doesn't seem to be well known, beyond devoted gangster movie fans. Adopted by the deported gangster Marc Lawrence in Sicili, he's sent to America to take over all of his former businesses, wiping out the current managers if necessary. And not a bad little showcase for a few Ratpack members either. Johnny Cool, that was quite an unintelligible mess, says Amilcar. It all starts in Sicily, with a little boy who is witness of his mother being shot by Germans. But whatever the reason, it's no wonder the flick has faded into rank obscurity; and that's despite the peripheral presence of so many familiar names and faces ( Backus, Lawrence, Cook, et al.) from yesteryear. Comparisons aside, this is a slick slice of thick-ear hardboiled crime, aided by a snappy Billy May score and Sammy Davis Jr. theme which adds to the sense of pace and rhythm engendered by William (BEACH PARTY) Asher's snappy direction. William Asher proved he could direct drama as well as comedy (His forte'). This is not a good film but it's almost bad enough to be entertaining. She was extremely unbelievable in her role. Henry Silva... makes a strong bid for stardom on his own with this rousing crime melodrama reminiscent of the gangster films which flourished in the 1930-40 period. I blow a bit hot and cold with Henry Silva, but he is pretty good in this. The scenes in which Elizabeth Montgomery and he interact seem spliced together from different movies. I'd recommend you to anyone who needs a reliable, fair HVAC contractor. Rounding out the cast are many famous personalities of the time and some great character actors. Silva is awful. A Sicilian bandit (Henry Silva) gets send to America to kill off the enemies of a mob boss...Being famous for his great run in Italian Euro Crime in the 70s Henry Silva did an interesting predecessor here using many of the genre tropes which would become famous a decade later. Once again i have no problem in giving this a 10/10 for enjoyment and pure talent.. The last vestiges of Telly Savalas' hair clinging desperately to the back of his head as he screams at an out-of-his-acting-ability-league Henry Silva forever. Young Salvatore Giordano kills a Nazi soldier during the war. A work in progress, with many films still to add. Kind of risque for the era. His purpose for Johnny is to send him to America to be a one man killing machine--to kill all the mobsters Colini blames for the exile. This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google privacy policy and terms of service apply. 40 years since the film was made, it still intoxicatingly drags the viewer back to a simpler albeit vicious time. Each time she appears the film slows down to a drag. He and his old friend Antoine are enjoying the late summer sun on the terrace of cafe Dupont in Paris. This is a really cool gangster film featuring a much under-rated Henry Silva (Why Hollywood didn't use him more is beyond me!) And, he's been promised that he'll one day be Colini's successor. Awards Please enter your email address and we will email you a new password. The dialog was cheesy and terrible. This movie has really complicated my feelings about Elizabeth Montgomery. These guys thought they were so cool, and they were anything but. It relies on its implausible brutal action scenes to provide most of the entertainment.

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