He thinks very carefully about everything he says, with great precision, and means exactly what he says. Charley was briefly Princess Carolyn's assistant, but was later made an agent. It is implied that she is sent to a farm where celebrities go to disappear. In season 6, she rehires her old assistant Judah to help her run VIM and is subsequently offered to run her own female-centered production company from Lenny Turteltaub called Girteltaub. Judah. Later in season 4, Tina returns as the nurse of BoJack's Mother, Beatrice. A bitter woman, Beatrice herself was raised in an oppressive and misogynistic household as the heiress to the Sugarman Sugar Cube Company. Eventually, however, she leaves him for Joey Pogo. The show follows BoJack's journey and, in season six, it appears as though the former Horsin' Around star has made peace with his past after a stint in rehab. where they finally speak again, with the now-humbled BoJack having a sincere talk with him. Beatrice, who snipes at Hollyhock for being overweight, spikes her coffee with weight-loss supplements (containing amphetamines). She graduated from the University of Wolverhampton with a degree in Creative Writing and Film Studies and is currently completing an MA in Creative Writing at De Montfort University. Yolanda Buenaventura (voiced by Natalie Morales) is an axolotl and employee of the Better Business Bureau sent to investigate Todd's clown dentist business. Last appearance He is the host of a TV dance competition Hey, I Think You Can Dance. She is shown to have romantic feelings for Todd, and chooses to sleep with BoJack following Todd's initial "rejection" before she learns he is asexual. After giving an impassioned speech about the hurdles she's had to face due to sexism in the film industry, she gets the job directing the female superhero film Fireflame. Along the way, Sarah Lynn wins the Academy Award for Best Original Song in absentia. Though Herb reveals he lived a full life in spite of losing Horsin' Around, he has not forgiven BoJack for not having been a supportive friend and refuses to do so when BoJack finally apologizes to him. She tells Judah if he leaves now she can still make his show. In Season 6, in The Kidney Stays in the Picture, he returns to VIM as their Chief-of-Operations. She is very likely the long-lost twin sister of Princess Carolyn's assistant, Stewart. Salinger)Hipster Chewbacca (Princess Carolyn)ZZ Top (Sextina Aquafina) In flashbacks, Butterscotch is often seen yelling nonsensical conservative hyperbole such as claiming that the Panama Canal is for "Democrats" and calls screws "fancy Jew nails." BoJack's co-star in Horsin' Around, the child actress looked to BoJack as a father figure but was ultimately led down a dark path that led to her untimely death. She asks him to reschedule two of them because she was joking, but he says it's going to be a really long time until she gets another day off. In this fantasy, the couple get married, have a daughter named Harper, and lead a quiet rustic lifestyle. In the season three episode "Brrap Brrap Pew Pew", Diane accidentally tweeted out that Sextina was having an abortion while she was being distracted, which caused a media storm. He dies from auto-erotic asphyxiation. It is later revealed in "A Little Uneven, Is All" that the first time Sarah Lynn drank alcohol was from a bottle of vodka that BoJack left on set when she was ten years old. She returns briefly in the final season, when she and Penny are approached by Paige Sinclair who seeks details of their encounter with BoJack for an article she is writing about his involvement in Sarah Lynn's death. He sees the best in BoJack, despite his multitude of problems, up until "It's You" in season three, where he finally snaps at him for his constant misdoings; it is not until the season four episode "Hooray! Everyone except BoJack appears oblivious to (or just does not care about) the fact that Vincent appears to be three children standing atop each other underneath a trench coat. Dr. Hu is also seen abusing personally-prescribed narcotics. He later becomes the face of depression on a tour around the US talking about the mental illness with pop star Joey Pogo. As of the series finale, Todd and Maude are still in a good relationship. Despite his dry tone, he is a kind person who is shown to genuinely care for Princess Carolyn. Princess Carolyn dumps him in "Ruthie" after she gives him an ultimatum to stand behind her continuous tries for a baby in spite of multiple miscarriages, and he despondently leaves her apartment. However, BoJack experiences anxiety when his child co-star mentions wanting to be "like him", and he leaves Bradley on the set before the episode can be finished.

Having PC end up with Judah instead of Ralph sends a great message to viewers. In later episodes, she founds a dating app for firefighters to meet her, and another dating app for asexuals called All About that Ace. Waggoner encourages BoJack to hold onto his anger and continue making content for the small part of the population that still supports him, and directs BoJack in The Horny Unicorn, a bawdy, low-brow comedy. At the beginning of the series, they have not spoken for nearly 20 years. In the cabaret, he performs a reading of the eponymous poem "The View From Halfway Down," drawing from Butterscotch's penchant for literature and poetry while being largely based on Secretariat's suicide. With the help of his friends, all of whom brilliant characters in their own right, things may be looking up for BoJack... for now. Princess Carolyn and Judah shake hands in agreement. She ends the series in a good place and tells BoJack she wishes him well but also that they won't have any future professional relationship. BoJack dates her because she has no idea who he is amidst his post-novel fame. Chief-of-Operations at VIM (current) Lead singer and guitarist for Spectrum of Enchantment (current)Assistant (formerly) He is forced to re-run for governor following Todd's victory in the skiing race in which he is the only experienced politician. When she breaks up with her boyfriend, claiming it to be because of a "Jesus thing", BoJack recommends Todd's asexual dating app. Todd is the heart and soul of BoJack Horseman as well as the show's moral compass. We have the best from Sarah Lynn to Todd Chavez here. He works at the Vigor agency where his hand keeps sticking to things. She is able to reconcile her feelings with Mr. Peanutbutter and gets a job at VIM ghostwriting tweets for celebrities. They then list off the titles of several films. Judah says they accept those terms, and there is one last thing left to deal with, the matter of treating assistants like garbage. In The Face of Depression, at VIM Princess Carolyn and Lenny meet with Judah, trying to wrap up the strike negotiations. Diane is married to Mr.Peanutbutter for the majority of the series before the two divorced in season five. She is hired by BoJack's publisher to ghostwrite his memoir, having written a biography of BoJack's childhood hero, Secretariat. He likely writes personal songs because it helps him express his emotions through an artistic medium, as he has to keep a professional demeanor at the workplace. His wife has stated that everything he touches falls apart, and much of his character's humor is derived from his failures or near-failures. She later released a music video militantly supporting abortion, had her "abortion" on live TV, and soon after became pregnant. An unseen character throughout most of the first season, he is the subject of a recurring joke based on the phonetic similarity of his name to "who" with BoJack and others believing that Sarah's drug connection is a man who simply calls himself "Doctor Who" rather than an actual physician. Judah comes in Princess Carolyn's office, and she reveals BoJack didn't get either movie, he tells her they're going to have to cut costs. Mr. Peanutbutter idolizes him and treasures having met him at the awards after-party. Her death continues to haunt BoJack, who blames himself for his former co-star's drug-fuelled demise. His incredibly lewd voice prompts are misunderstood by everyone as normal conversation, which leads to his becoming CEO of WhatTimeIsItRightNow.com. In the episode "Free Churro", it is revealed that Beatrice has died at the age of 80 years old, as BoJack is delivering a eulogy to her throughout the episode. He resented his wife's financial independence and took out his insecurities on BoJack. It is revealed in season 5 that she went to Los Angeles, California because she was accepted into UCLA. BoJack initially urges her to leave with him anew amidst her protests, eventually relenting. Princess Carolyn is BoJack's ex-girlfriend and former agent and has been aiding his career for years. Afterward, she and Todd become boyfriend and girlfriend. "Mr." is his actual first name. Though she struggles to find a balance between work, her troubled personal life, and taking care of BoJack and her friends, she enjoys her fast-paced hectic lifestyle. After Wanda moves to Detroit, he becomes the head of MBN. Judah says that he'll take up more responsibility, but that they need to focus on the clients that they already have. She spends much of season three trying to help BoJack's image, which leads to a relationship with him. He makes a final appearance as a part of BoJack's hallucination in the episode "The View from Halfway Down", as one of the several deceased people from BoJack's past whom he sees after he almost committed suicide. Princess Carolyn (wife)Ruthie (adopted daughter)Cutie Cutie Cupcake (mother-in-law, deceased)Niece Carolyn (niece-in-law)Niece Carolyn's Husband (nephew-in-law)Princess Carolyn's father (father-in-law/deceased)Boots (brother-in-law)10 other brother-and-sister-in-laws (Princess Carolyn's siblings)Ruthie (great-great-great-granddaughter, fictional) She worked alongside Diane and Wayne as both a barista and a cater waiter. She was initially introduced as her and Mr. Peanutbutter's wedding officiant in "Horse Majure". In the episode Ruthie, Judah was fired by Princess Carolyn for rejecting Charley Witherspoon’s offer to merge their companies without informing her about the offer at all or even getting her input. He takes thing… 8 Judah Mannowdog. He tells Princess Carolyn that Kevin is Vincent's son, which she believes, but leads to them breaking up. He conspires with Diane to leak a small portion of BoJack's book to create hype and convince BoJack to allow its publication. Judah then says if he's serious about negotiating with the assistants it is imprudent to send the message he doesn't respect their time. Princess Carolyn asks if Lenny wants her to pitch her dream movie studio and he tells her he needs the pitch by tomorrow morning. Penny Carson (voiced by Ilana Glazer) – A deer who is Charlotte and Kyle's daughter, and Trip's sister.

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