Birth place : Aichi, Japan The name “FAKY” expresses their desire to embody “real” in the current music scene by paradoxically calling themselves “FAKY” (Fake). She is the youngest member of the group and of the series' 35 year history, starting as young as 14. ... Born on October 1st. ... "World's first 'self proclaimed' virtual singer" YuNi started her activities on her YouTube channel in June 2018. ... Kashiko Mari is a virtual talent and singer who started her activities on video streaming site, YouTube in February 2018. During the tour, she also announced that a second single, which will include the end theme song for the Lord of Vermilion TV anime, would be released in July.[6]. Halation THE WAR (恋! The best community for Jpop fans. JUNNA made her singing career debut as the singing voice of Mikumo Guynemer, the lead vocalist of the group Walküre from the anime Macross Δ. The youngest singer in "MACROSS" series ... A new project launched by Hiroyuki Sawano, whose scope of activities is centered on the “musical accompaniment” of visual works such as drama, anime, and music. 2007, Aira Yuuki made her debut with "colorless wind", the opening theme song for the animated TV show "sola". Birth place : Aichi, Japan Birth date: 2nd Nov 2000 Vocal from the music group "WALKURE" in the TV animation "MACROSSΔ" The youngest singer in "MACROSS" series 愛知県出身。2000年11月2日生まれ。 TVアニメ「マクロスΔ」銀河系最強の戦術音楽ユニット“ワルキューレ”美雲・ギンヌメールの歌を担当。 She specializes in cover songs and in October of the same year, she launch The title track was the opening of the anime “The Ancient Magus' Bride”. and FlyingDog. Fake or not fake? JUNNA was born as Sakai Juuna on November 2, 2000 in Nagoya, Aichi Japan and got her start singing in 2015 for the anime MACROSSΔ in the group Walkure as Mikumo Guyner. After her debut in 2010, Uchida got her big break starring with her voice in popular animes Sankarea: Undying Love and Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions. Birth date: 2nd Nov 2000 Vo:Mizki In 2017, she began a solo career releasing her first mini album titled 「Vai! [4], In 2018, she performed a second live tour in Sendai, Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya. Gt: Yohsuke Jean Rapp (“Thousand musketeer”), Kenji Yamazaki (“Midd Ba: niwaken ... Soma Saito is a young and strong male voice actor who has appeared in over 100 anime works and games, performing diverse characters with his insightful interpretation and prismatic approach. Since The “guys” perform catchy and colorful J-POP with a unique twist. Casted for TV animations; Antique Café, Also known as “Ancafe” is a rock band composed of 5 members. JUNNA was born as Sakai Juuna on November 2, 2000 in Nagoya, Aichi Japan and got her start singing in 2015 for the anime MACROSSΔ in the group Walkure as Mikumo Guyner. In 2003 Minori Chihara appeared as an assistant in radio show "Mariko Kouda's GM" and in TV anime: Yuka Nak Star Sign: Scorpio

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