Marisa! Sure! Oh, don't tell me you've never had a date. And, look at you! I'm disarming you with my humorous jokes in an attempt to make myself … Let me guess. You look absolutely...perfect. (in bracelet) Mom, come in, I need you. You need to come with me. Brady is a recurring character on K.C. First seen Well, I am a spy. Lincoln is back). I told you everything was going to be okay. ), (Scene changes to Hamilton High Storage Room. He now works for The Organization and is now against The Alternate. The target throws plates at her, when they both pick up a pair of frying pans as weapons. The Alternate (formerly)The Organization (Currently) Full name Forget the spy stuff. (K.C. Wait...I'm a genius? I mean, this is a new operating system, we're just working out some bugs. I have to go to detention. (licks cake and leaves), (Shortened theme song plays, and letters appear, "SIX MONTHS EARLIER." Yes you did, my big...strong...spy daddy. This unique handcuff key is designed to always be situated at the optimum location for access and deployment - right next to the wrist. R2D2 is a robot, honey, I'm a J.U.D.Y. Kris (former love interest)Marisa Miller (crush/girlfriend) I looked like a total dork when I asked you to the dance. It's all going to be okay. (the two kiss repeatedly. Look, I am not some spy girl! No E! (Agents step aside to reveal Kira and Craig, wearing the same outfits as the agents). uses her glasses to use x-ray vision on the briefcase) K.C. We expected more from you, K.C. The fight moves into the kitchen, where K.C. She grabs a bar from the ceiling and kicks him into a freezer. They look at each other. (tries to go out the door, but realizes it is locked) Stand back! Inspired designs on t-shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world. Excuse me. He's tall, he's cute and his hair is all...not important. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Marisa Miller (formerly)K.C. I will scratch your eyes out and scar you emotionally! Your mission- if you choose to accept it... (giggles) I love saying that! Hair color (laughs) See, baby? He is poised to attack her). (dips her, picks her up, and leaves the dance. (hugs K.C.) When the target tries to take the briefcase, he is stopped by K.C., who is standing on it. I'll let them know. Please! He is a double agent who formerly worked for The Alternate. Brady Reena! You know what, I wasn't thinking because if I was thinking, I would've never agreed to all this! (knees Wally in the stomach). K.C. No it wasn't. That's too bad. Why isn't the other half staring? She grabs another bar from the second level), (The people in the room take off their shades at one time. (K.C. Jan 21, 2015 - Explore sharon briggs's board "Kc Undercover" on Pinterest. K.C. THis bracelet is pretty much undetectable to the naked eye.To make this awesome bracelet that holds a secret spy note all you need is two things Hot glue and a jelly watch(pic 1) Add Tip Ask Question Comment Download. Any chance you changed your mind about going to the dance because a lot of cute boys are going! (flinches, and makes one worker drop something), (She walks back to her table, but stops when she picks up a cake), Sorry, I didn't have time for dessert. into the stomach and sends her falling onto a customer). goes inside a stall and locks the door), (A hologram of Craig appears in front of her), (K.C. The code for the cell tower jamming program is embedded in the smartphone your contact will hand off at the school dance Friday night. takes the heels off of her high heels and throws them at the target. Starring alongside her are Veronica Dunne, Kamil McFadden, Trinitee Stokes, Tammy Townsend, and Kadeem Hardison Premise. Let me just show you my ID. Undercover” December 16, 2014, Photo: Bella Thorne On The Set Of “K.C. (licks finger and wipes something off K.C. Everyone remembers. And I'm trained to notice things, like really awesome girls. K.C. Well, too bad! (shows K.C. (takes off glasses) Let's do this. up over his shoulders. Favorite Add to Mini Frash Water Pearl Bracelet (925 Silver) #KC-20005 KarenClareDesign.

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