Real Ways to Manage Your Election-Related Stress, What to Watch Instead of Doom Scrolling Twitter, Opinion: If You Vote for Trump, You’re a Racist, No, Really, Young People Def Voted This Year. Cosmopolitan participates in various affiliate marketing programs, which means we may get paid commissions on editorially chosen products purchased through our links to retailer sites. She graduated from Skyline High School in Mesa, where she was a standout student. January 24, 2020 by L.A Girl Leave a Comment. My mom’s an author. Amidst all these, Kennedy is looking forward to her new exciting journey in life. Moreover, she reckons it’s something that tends to thrive in a creative mind. So it turns out, actress Kennedy McMann has slipped into the lead role on the highly anticipated show. Sam’s girlfriend grew up being a fan of the Nancy Drew novels and also a big fan of videos games. “Nancy’s not the prim and proper, perfect Nancy Drew you know from the 1930s books.”. @ipask, you fill my heart and mind with love and joy. The story follows the young Nancy Drew, who graduates high school and intends to leave her hometown for college before finding herself amidst a murder mystery of supernatural nature. Her family is full of other creatives. If I could have picked one person to portray, it would have been her. (Photo by Roy Rochlin/Getty Images). Promise. “I come from a super literary family. I played the computer games all through college. Honestly, though, The CW could put her in a literal sack and Kennedy wouldn’t care. However, she believes a lot of actors carry anxiety which is all too common among stars. What does feel like a bit more than coincidence (or dare we say fate) is how obsessed Kennedy became. The actress who dealt with anxiety and OCD all her life looked up to Jessica Alba as a kid, who inspired her not to give up on her dreams. And considering the two shows are airing back-to-back, the comparisons are unavoidable. Les Petit Joueurs bag. I feel like I have a pinch myself moment every day. Although it’s nerve-racking, it’s equally enthralling. Il est presque impossible d'écrire cette histoire sans entendre la voix de Kennedy McMann, racontant lentement et tranquillement chaque phrase, de la même manière qu'elle le ferait pour un épisode de Nancy Drew.Tout comme le thème de la série CW, l'actrice jouant le personnage principal reste elle-même un mystère. I come from a super literary family. All of these experiences helped her learn more about her parents, friends, family, and most significantly her partner, more than she had ever done before. SHE DONE DID IT!!!!!!! When she herself becomes a suspect to a murder, she regains her fondness for detective work. Apple iPhone. McMann said, “In some ways, the material, when I read it for the first time, I had this very sudden realization that this is my voice.”. I was, like, hogging the family computer when I was a kid, and then it just became my laptop, when I was, like, 19. Missed you so much dad, sorry you were puking your guts out!!!!! Kennedy and Kilian had always had creative passions, something that inspired their mother to pen young adult novels. She went on to perform in local plays in Arizona. But we might see more of Kennedy’s beau, now that she’s on her way to becoming a star. My mom’s an author. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. She was born on Oct. 30, 1996, so she is just 22 years old. Scroll down for everything we know about Kennedy ahead of the pilot episode! iDecoz phone case. They were at CMU together and shared an apartment together in New York, but not much else is known about him. “At nine I would go to rehearsal and for those three or four hours, I got to replace my brain with somebody else’s. Oliver Green's Daughter May Be Getting Her Own 'Arrow' Spinoff! A post shared by Kennedy McMann (@kennedymcmann) on Oct 29, 2015 at 7:47pm PDT. Her mom, Lisa McMann, is a writer of young adult and children’s … The actress is also pretty self-aware of looking after her, so Hollywood never takes over. The actress revealed it was not all plain sailing as she had to face immense sadness too. You can also subscribe without commenting. You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. I was hogging the family computer when I was a kid, and then it just became my laptop, when I was 19, (with) different ‘Nancy Drew’ games on it,” McMann says. After high school, she attended Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she majored in acting. It’s extremely exciting. Do not forget to check out Celebs In-depth for more info about your favorite stars. “It’s all very cosmic. Location: Base Coat Nail Salon in Downtown LA. Don’t Miss: Brooke Markham Wiki: Meet Jess from CW’s “In the Dark”. Her performance in Macbeth at VYT won her an AriZoni Award. Mark Cross bag. We have amazing people in our cast and our crew so being with them and doing this with them is just really exciting and lovely and it feels like we’re actively building these memories as we put the show on its feet.

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