But we eventually determined that the odor was nearly gone, but still slightly detectable in the bad spots. In the last eight years since we've been here the only room that has shown wear is the bathroom. We recently bought a home that had been vacant for two years EXCEPT for raccoons in the full length of the attic. And how long should I take my cats to a stay with a friend for ? Use on almost all exterior surfaces including stucco, wood, masonry and brick. When I move into a new place or am moving from a place I always use this primer on the walls because it kills mold, mildew, termites, and all kinds of nasty creepy crawlies that can live in the walls and fungus that can grow in old paint layers that can be harmful or fatal. We only have a small spot we need to treat after pulling out the carpet. That has now been about six months ago, and it still looks great. Will the Kilz remove the odor? However since it's oil-based, I just throw away the brushes when I am finished because it is too much of a pain to clean them. My cats have been more attracted to the walls than the carpet. My husband, a union painter, insisted that we use a primer to cut down on how many coats we had to do. Help!!!! We used this paint everywhere. I would say actually, a strong concentrate of TSP and water has been the most effective in my opinion. TIA for any ideas! I am in a similar situation.  So, we did a second coat on all urine-infected floors to be doubly sure to completely eliminate the odor.  We read several reviews on different products and the consensus seems to be that you need to use an oil based primer. Thanks to all of you for the info! KILZ Kitchen & Bath Primer provides an enhanced mildew-resistant film that helps prevent mildew growth on the primer surface which may otherwise get "trapped" between the primer and paint coats. It just does it’s job infinitely better than latex. I have 5 cats, the two boys, who are both neutered, spray the walls around the perimeter of my home. We CANNOT and WILL NOT get rid of the kitty. 3. We spent around 44 hours just find the […] I hope you feel welcome and inspired, because design should bring people together.” The p, Next week is flooring week!! When I first turned eighteen I rented my own apartment, my first one and the manager had it freshly painted and cleaned (or so I thought) and after about a month or so, mold started to come through the paint in every corner, all around the window and the rugs! Because Kilz is a primer it also saved us money on paint, We didn't have to buy extra paint because the primer kept the previous paint color from seeping through the paint we had chosen to paint the walls. It creates a tough, flexible clear primer film. I never thought of doing that… I’m in the process of installing vinyl floors so that if my cats pee inside, it will be easy to wipe it up.  Then, we took some free mulch that was sitting a few houses down (our neighborhood is taking down all the dead ash trees, so sad!) Adhered to the walls very evenly. A good primer makes paint stick better to surfaces, makes paint color truer, and lets you use less paint. I consider myself an avid painter, as I always like to replace an update the colors in the house. The only problem I have with this Kilz Oil Based primer paint, is the odor. I would say that there has not been a smell since we painted. Lots of work but at least I’m free if his emotional abuse. That’s why we examined brands to come up with this list of the Best kilz 2 primer Review. It helps protect topcoats from "hot" alkali found in masonry, cement and plaster and can be applied to fresh concrete with pH less than 13. Spray Tip -.015 - .021 inches. Sometimes you can't even tell or smell if you already have mold in your walls without hiring a professional to come check and see if you have mold and if it is dangerous mold like black mold or not. Happy home improvement! Rust-Oleum Professional High Performance Enamel, Rust-Oleum Hammered Bronze Metallic Spray Paint. After removing the carpet, we did our due diligence and pulled all the staples and nails, and gave the floors a good brooming. Roller - Smooth Surface - 3/8 - 1/2 inch nap.Roller - Porous Surface - 1/2 - 3/4 inch nap. We had bought a house that needed major remodeling, including a paint job. Your paint will go on smoother and will go much further. Going to give it a try! Use for sealing drywall, plaster, wood, galvanized, aluminum, architectural plastics, masonry and brick. My 3 year old neutered cat just started spraying on our drywall We have bought and tried everything. We also have enclosures in the garage where the kitties go at night (kind of like PetSmart with lattice doors vs. the glass display windows). We are considering sealing the floor with Kilz and replacing the carpet. Use for interior/exterior walls or ceilings with mild to medium stains.  Even though it is definitely harder to work with as it doesn’t wash off with water, it is worth the extra work to ensure a stink-less house. lol) I will say there are a few rooms with laminate that we haven’t replaced or primed yet, and it’s possible there is some urine odor in them… But overall, I would say that it has been a perfect solution! This primer also effectively seals pet and smoke odors. She’s a great kitty otherwise and she does use the litter box but I think she’s marking the room because we have another kitty.

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