Kin Tsuchi est un personnage jouable dans les jeux vidéo suivants : * DIVULGATION : Certains des liens ci-dessus sont des liens d'affiliation, ce qui signifie que, sans frais supplémentaires pour vous, Fandom percevra une commission si vous cliquez et effectuez un achat.Sauf mention contraire, le contenu de la communauté est disponible sous licence. 犬塚キバ She is nothing more than a shard detector to me, and once I have the jewel I will kill her. Féminin She wore a forehead protector, a pale green vest somewhat similar to a flak jacket, snake patterned pants with a snake patterned skirt over it, and a snake patterned scarf around her neck, much like her teammates: Dosu Kinuta and Zaku Abumi. The King of Hell (冥府の王, Meifu no Ō) is a deity that rules over life and death. Zaku promptly attacked her, hurting both Kunoichi in the process and knocking Kin out for the remainder of the fight. Everyone entered the forest of death and and it didn't take long before they all knew who they would target first. Mukade, Video Games and with that she left to morn the lose of her little brother. Kiba und Akamaru setzen Juujin Bunshin ein. 6:45. The King of Hell then grabs the soul using its own tongue, which is split into a pair of arms, and proceeds to pass judgement on them. Zweieinhalb Jahre später steht Kiba, zusammen mit Shino, vor dem Problem, ein Hochzeitsgeschenk für Naruto und Hinatas Hochzeit besorgen zu müssen. Dort werden sie bald von ihren Gegnern aufgespürt, doch taucht im letzten Moment Kankurou auf und rettet ihnen das Leben. Die von Shikamaru gestellten Aufgaben waren eigentlich einfach zu lösen, doch das von ihm entwickelte System, nach dem die drei Teammitglieder in verschiedene Räume geschickt wurden, machte es schwierig, die erforderliche Gesamtpunktzahl zu erreichen. There was no newborns in Konoha, so with a great amount of pain and regret for what she was about to do the Fourths wife induce labor knowing that she would not survive. On retrouva Kin suite à l'attaque de Konoha par Suna et Oto, gisant dans un tas de cendre, sans vie. Rated: Fiction M - English - Adventure/Romance - Kagome H., Naruto U. When used for this purpose, the King of Hell and the souls it grasps are only visible to the Rinnegan wielder and those who fall victim to the technique. Kabuto Yakushi | They had fought for several minutes now not giving the other a chance to gain the upper hand. Once he was asleep she walked to an open plain and looked at the stars. Part 1: 12[1]-13[2]Part 2: 16[3]-17[4]The Last: 19[5]Epilog: 30[6] Naruto said as he smiled at Kagome. Demonic Statue of the Outer Path | Naruto was that child, the Fourth then used his own son as the vessel to seal the Kyuubi using his own soul to bring forth the Shinigami. Again tell me why are you crying?" Chunin: Im vierten Shinobi-Weltkrieg gegen Tobi, Kabuto Yakushi und Tobis Zetsu-Armee wird Kiba der 5. Taille "Good now that I got your attention it is time to talk about what happens now.". Naissance Kurz darauf haben die Batallione schon mit mehreren Wiederbelebten zu kämpfen, die aus lauter namhafter Ninja bestehen. Chino | Kin Tsuchi | Still bound to Shikamaru's shadow, she was forced to mimic his actions and bent backwards to avoid the shuriken but was too close to the stadium's wall and hit her head, knocking her out in the process. Ruiga | Laut Shino ernährt er sich eigentlich nur von Fleisch. and she began to cry again. Insgeheim hat sie vor, selbst nach Sasuke zu suchen, weshalb sie Kiba und die Anderen mit Schlafmittel außer Gefecht setzen muss, da diese sie sonst davon abhalten würden. Kin along with her teammates retreated. Um seinen Hals herum ist eine Kette mit Anhänger zu erkennen. A blood red royal kimono, on his forehead was a mark that looked like a flame but it was black. (キン・ツチ, Kin-Tsuchi) In dem verlassenen Dorf angekommen, müssen sie sich zuerst mit einer sehr aggressiven Ninja-Katze auseinandersetzen, treffen dann jedoch auf Tamaki, welche ihnen den Weg zu einem gewissen Imker zeigt. Mui | Wie bei der letzten Prüfung schon entschied die letzte Frage über das Bestehen des Tests. Black Zetsu | After Sasuke woke up, he swiftly defeated Zaku leading to Dosu handing his teams scroll over to Team 7 and retreated with his teammates. Danzō Shimura | She knew that by the time Inuyasha found out that she was not in her time her scent would have been dissipated and he could not follow her. Manga Band 72, Kapitel 691 (1 Jahr ist vergangen). "I kill the demon but because of my rage went to look for the origins of the demon, and you know the rest., This is the article on the Otogakure ninja. Koji Kashin | Geburtstag: Shin Uchiha | As for you half brother, he will pay for what he did to her. Des Weiteren trägt er eine braune Dreiviertelhose, fingerfreie, schwarze Handschuhe und passende, gleichfarbige Stiefel, die zu der Zeit auch zur Standard-Bekleidung gehören. I can't fulfill my promise to you." Naruto und Sasuke lösen das Mugen Tsukuyomi und nach dem Ende des Krieges kehrt Kiba in sein normales Leben in Konohagakure zurück. Right? After finding confidence in herself, Sakura freed herself by cutting off her long hair with a kunai, leading to Kin to immediately attack her with her senbon but unintentionally attacked a substitution. Doto Kazahana | Minato sensed this and bowed to his son. 0[3] Dies weckt zunächst das Misstrauen des jungen Inuzuka, doch Naruto kann jegliche Zweifel beseitigen. Hidan | In the anime, she also used a sound-based genjutsu activated by the ringing of the bells. Tout ce qu'elle obtînt par là fut l'amusement des genins d'Oto. That is when he smelled the salt in the air. Affiliation Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki | Shizuma Hoshigaki | To say Naruto was confuse would be like saying he had a mild obsession for ramen. After Kin and her team recovered, they manage to obtain both scrolls needed to proceed into the finals and passed the second phase of the test. "I am sorry Naruto I have failed you. The Utchia clan was nothing but traitors, even you beloved Sasuke was one." Their team was after Sasuke. If it wasn't for Naruto and the sacrifice at his birth Konoha would not be standing. Partenaire Konohagakure He looked around trying to find anything but only saw darkness. Like many of the other characters, Kin appeared in the omake at the end of. "Please me mate with someone so weak, no I only let her travel with me because she is of use to me. Die Sound-Five versuchen, das Team daran zu hindern und Kiba trifft auf Sakon, der seinen Bruder Ukon in sich versteckt. Später ist Kiba anwesend, als die Dorfleute Naruto feiern. They both charged at each other with the intent on stopping the other. Espèce In den Shippuuden ist Kiba Chunin geworden und Akamaru ist mittlerweile so groß, dass er auf ihm reiten kann. Kurama | Sein Hobby ist es, mit Akamaru spazieren zu gehen. Seit Naruto denken konnte, war er alleine. The cheering stopped when they noticed in what condition Sasuke was in, they immediately sent for a medic who happen to be at the scene. Genre Naruto's spirit will remain here to train, here he will train with both of you in everything you want to teach him. Er schafft es, die beiden Gegner nach einem kurzen Kampf zu töten. and Sasuke went into his second curse seal form, and began to make the seals for the chidori. She often attached bells to her senbon in order to confuse and distract her opponents with the ringing of the bells. Status: Naruto is an anime series based off the manga by Masashi Kishimoto. Kakashi Chronicles ~ Boys' Life on the Battlefield ~ Part 1, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Generations, Naruto Shippūden: Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, Naruto Shippūden: Dragon Blade Chronicles, Outer Path — Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique,, The kanji on the King of Hell's head means "king" (, In the manga, the flames that surround the King of Hell when it is called by the Naraka Path resemble the black flames of.

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