It’s one of these places where they have preserved certain parts, but it’s a bustling modern city full of skyscrapers, massive bridges, roads and motorways. “The old columns had to be severed top and bottom and slid out horizontally. The Kingston Bridge is a balanced cantilever dual-span ten lane road bridge made of triple-cell segmented prestressed concrete box girders crossing the River Clyde in Glasgow, Scotland. SC045925. “The Corporation were very proud of it and made it a big affair. One of the reasons was because right from the start we worked with the consulting architects, who were involved with the aesthetics.”. The river and roads below having to remain open proved to be the main difficulty in the bridge’s construction. These images show construction of the bridge north approach roads at Anderston in late 1967. It was very different to what had been there prior. The number of people being killed on Glasgow’s roads was pretty large in the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Who thinks this would have been a good idea?#KingstonBridge50 #Glasgow, — Glasgow Motorway Archive (@GlasgowsMways) June 18, 2020. Interior view of fabrication bay, Port Glasgow, Kingston Yard “Several hundred turned out and there were so many people that they needed a grandstand for the dignitaries and members of the public were actually invited up onto the carriageway to see the ribbon being cut. [citation needed] At the Public Inquiry into the road scheme, critics countered that this would mean an increase in ground-level traffic in the Tradeston area as commuters attempt to gain access to the bridge's access ramps. While only the north and west segments of the original Inner Ring Road plan came to fruition, cities across the world saw what had been done in Glasgow, and many of the engineers who worked on the motorway project ended up working on similar networks elsewhere. Serious defects were discovered in the late 1980s, as the bridge wasn’t expanding backwards and forwards as it should’ve. Scott Lithgow's Kingston Shipyard closed in the mid-1990s. At the time, the Glasgow Corporation was keen to have a low level bridge for local traffic crossing between Tradeston and Broomielaw, with a higher level bridge taking vehicles heading across the country. “Engineers tended to come up with dull, drab looking things, but because of the architects, you don’t see a lot of bare concrete finishes on the Glasgow motorway system. To achieve this aim, the project used historic mapping, ortho-rectified modern aerial photography and the HES aerial photograph collection to map the extents of, and upgrade the records of, the shipyards and associated features such as quays, docks, areas of land reclamation and associated industry. The name of the bridge refers to the Kingston area on the south of the river. The consulting architects had final approval on how the roads, including the Kingston Bridge, would fit into their environments. “All the roads coming into Glasgow at the time converged in the city centre. Under those shiny stone panels are hollow concrete boxes that don’t look particularly nice, so they were aware of that and tried to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible. In 1972 the Glen and East Yards (see NS37SW 229 and 226) were merged to form one ‘super’ yard. But the plan was met by opposition from the Clyde Port Authority, who insisted on the need for river traffic to be able to continue as far as the city centre. You had a lot of traffic coming through and the safety record was poor, and it was difficult to cross roads safely. - Free Online Library", Glasgow City Council page on Transport in Glasgow, 'Chroma Streams: Tide and Traffic' - lighting art project, Photograph of the Kingston Bridge in Glasgow. It wasn’t until the opening of the Clyde Arc in 2006 that the crossing was realised.

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