Mimi took Yoshio home afterwards, asking Romin and her friends not to tell him her identity and bribing Luke with coupons for the A.I. He is asked who he thinks is Kirishima's rival and also discusses Bakugou's words leaving an impression from Episode 68! She later admits that while she isn't interested in Dueling, she enjoyed her Rush Duel with Yuga. Kaizo came back and explained the A.I. Their race ends in a tie with Natsuya respecting Haruka's ability, but continuing to monitor and challenge him. He suggested they use suggestion to manipulate Luke again, this time to make him more susceptible to a Ghost Story Duel he would have with Ushiro. [9], Nail explained that he oversaw Goha Duels and would return Kaizo's data to them if they could defeat his Duelists, but if they lost six times their Duel accounts would be deleted. Menzaburo Oomori then arrived and ordered the last ramen, unaware that the store would be closed if he did so, and he and Yuga Dueled over the last ramen. Romin demonstrated unfamiliarity with the different facets of Dueling, including the notability of Yuga repeatedly Summoning monsters and the legendary status of the Hologram Man's "Blue-Eyes White Dragon". Natsuya is a boisterous, keen, and upbeat character although according to his best friend, Nao Serizawa, he is somewhat socially awkward. About 19-20 (Free!-Take Your Marks-) Restaurant and that he would close after making a last bowl of ramen. See image of Lee George, the English dub voice of Ikuya Kirishima in High Speed! 20-21 (Free!-Dive to the Future-), Unnamed U.S. high school (former) Yuga offered Yoshio a Road to assist him, but Yoshio declined after Luke asked if he would have been okay with doing so. Yoshio reduced Luke to 500 LP, but Luke Tribute Summoned a new ace monster, "Dragonic Slayer", which Romin was appreciative of, and he defeated Yoshio, revealing him to be an underclassman. Star Blazers: Space Battleship Yamato 2199, We Without Wings - Under the Innocent Sky, Dragon Ball Z: Shin Budokai - Another Road, Dragon Ball Z: Bardock - The Father of Goku, I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later, Was only 19 when he first landed the role of Yusuke in. Romin managed to draw "Prima Guitarna" on her first turn, but didn't draw enough low-Level monsters to Summon it, while Yuga was able to bring out "Sevens Road Magician" and reduce Romin to 1300 LP. Romin was worried that Bakuro might win after he brought out three "News Flash Machine Toughroids", but Luke was able to destroy all of them and defeat Bakuro with "Rush Dragon Dragears". Romin explained the card's history to them, asking Yuga how it felt to be on the other end of a comeback. He soon screamed in fear, and Romin stayed in the dressing room while Yuga, Kaizo and Gakuto went to find Luke, leaving before they returned. They visited the A.I. However, Yuga was able to defeat Roa, prompting Gakuto to suggest she would be free of influence; Romin claimed she always had been. Advertising Romin was worried that Luke would find the Trap difficult to deal with, a worry that was proved when Luke began to worry himself. The shopkeeper reassured them he had been inspired by the Rush Duel and would remain open, and Romin was pleased to see that he regained several customers due to Menzaburo's word-of-mouth efforts. Gakuto suggested it was due to Yuga's acceptance of trying to gain the title, and Romin asked Luke what he would do when he became the King, something Luke clearly hadn't considered. She watched the Rush Duel in significant concern for Yuga, though he was able to barely survive Maguro's attacks. After her Duel with Gakuto Sogetsu, Romin added "Greater Piercing!!" Luke then revealed that he and Mimi had been watching the Duel and he used his power to deactivate the cheating function of Arai's Duel Disk. [14], Romin learned that the Tahayasty Restaurant was closing down, so she accompanied Yuga, Gakuto and Kaizo to the restaurant, where they found the despondent shopkeeper, who explained he had been out-competed by the new A.I. Additional Voices on BTVA: 7, - Director of Production at Funimation Entertainment. She and Gakuto sought Yuga's counsel, and he suggested cooking something for Luke. Privacy As Gakuto, Yuga and Mimi noted that Romin would also become enraged when she was frustrated over not being able to cry, Romin denied wanting to, only for Mimi to point out her eyes were swollen. [17], Roa ordered Romin to give Yuga, Gakuto and Luke VIP tickets to a RoaRomin concert, so one night after looking at pictures of the emblems at the Road Laboratory, she heading off to prepare for the concert, giving them the tickets as she did so. Romin Kirishima (霧(きり)島(しま) ロミン Kirishima Romin) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Seeing Luke enjoying the food, Romin finally snapped and went berserk with hunger, unleashing a rocking Duel on Gakuto. Romin strummed the guitar curiously, resulting in the Road blasting them all with sonic waves. At first, Romin pretended to not own a Deck of her own, but still acquired "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light" from a guitarist whom she looked up to and kept the card as a good-luck charm. After they were returned to the surface, Roa departed, amending his request to a Duel Disk drum set. Number Six's helmet split open after the Duel, confirming Romin's suspicions that she was Mimi, though Romin was shocked to learn that Mimi was Yoshio's mother. [5], Romin spotted Yuga, Luke and Gakuto being interviewed by the Newspaper Club, and she approached her friends afterwards with concerns about the Club's integrity. Luke was unable to get past the Traps, and Nekoyama easily reduced him to 100 LP on his next turn. One Piece Snuck Kaido's Kid Into a Chapter a Long Time Ago. The guitarist threw a Duel Monsters card into the crowd during the show, "Prima Guitarna of the Colorful Light", and Romin caught it. Romin was shocked by the flashy performance Getta put on during the Duel, having had no idea he wanted such a thing. Both the light novel and movie, High☆Speed!-Free! [4], Luke asked Romin to play a backing track for a Rush Dueling promo video, but revealed that he wanted Romin to sing as well when they told Gakuto about the video; Romin had been unaware of Luke's intentions and refused to sing. Number Six's use of Aqua monsters to regain LP caught Romin's condition, and she realized that Number Six was likely Mimi, though she didn't voice her suspicions. During the Duel, Yuga claimed that Kan's love for dinosaurs was genuine despite his club's intentions, and they decided to investigate Gossie genuinely at the construction site, at which point Yuga suddenly expressed disinterest in finding Gossie, much to Romin's surprise. Now, the voice actor for this literal hard headed hero, Toshiki Matsuda, has shared just who he believes to be the true rival of the Red Riot! SEVENS Information!". In her first and most advertised outfit, Romin wears a short-sleeved black top with exposed shoulders, a short dark red skirt with two brown belts around it that appear to hold a Deck case, lilac tights with a brown belt around her left thigh, and red and black heels. Romin declined the chance to try it, and Yuga claimed that she likely wouldn't have won anyway, annoying Romin enough to agree to Duel after Kaizo offered her a Duel Disk and Yuga lent her his spare Deck. Later at the Road Laboratory Romin refused to tell Luke and Gakuto her secret, only for Yuga to deduce that it was that Romin was tone-deaf, much to her embarrassment. My Hero Academia will also be launching its second big movie, Heroes Rising, in Japan this December. After his defeat, Nekoyama was dropped down a trapdoor by Nail, who returned Romin and her friends to the surface and told them to return another day. Starting Days-, Free!-Take Your Marks- and Free!-Dive to the Future-. Romin was eager to Duel Number Six, so she and her friends played Rock-paper-scissors to decide who would Duel, but Yoshio, who had fallen with them into the Garden, won the game and Dueled Number Six. Romin Kirishima (霧(きり)島(しま) ロミン Kirishima Romin) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! Twitter User and Translator Aitaikimochi shared a portion of an interview with Matsuda regarding who the voice actor believes Red Riot's true rival to be and the answer may be more surprising than you may think as the man who brings Kirishima to life throws us all a curve ball: Comment by Matsuda (Kirishima's VA) from the new B-Log BNHA interview about his role as Kirishima.

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