The biggest indicator that a kitten is developing properly starts with weight gain, according to a kitten weight chart. rival cats, and thus contracting all kinds of contagious diseases or getting Subscribe to our whiskerDocs Newsletter. Various species grow at different rates and there is also the weight difference between a female and a male kitten. tomcat behavior of roaming around the area. Created Date: Male cats can already be fertile Keep in mind these are average weights and your cat may be smaller or larger depending on the breed. In any case, if a kitten is not gaining 1.75 to 3.5 ounces every week, he or she should be examined by your veterinarian right away. Healthy kittens weigh between 80 and 170 grams (2.8-6 ounces) at birth. With or without their mother cat, a kitten should grow steadily, at certain rates, and a variety of changes should occur within a certain time frame. If you’re feeding orphaned kittens, you may not be doing so often enough and/or there could be an issue with your formula, for instance. Right after birth, the kitten should only be give mother’s milk. In fact, it is recommended that all kittens, with or without mom, get weighed on a regular basis. 210 grams / eyes and ears will open: 14 days: approx. Overweight L Male IJ Female Underweight 20 24 Age (Weeks) 28 32 36 40 . Kittens growvery rapidly, because in the wild, they would be expected to be weaned and fending for themselves by the time they are 12-16 weeks old. Weigh kittens at least once per day and write down the weight. Click here for guidance from our team of veterinary telehealth specialists on how the COVID-19 coronavirus can impact you and your pets. Mom cats do a wonderful job feeding their babies the proper amounts, grooming them, and helping them grow and learn. (see chart above). Males may also start spraying if not neutered soon enough. 230 grams / starts strolling about a little: 16 days: approx. The chart tracks kitten weight as this is the best indicator of a kitten's and adult cat's health. Once weekly, kittens should be weighed, and their weights recorded and tracked. Kitten Weight Chart 0845 130 7330. Consult with your veterinarian immediately if your kitten’s weight appears too low or too high. when 5 months old. They gain weight quickly, sometimes even doubling their birth weight within a single week. Placing the kitten in a bowl on the scale will help keep the kitten stable--just be sure to tare the scale first so that only the kitten's weight is being recorded. neutering: depends on your vet's policy, but if you have a young male and 325 grams / … While shelters often do so earlier, it is my professional opinion that weight until a kitten is roughly 4 pounds is safest. Monitoring weight is an absolutely essential part of orphan kitten care. Copyright © 2007-2020 To keep track of kitten weight, it is often easiest to use,of all things, a kitchen food scale. Watch the video below to see how to easily weigh a kitten: Check out the Weight and Feeding Chart to determine the average healthy weight for each week of kitten development, and note that this is only a guideline--not a rule book. If a kitten is failing to grow or thrive, this can indicate serious problems with your kitten’s health. Spraying will usually stop after If the kitten is not gaining weight, or is losing weight, this is a … female in the house, it's best to neuter the male at approx. Weight can be the number one indicator of problems in many cats, but where kittens are concerned, this is especially true. Use the Average Weight row as a guide to judge if your kitten is an appropriate weight. 5 months. Humans left to care for orphaned kittens need to do the same. should allways be neutered first: this will lessen the chance of the typical Right after birth, a healthy kitten should weigh between 2 ½ and 4 ¾ oz. The biggest indicator that a kitten is developing properly starts with weight gain, according to a kitten weight chart. weight approx. Kittens grow very quickly during the first 12 weeks of their life, and with or without their mom’s, it’s important for us pet parents to oversee their proper development. Weighing kittens is not optional--you must make it part of your kitten care routine. In just one year they go from weighing around 100 grams when they are born to 2 or 3kg ten months later. If kittens are still with their mom, it’s possible that there’s a health problem with mom as well. A kitten that is not growing is usually sick or may not be getting enough nutrition. Sign up to receive Kitten Lady news, updates, and more. Weigh kittens at least once per day and write down the weight. For medical advice about your personal pet, please see your veterinarian. This site is for your information only. Every kitten's weight will vary, but what is most important is that the kitten is making progress. Cat Info June 9, 2020 1 catsfud. wounded. A kitten weight chart or growth chart is an important tool to help gauge proper kitten development. Early detection of problems, like failure to thrive, can make the difference in life or death for a helpless kitten. A healthy kitten should gain a minimum of 10 grams per day. A kitten weight chart or growth chart is an important tool to help gauge proper kitten development. If you're caring for kittens without mom, please see these additional helpful articles for other important kitten care info: Leave Kitten Weight Chart and return to the Taking Care ofKittens index. 265 grams / starts cleaning itself and playing : 21 days: approx. neutering because both testicles are removed: there will be no more hormone-production. Best age for As you can see from the growth chart provided above, this generally means that your kitten will be 12-16 weeks old by the time I would recommend neutering. Cat Growth Chart: Cats are small cats that grow incredibly fast. There are cases known where they're even younger, especially If the kitten is underweight or losing weight, bring her to a vet immediately to ensure that she is treated and supportive care is put into place. A kitten weight chart is a great way to gauge your kitten’s growth. Weighing kittens is not optional--you must make it part of your kitten care routine. You may consult the vet about the health of the new-born kitten. Use a small digital scale to weigh your kittens such as a digital kitchen scale. 130 - 150 grams / umbilical cord falls off: day 9 - 12: approx. Your information is safe and secure with us; please read out privacy policy for more details. Males that are allowed to go outside 100 grams: day 3 - 5: approx. Have Cat Questions? Regardless, in either scenario, certain steps can be taken to catch problems earlier rather than later. when there's a female in the house that hasn't been spayed. The exact number of grams that should be gained depends on the kitten’s initial weight and its age. If the kitten is not gaining weight, or is losing weight, this is a sign of illness and should be addressed immediately. Furthermore, it has been my professional recommendation that kittens are spayed or neutered when they weigh roughly 4 pounds. And also of him fighting with Even more important than your kitten falling within a perfect range, week after week, on the above chart, it is important toensure that kittens are gaining roughly ¼ to ½ an ounce every day, or 1.75 to 3.5 ounces every week. Body size , such as height and length, are not as critical to a veterinarian as they are not as indicative of … Visit whiskerDocs for answers to your pet care questions. The weight range providedin the kitten weight chart below covers both male and female kittens, as well as a large number of breed builds, but your particular kitten may not fit perfectly into the weight ranges. Knowing the kitten's weight will help you determine their progress and wellbeing, will help with dosing medication and food, and will alert you when the kitten is unwell.

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