I agree though, there's way too much plot armor in Naruto, the show is really predictable, you can usually tell whos gonna win the fight before it even starts. People are getting defeated left and right, Chojis dad, the torture guy, even Kakashi. Watch Naruto Shippuden: The Two Saviors Episode 161, Surname is Sarutobi! Pain can have the eyes of the six sages or whatever, but hes got nothing on Naruto's ultimate plot armor. It may have taken the "prodigy" 4th Hokage 3 years to master it, but why not have some kid learn it because plot). Nawaki also reminds her of Naruto, and she wonders what Naruto may be up to now. Like Sasori vs Chiyo and Sakura, the author spends a bunch of time hyping up the akatsuki and Sasori, gives him an interesting backstory on how he was infamous throughout the sand and killed the strongest kazekage and whatnot,....and then he fucking dies to Sakura and a 95 year old woman. This is not dragon ball z. Pain can have the eyes of the six sages or whatever, but hes got nothing on Naruto's ultimate plot armor. Because that was one of the weakest Pain and Konohamaru tricked him. That's like comparing someone that builds a car from scratch themselves to Henry Ford.! Goku did the Kamehameha after just seeing it after it took roshi like 100 years to master it (or whatever he says I forget now) plus he is in the bloodline of the third hokage so he naturally has higher potential than most. but one pain isn't that difficult to beat as a high class shinobi which is why they had to 2v1 kakashi. It may have taken the "prodigy" 4th Hokage 3 years to master it, but why not have some kid learn it because plot) There is so much plot armor in Naruto, it really ruins the immersion. Team Ebisu then spots Temari, who has arrived to deliver a message from Suna as well as check on the state of Konoha following Pain's assault. pain has rinnegan yes but hes not bloodline for it so the only thing he can really do with is is control those dead shinobi with chakra rods. Temari is shocked that Konohamaru mastered such a devastating technique and tells Konohamaru that he would be a fine shinobi someday, and that she would report to Gaara about Konoha's new generation. Episode 159 Pain vs Kakashi Konohamaru was able to catch Pain off guard with a strong technique created by one of the best shinobis of all time in Minato. Konohamaru decides to engage in combat against Temari, introducing himself and claiming to be Naruto's favourite pupil. That's because Naruto mastered Sage Mode and won only because Tendou power were inactive most of the time. Konohamaru, wanting something more important to do, leaves with his team ranting. People are still made of flesh and bones (even tho that guys was like a weird robot). They are not going to kill off major characters and good will always beat evil, except for those few times that help the protagonist understand what's important (deaths of Asuma and Jiraiya). Its just that everyone in this universe who lets their guard down can be beaten by the least of their adversaries. If you are at an office or shared network, you can ask the network administrator to run a scan across the network looking for misconfigured or infected devices.

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