This website and its content is subject to our Terms and Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. Il suit de Vinz. ( Log Out /  Conditions. Get a handle on the situation beyond your fears and emotions, or the deadly joke will be on you. The other visitors at the art gallery look down on the trio based upon their class and their interpretation of them. I have also split each scene into relevant images.-La scène d’ouverture. Cookies help us deliver our Services. This shows that they hold little regard for women as people and compare them to objects and can be traded by doing favours for each other. Their lack of respect for women is inferred when Said tells Hubert to go chat up the women for him and when Hubert refuses Said tells Hubert that he owes him because he ‘bought him a Kebab last week’. ( Log Out /  Furthermore, throughout the entire scene the background is constantly out of focus to infer that they’re out of their depth and original environment.
By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. As the two women reject the youths they then gang up in a 3 against 2 and start verbally abusing and become aggressive toward the pair as it’s their natural reaction when they’re in a threatening situation. And because of which his situation is turned into a comic nightmare, because he doesn't have time to pull up his pants, which keeps him from running fast enough to catch hold of a helpful stretched-out hand. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, News & Discussion about Major Motion Pictures, Press J to jump to the feed. Tes Global Ltd is This could be a procedural about the French police force’s endless crusade against crime in the suburbs around Paris. They’re wearing clothes such as tracksuits while others who belong in this environment are dressed in much more formal clothes. In this scene taken from La Haine the trio are in a art gallery in Paris, poverty is represented in the mise-en-scene by the clothes they are wearing contrasted to everyone else as this highlights how out of their element they are. Viewing the violence and their situation from a first hand perspective is a reference to the entire movie. La Haine was to some extent based on an actual event: the death of an 18-year-old black youth shot dead during interrogation by police in 1992. Innocence and Violence in the Slums of La Haine. A lot of time from the film was dedicated to the story so it probably has some very deep meaning, I just can't seem to figure out what the director is trying to say. Compare the attitudes to poverty conveyed in the films you have studied for this topic. L34 la haine key scene analysis 1. This indicates all they’re used to is being in the projects and not engaging in a typical social environment. One of the more striking aspects of the “hood” or banlieue film, La Haine (literally, “the hate”), is the choice of protagonists. London WC1R 4HQ. After some beautiful shots through clever use of bathroom mirrors the 3 main characters are introduced to the old man who tells the story of his friend who was nervous going to the bathroom in front of others. Un travelling autour Said Vinz L'aggressivité Son impatience Manque de la maturité Said Son immaturité Sa confusion La Haine Scene Analysis. Languages / French / Advanced-level literature and film, Revision Booklet for A Level / AS Level French oral (Edexcel) Year 1, Edexcel A Level French - Vocabulary list (all themes), French A Level La Haine Quotes for each character and each theme, No et Moi: a chapter by chapter synopsis with key quotes, character issues and themes, La Haine- Full movie study BUNDLE- A Level French, Le Septieme Art/ 7eme Art/ cinema - AS French- FULL TOPIC, Questions de compréhension - Deux Amis par Guy de Maupassant, La Haine analysez la haine attire la haine (essay question) French A level, La Haine les skinheads (essay question) French A level, L’introduction des trois personnages principaux. registered in England (Company No 02017289) with its registered office at 26 Red Lion Created: Apr 10, 2018| Updated: May 14, 2018. This document includes all my notes on each one of the main scenes in La Haine. Wow thank you that was a great explanation.

Because of which the train leaves without him. This displays the project as being a poor and underclass and the other visitors attempt to belittle and alienate them by giving them strange looks and making snide comments at the group. It makes one man --the subject of the story-- so embarrassed that he can't shit in front of everyone else (who are all shitting out of terrible necessity) and so hides himself in the bushes. A quick cut is then used along with a gunshot sound. FM4: Varieties of Film Experience – Issues and Debates Title: ‘La Haine’ (1995 – Dir. Well, the young men, among other things, are arguing about necessity and how difficult things are. As a certified r/movies user, the only films I am permitted to discuss are Marvel movies.

Archived. ( Log Out /  Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Confused about the bathroom scene in La Haine.

You can clearly see how entranced they are by this man and Saïd refers to it a couple more times after it. Confused about the bathroom scene in La Haine. In this scene taken from La Haine the trio are in a art gallery in Paris, poverty is represented in the mise-en-scene by the clothes they are wearing contrasted to everyone else as this highlights how out of their element they are. Opening scene Mise en scene TV news report (about the riots) conflict is represented from the outset of the film Saiid pictured in sport type casual clothing Vinz is introduced through wearing his ring (wants to be superior/powerful) Empty banlieues urban estate area Sound Voiceover of the TV news report (outsider perspective, contrasts with Rockets… When the end of the bathroom scene with Vinz approaches, he points his fingers at the mirror, imitating a gun and fires. Within this scene the three of them attempt to speak to two women and their use of provocative language and lack of knowledge on how to engage with the women  highlights their inability to converse with an alternative class to their own. Much appreciated. 2. Editing There is little editing seen in La Haine, apart from the impressive camerawork. A POV shot from Said’s perspective is used to make the audience feel like they’re there and experiencing the scene for themselves when Hubert goes to speak to the women which gives the entire scene a more realistic feel and helps the viewer engage more.

Un grand plan sur les visages de Vinz et la policier. But the riots and the violent confrontation between the police and young people is placed within a much longer socio-historical context. Séquence 3 : dispute aux toilettes (TC 00:47:44 – 6 minutes et 43 secondes) La séquence ouvre la deuxième période du film : la déambulation dans Paris.
Sorry, I don't know what 'La Haine' is. 1.

HOW does this compare to Marco and Ciro in Gomorrah? Square The side framing of this scene is almost like theres a divide between the 3 boys and 2 women which could be a reference to their divide in class and also the divide that the conflict has caused between them. 3. La caméra Un grand plan de la visage de Vinz. Feedback 3. This document includes all my notes on each one of the main scenes in La Haine. Posted by 5 years ago. À peine arrivés dans la capitale, qui devrait évoquer un grand espace riche et inconnu, nous trouvons les personnages dans l’espace clos, restreint et trivial des toilettes. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. It's a clarifying thought to the youths. Change ). Entrance Activity WHAT is Vinz ‘reproducing’ in the mirror? Un travelling latéral, autour de la policier.

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