This one was created by a catastrophic eruption that happened a long time ago. Lake Yojoa is a popular fishing destination and the surrounding area has a rich biodiversity—almost 400 species of birds and 800 plant species have been identified in the region. You can leave your belongings in the office during your tour, as you won’t want to bring anything other than a GoPro with a wrist leash. Boating on Lago de Yojoa.

The setting, backed by the majestic cloud-forested mountains of Santa Bárbara and Cerro Azul/Meámbar (both protected as national parks), is spectacular. By continuing to use this site, you agree to the terms of our updated Privacy Policy. To get to.

The Caribbean Sea washes its northern coast, the Pacific Ocean its narrow coast to the south. Largemouth bass fishing in the lake was once legendary on Lago de Yojoa, attracting anglers from across the globe, but the bass population has declined due to overfishing. Hotels near Lake Yojoa; Hotels near Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar; Near Airports. You'll need a headlamp and a helment as the cave gets deeper. Did you explore Lake Yojoa? Direct hourly buses from San Pedro Sula pass through the village of Los Naranjos, and one daily bus runs from Tegucigalpa. We didn’t really know what to make if that, but we were convinced (doesn’t take much!). While their concerns are valid, we found the Bay Islands and Lake Yojoa (and the routes between) to feel incredibly safe. We think travel can be life-changing, and we're here to share our best travel tips & inspiration that'll get you packing your bags! Lake Yojoa: Great bird-watching - See 65 traveler reviews, 73 candid photos, and great deals for La Guama, Honduras, at Tripadvisor. Privacy Policy. But, arguably, that’s exactly what happened. Honduras’ second highest peak, Montaña de Santa Bárbara (2744m), can be seen from Lake Yojoa and can be climbed with a local guide. Make sure you stop and eat fish. Lake Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras with a surface area of 79 square kilometers (30.50 mi²) and an average depth of 15 meters (50 ft). You will get completely, 100% soaking wet, so dress accordingly. Two Wandering Soles Copyright © 2020. Then walk down the dirt road, turn left through a small town until you get to the park entrance.

Coffee grown near Lake Yojoa, in Santa Barbara, is particularly well-known. 3.5 hours each way, but you'll be rewarded with experiencing the primany cloud forest and it's a great chance to see quetzals. By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Destinations include two superb national parks, both of which offer some fantastic hiking opportunities. We seek adrenaline rushes, good food, authentic experiences, and adventures off the typical tourist path. You can drive along one of its sides on a trip from Tegucigalpa to San Pedro Sula. Yojoa is the largest lake in Honduras. The region is a popular tourist resort, with fishing and duck shooting on the lake and hunting in the surrounding hills.

You can order it at just about any restaurant, including at D&D Brewery. This article was most recently revised and updated by, | Largely undeveloped and ringed by mountains and dense tropical forest, Lago de Yojoa is an exceptionally scenic oasis.

Lake Yojoa, Spanish Lago De Yojoa, lake in northwestern Honduras. These include visiting the impressive Caves of Taulabé, where you can venture deep into the remarkable cave system full of delicate rock formations. One particularly good spot is at Hotel Agua Azul or the nearby Isla del Venado; another is the foothills of Santa Bárbara near San Luis de Planes. We use cookies to enhance your visit to us. Large fish farms on the lake produce as many as 20 tons of harvested fish per day. Have you ever had a beer in the jungle? It is volcanic in origin and nestles at an elevation of 2,133 feet (650 m) amid forested mountains. We’d recommend wearing sturdy, waterproof shoes like Chacos, or you can rent a pair of water shoes for a small fee. There’s plenty of good birding at Lago de Yojoa for non-experts, with easily spotted hawks and herons on the lake, and a good chance of seeing a toucan. Yojoa is easily accessible, lying on the main highway linking Tegucigalpa, the national capital, with San Pedro Sula and urban centres on the Caribbean. Parque Nacional Cerro Azul Meambar, to the east of the lake, contains miles of well-marked trails winding through the thick tropical forest, routes complete with waterfalls and caves. One spot to look for them is about two kilometers from Peña Blanca on the El Mochito road, where the road takes a sharp turn. At an altitude of 700 meters (2,300 ft), it lies in a depression formed by volcanoes.

However, the most famous place to get your fish fix is at Restaurante El Estoraque. We’re sharing the top things to do in Lake Yojoa along with the best place to stay in this Honduran gem. Perfect for backpackers, couples and families alike, this social hostel offers affordable private rooms and space to mingle with others. We have updated our Privacy Policy Signup for our newsletter and we'll send you helpful travel tips! People dedicate surrounding areas to the growing of coffee plants. I can unsubscribe any time using the unsubscribe link at the end of all emails. Along with the Valle de Sula, Lago de Yojoa is thought to have been one of the most heavily populated areas in Honduras in pre-Columbian times, used as a home by the Lenca, Maya, and perhaps other groups. We paid 20 Lps ($0.85 USD) to get to D&D from the bus stop. Some travelers are concerned about the safety of travel in Honduras. We enjoyed the healthy chicken & veggie soup as well as the eggs and hash for breakfast. Dining rooms and restaurants at Lake Yojoa. They will direct you to the onsite office where you can sign up for the next departure. The region is a popular tourist resort, with fishing and duck shooting on the lake and hunting in the surrounding hills. You will first paddle down a long canal, which leads to the lake. Two Wandering Soles are participants in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to and affiliated sites.

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