If you've done everything right you should get a big long readout of text scrolling by as it boots. Connect your UART to USB adapter to your computer. Did lots of research and tried everything. Last week I Ask a question. Now it has turned itself off and won’t turn back on. Will lose the voice completely and you have to turn it off and restart which is a pain when you’ve taped something and lose the voice halfway through. Am getting good TV reception in TV screen but with the STB turned ON (red light) I cannot get anything coming up on screen. Seriously in this day and age how can any manufacturer produce such a woeful product after paying $90 given there was nothing else available. USED IT ONLY 3 DAYS! I have been using the laser MMC-B15 for about a month running the latest firmware and am generally happy with the performance. I'm happy with the unit. Think out of the box with Android TV 6.0. Complete garbage & has never worked properly - loses channels; voice goes out of sync with picture; very slow warm up, changes channels without warning, switches off unprompted and sometimes need repeated cold restarts to get half working. Connect to a TV, monitor or projector with HDMI and stream content via network LAN, Wi-Fi or DLNA. Attached all cables, plugged it in. 3 posts • Page 1 of 1. Cables/wires to connect both things. The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to servo386 For This Useful Post: Bootloader Unlocking on older Qualcomm ZTE Devices, /Devinfo partition modification, How to use HUAWEI Nearby Service to Develop a Business Card Exchange Function for APP, [APP][7.0+] Quick Cursor: one hand mouse pointer, The following errors occurred with your submission, Shortcuts to change source to HDMI 1 to 3, AV, as well as opening an onscreen menu to choose the source. changelog updated in 1st The interface itself also looks a bit dated and could use a refresh. So in the photo you see that it tells you what COM port is, which we need for later. Ask a question. The antenna connector just broke off my DS set tlop yesterday so I started using this Laser. With 4k media player (11 pages) Summary of Contents for Laser STB-6000 . HDMI cable you can chop up or an HDMI breakout cable like this one: https://www.amazon.com/Adapter-signa...dp/B01CU9SHOO/ Now have STB 6000 all up and running ok. Mea Culpa. execute Applications / install 3rd party apps, then install : ATV launcher (you'll disable stock launcher later on. Now I can get all the digital channels which is what I wanted it for. It's very slow in reloading a new channel when changed. The update will be automatically installed (approximately 5 minutes will be necessary). its a small investment but it makes everything ALOT easier. Digital TV Set Top Boxes. 1. Let me know if I can help you by sending you more infos. Menu's are tiny and complex and also difficult to access with the romote. The XDA App is the fastest way to access the forums on mobile. The LASER MMC-B18 set top box is the ultimate TV Set Top Box and Android Media Player in one. Run a mile peeps. Then, when it's listening, press and hold the mic button while speaking and release it when done. I bought this box last year - I've been using an original Dick Smith set top box which generally worked well and had an excellent sharp picture until the remote packed up and I had to find a replacement remote in the meantime. Anyway, due to missing full widevine support, full hd / 4k will probably never work. Basically open up putty and put the button on Serial, set the speed to 115200 and in the SERIAL LINE put the correct COM port number (COM1, COM2, COM3, ect) Getting a wemax dump would be great indeed ! There are too many people rushing in at the moment, please stay with us. I have the system time setup so that … The Following 31 Users Say Thank You to spocky12 For This Useful Post: The Following 2 Users Say Thank You to spocky12 For This Useful Post: https://www.avforums.com/threads/xia...#post-26580089. If you're cable is making contact with the metal of the terminal, it is almost certainly correctly making contact with the actual HDMI pin, barring maybe a badly manufactured breakout board. the receiever of the HDMI should be listening to the transmitter of the UART and vice versa, so the TX pin of the HDMI goes on the RX pin of the UART. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! I only use mine to play stuff from a USB stick so the ~ $39 price tag seems reasonable.

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