). Phantom corn snakes are a combination of the Hypomelanistic A (Hypo) and Charcoal genes. Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Tumblr (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), on The 6 Native Reptiles of Christmas Island, on 12 Uniquely Weird Snakes That Actually Exist, on 10 Beautiful Reticulated Python Morphs. These are a combination of three genes... Anery A, Bloodred, and Stripe. The bloodred gene also eliminates the belly checkers. Look for nice side diffusion (lack of side pattern). Cinder corns originated with Upper Keys corns and as such are often built slimmer than most other morphs. Scale colors are various shades of lavender with some having a peachy ground color. Bloodreds are stunning red corn snakes. These corn snakes have also been called "pink and green" snow corns, but not all of them will develop green on them. Sunkissed corn snakes usually have a distinct type of head pattern with square shaped saddles. Keep reading to see which morphs we included in this list! They do not have the dark pigment, thus giving them red eyes and leaving bright color combinations of red, orange and yellow for the scale colors. Their scale colors are beautiful shades of yellow, orange, and redish brown. Bright yellow stripes down the neck and head contrasts the whites and greys of the body, and creates a very interesting snake to look at. The saddle colors can range from a brown to a redish-burgandy with ground colors of tan to silverish-grey. It creates a very striking looking snake. 5167 photos of 849 morphs. Top 10 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Facts – a Snake With Rainbow Scales? Lavender Motley Corn Snake. Breeding trials will help us determine if there's something else at work to give these snakes their color. This corn snake is the combination of the Anerythristic (Anery A) and Hypomelanistic genes. These corn snakes are various shades of brown and yellow. on Top 10 Mexican Alligator Lizard Facts – A Very Beautifully Green Lizard, Green Tree Pythons – 8 Other Colours They Come In, 10 Gorgeous Iguanas We Share The Planet With, The 6 Native Reptiles of Christmas Island, 12 Uniquely Weird Snakes That Actually Exist. Pied Sided Granite Striped. Top 10 Cat Gecko Facts – the gecko with a cat tail? Lavender Bloodreds (also known as Plasma corn snakes) are a combination of the Lavender and Bloodred genes. Some do develop light yellow on the lower jaw line/neck area. This corn snake has the two codominant genes of Ultra and Amel in it... as well as being homozygous for Anery. Their scale colors are shades of grey. Quick links. Not only is the name tequila sunrise fun, but the morph itself is very fun! Snow Stripes are a combination of the Amelanistic, Anerythristic, and Stripe genes. These snakes are also referred to as Granite Stripe corn snakes. As they mature, their colors vary and can include shades of yellow, pink, green and white. Amelanistic (amel) corn snakes do not have the dark pigment, thus giving them red eyes and leaving bright color combinations of red, orange, yellow and white for the scale colors. It's unknown if these snakes are homozygous for Hypo. As adults the border colors can vary from a white to a light green. on Top 10 Brazilian Rainbow Boa Facts – a Snake With Rainbow Scales? Top 11 Common Collared Lizard Facts – The Lizard That Can Stand On Its Hind Legs? With the deep red color and dark eyes, they are definitely one of my all time favorites.

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