Then when that's done, vassalise Chichimeca so you are called into a defensive war against the enemy. Researching any further is a waste of points until reforming the religion. < > ... You can only form the Maya league if you first reformed your religion, what you cant do without El Dorado. As mentioned before, Mayan ideas and reforms make them well-suited for direct conquest of low cost New World provinces by reducing unrest, coring costs and penalties from aggressive expansion. This neighbor will most likely be Portugal or Spain, with Great Britain and France as less likely possibilities. The religious reformation will jump the Mayans ahead to 75% of their western neighbor's technology levels, allow the unification of the Maya and transition to a proper monarchy, and will grant the Mayans all of their neighbor's embraced institutions. By this point though, a player focused on aggressive colonization and conquest will probably still be able to field enough high-quality armies to wipe the floor with their enemies. The country: If the country is AI-controlled, then it: For a Mayan nation to pass a reform, they will need to be at peace, have no rebel-controlled provinces, no overextension, positive stability, and own at least 20 provinces. Should the Incan Empire form, the key to winning battles against them is simple: Rebels. If the strategic situation necessitates a Mayan ally though, then ally a non-rival. The neighbor bonus will reduce technology costs and help the Mayans catch up. This puts you at a precarious position for neighboring Nahautl nation who think this is a sign of weakness. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. If at all possible, try to conquer all of the Mayan states without allying another Mayan country or Zapotec. Exact provinces released are determined by culture, religion and distance to capital. Once this has been accomplished, a wise next move is to begin wiping out budding colonial nations before they can take too much land, preferably those belonging to the rivals of the Mayan ally. This is a good moment to reform, then, while they're fighting, the Mayans can crush their colonies and attack them from behind, solving two problems with one war. Players with Rights of Man installed can also raise legitimacy if it falls very low, but many Mayan events raise it regardless. R5: Started as Xiu, reformed religion and blobbed into the rest of mainland North America. It was last verified for. Administrative points not devoted to coring should initially be used to research Administrative technology in order to get Exploration ideas so that colonization can begin in earnest. The country: If the country is AI-controlled, then it: With a mere 6 development and separated from the rest of their Mayan brothers, Huastec is the most challenging Mayan nation to play as. Expanding to 20 cities will require annexing the other Mayan states and Zapotec, so forming an alliance with future prey also means waiting through a truce timer after dissolving the alliance. If the Europeans manage to establish themselves to a significant degree in East Asia, the conquest of Europe will be complicated due to their far-flung empires and developing alliances with distant states, which will frustrate peace negotiations by artificially reducing Mayan warscore even if said allies contribute nothing to the war. Let us recreate the League of Mayapan and put the petty conflicts that once shattered the confederation behind us. A common mistake by players new to playing in Mesoamerica is to take the colonist first, thinking that it will help expand the empire more rapidly to pass reforms. The Maya need to sign a truce in which they give away the minimum number of regions the European attacker wants, as they will probably not accept anything else. The first priority should be securing a core province next to the empty regions of Northern Mexico, which will open colonization of North America.

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