I had quite the scare today! Before I had the camera, a multi-function tripod, some work lights, a green sheet and a shower curtain. Lots of screen replacements, the gunshot wounds, etc… I had one scene that was all greenscreen, once shot with roto, and one set extension as well. I mean, who am I to preach to a congregation? Welcome to the team, Kim! I somehow stumbled upon an article that mentioned Sophocles has a scheduler and even budget module. Instead, I was whisked away to Montana and then found myself homeless that summer. As for the message of the film, ROTB introduced the concept of the Vatican being the beast and touched on the Sabbath vs Sunday issue and it’s importance to the mark. In these films, there’s two storylines going on at once: The Leap Crew and the CDF (bad guys). That’s really cool. The spiritual battle was intense. I spent the day today dialing in the actual look of the film. However , many members of society start hearing this truth for the first time in their lives and they become well informed about the global political and financial deception. Leap 3, though a 97 page script, should run 93 minutes according to the count. I ordered a six pin to six pin cable and should have it next week sometime. Should work well. This set took ten minutes to build, having never used the software before. WAY back when I was in eighth grade, I actually had used Sophocles to write my first attempt at a feature script. From being challenged? I managed to write the first draft of the script, planning to shoot the following summer, but I knew I needed some funding, so I held out. I have faith that God will make the film happen and give us what we need to pull it off, just as He has on Rise of the Beast. It’s so clean, so fast, so perfect. Once in AE, I have access to it’s 3D tracker, the aforementioned rotobrush and Element 3D 1.5. It doesn’t feel like home right now with all my posters and pictures gone. While it’s not yet perfect, it is pretty close. I gave the first draft to Alex, and seven versions later we shot it from August thru December 2010. Celtx was starting to look a little browner. What will Lucas choose , will he be saved or lost ........... find out and enjoy.This movie does not contain or support the theory f the Rapture and does not add to bible specified truths in the book of revelations therefore it is the most accurate christian movie to date though made a few years ago. It won’t help me edit, but I’ll be able to finish the script at least. But I’m a filmmaker first, writer second. Happy to say that the first draft of the script is finished! I can’t. I’ve covered some of my windows with blankets and such, since we’re shooting all the apartment scenes at night, this way you can’t tell what time of day it is. Now I’m watching a lot of Transformers 1,2, and 3, The Avengers, Captain America, and Resident Evil: Retribution. I figured I was a Celtx user for life and started writing “Leap: Revelation” in it. This time when I navigated to my “Leap 3” folder, the X’s were gone and I was able to get access. That controversy would be my hook. She has a potential source that she is approaching for funding. I love it’s project management and scheduling features though. Most of that time was spent playing with the fluid sim, but I was unable to get the scale right since Blender maxes out at 10 meters. While a Celtx user, I predominately used Linux, and got to watch a small unknown piece of software go through many upgrades. I animated it in 3D space, added a Turbulent Displace effect and then comp’d in some quickie buildings I had made in Blender. Most can’t, and if they do, not in order. I think that the last version of Office I used was 2003. I’m not a fan of importing in Celtx, things usually get screwed up and you spend a few hours re-formatting everything. Still needs work, but that’s why I’m starting the on certain effects right now, so I have the time to develop them and figure out how the movie will need to be shot. It kept locking up on me so I ditched it a few weeks ago. I started mapping out a story outline in Microsoft Word that began in present times and would take the viewer to the second coming of Christ. The biggest issues I can see is that this scene takes place in the mountains, and the smoke bombs produce a lot of fire. A month later I had finished the first draft. After than it was simply a matter of color matching the shots and applying a grade. This is cool. Hollywood uses this all the time and it seems like something out of the reach of a typical independent filmmaker – But, software has a solution! I’d like to copy the entire Films folder that I have. The more I looked, the more I understood and eventually I abandoned Final Draft because I wanted the scheduling features of Celtx. It was incredible and I’m hooked. How I wished I could get an accurate page count in Celtx. or. When I get my new computer (I may end up being able to get the one from my old job, it’s a beast) I’ll add a temp track and a few boards/animatics to it as well as photos of locations and such. I’ve been pretty busy the past few days doing some effects tests for Leap: Revelation. Things have also been getting interesting on our facebook fan page. The breakdowns are done and I’m working on the new schedule now. Yes, we now have a shooting script  It’s been sent to the team and the response has been positive. I had set up one of my video cameras in the corner and recorded the sermon with the intent of adding the nice audio recording and the exported PowerPoint slides to the final video to upload to my site. One last note, “Leap: Rise of the Beast” is still going fairly strong. Christ summed up the ten commandments by saying “Love God and love others”. I also noticed right away that I had a true and accurate page count right inside the software! We’re in the middle of our Kickstarter fundraising campaign for Leap 3 at the moment (and not doing too well either) so Satan has already been coming after me and trying to get me down. I didn’t do much with the script the following few years, but about a year ago, I got serious and said that now is the time to do it. There’s a lot of establishing shots and plates that I won’t have to shoot with actors, so why schedule them then? But here’s the thing, I AM THE SECOND UNIT. See more of Leap: Revelation on Facebook. One of the big themes in this film is family and how families interact with each other. It’s a different mindset to get into, but a very productive one. ..Q \u0026 A.1. This next month will be a time of faith building for me for sure. There’s a lot of research in these films, And in all honesty, the time involved researching and writing the scripts is probably equal to or greater than the time I’ll spend in post on this one. Now I’m challenging myself to figure out how to do all the shots, but so far I haven’t had an issue. We’ve come a long way. With the abuse I’m putting on my current laptop, I’ll be surprised if it lasts a year. He then shared it on his wall and I had two more shares come from there. My version of Poser is a few years old and I’m not good enough at it for closeup work, but for a distance shot, I’m quite capable. Fortunately I discovered that I may be able to recover the data by turning the macbook into one big firewire drive. Last week, it was all the above, but times ten. It took just a few hours, rendered last night and uploaded this morning. Turns out all you have to do in order to “zoom out” is pick a smaller display font size. I was a bit worried about doing effects within the limited colorspace I have, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem. Actually a lot of news. Under the “Edit” menu in Trelby, I found a copy option that said it preserved formatting, so I clicked it. I had things I wanted to say in the film were still on my last (which I had added to) and this served as our foundation. The only thing I’ll really have to do is figure out a way to explain what happened at the end of Leap 2. I’m currently on the third draft. About See All. The backup wasn’t connected, but the primary was. While it’s good to be frugal, I’ve since learned that having some toys actually makes life easier on set. I’ve had to jostle a few scenes around because of it, but it’s nowhere near as bad as last year, having to reschedule while shooting. It’s weird now, but it’ll look great, so it’s worth it. I’ll now be using Reaper for any music scoring that I do personally. While it’s not perfect yet, I think I have the mechanics down on what needs to be done. Changing the size shrinks the pages with it, essentially just zooming out. Contrary to what people think I do prefer doing things practically when possible. I will be practicing this more in the near future. It’s almost like Satan is realizing that he can’t stop the film, so now he’s going to try to keep people from seeing it. I found 10 works great for me. Between that and the steadypod, I’m all set. I was torn between Blender, Sketchup and FF. I’ve got a stack of movies in front of me, and from these I’ll be able to show some of the angles/composition, location ideas, color, and effects references. The look I came up with is desaturated like the first film, but with the contrast and teal/orange scheme that’s so popular right now in movies. Bible scholars will know that the title references the pre-flood world, and that’s the topic our heroine will be dealing with. MPEG Streamclip has been nothing but awesome, I highly recommend using it vs paying for some of the other stuff that’s out there. All the actors who’ve read the script for Leap: Revelation like where it’s heading, except Alex. It’s big. If I have one feature suggestion though, it’s this- A scene list that can be brought up and allows you to move scenes around when you’re reworking a story. The other day I went ahead and decorated it for the film. Remember when things were free? View it at closer to real size. I love that God knows what He’s doing. That’s one of the reasons why a lot of movie quotes end up in my films. The first four commandments tell us how to love God: Don’t have any other Gods before Him; Don’t make idols; Don’t take His name in vain; Remember the seventh day Sabbath. Some quit their faith in God and the truth preaching persecuted church totally to live their own lifestyles. So when people told me what they thought, I’d say, “Praise God”, or “Praise the Lord”. There are no subtitles and this is the english version. With starting the ministry, a major part of my job is to give lectures/sermons about the subject matter of our movies. so turn the volume up and let the movie load for a few minutes if your'e experiencing any difficulty in playback, thank youSUMMARYA low profile gang member , young 22 year old Lucas finds himself in a soon to be persecuted christian church with his peers while living the double life. Today was spent learning how the cycles render engine works (love it!) I’m currently finishing what I hope to be the final draft of the script. God is moving and causing those that need to see it to find it, so I really can’t complain. Almost all the effects shots consisted of some form of tracking and corner pinning. Yep. I discovered the software has an auto-schedule feature, so next I added location details and told the software when certain actors are available. I managed to acquire the discontinued beta for Sophocles 2007. BUT, my goal is to make people think and study. I did leave my masks up though and I also put up the two shirts from the first film. I’ve also been watching a bunch of independent short films that are effects heavy. Just like before, I wrote the first draft over a three month period, laying on my couch listening to movies. Throughout his life, he has had the protection of his guardian angel and had been convicted many times of the Holy Spirit to leave behind his affiliation with crime as soon as he became a man. The film opens with a huge explosion (which will be CG) and the survivors come running out of the smoke.

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