He’s pretty shy but to have a girl he has been liking for sometime close…his inner self is getting teased -. I don't own anything except the writing. He isn’t going to explain himself right now , maybe give it some time ? Night Raven College isn’t a place for weak people and still , to think that a small human girl like you could last this long here… Farewell , human beings can be really interesting he can tell, He gently offers you his coat and escorts you to a warmer place , telling you to change into something dry before you catch a cold, Well the first day is nothing different or weird , but the upcoming days prove how creepy he can be…, He doesn’t mind popping up out of nowhere to tell you to choose underwears with a less noticable color at school and it just makes you melt ; not just because it’s embarrassing to be told so but also because it proved that Jade is watching you, He does do some research on surface females to get to know the differences between what he expected you to be and what you really are better ; not that he has a complaint though, He exactly knows what he just saw there and - He can’t help but to feel ashamed . This can’t be true , this shouldn’t be ! You actually manage to finish your chores under his watchful gaze, and relish in the way his cheeks flush a little when you smile and thank him. Doesn’t sound that bad, He’s about to lose his mind - he feels like he has saw you totally naked or lurked into your privacy , he feels awful, He runs to another corner to cool down from what he saw -, Sebek wouldn’t dare talking to you for sometime after that . He should’ve been there to cheer on his family; why would he skip…? Hair Color Mostly because of how close and dear you are to him now…, He finally realizes that he doesn’t deserve carrying the shame and anxiety on his own and tells Deuce ; well at least calming Deuce down will make him pay least attention to his, He almost chokes- He was standing in the corner without a single drop of water on his hair while you got too wet as if you took a shower with your clothes on, He is teasing you likr always again until he realizes a second color under your white clothes …, He prefers to imagine that you’re a guy having the kink of wearing feminine underwear . D&D Beyond I need it for my soul xx, I promise I love idia but these fit to well, Happy Birthday Lion Man Hi! I think love is supposed to be… more serious. It means to be together forever with the dead. Knowing your gender often makes him feel ashamed of how casually he’s been treating you . Trey tries to get the first years to leave you alone… and then promptly uses his senpai status to lead you away from the others and enjoy a few moments alone with you as you two continue to clean the gardens.

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