Point is always the same, there is only destruction, there is only just suffering. (as Aleksandra Andjelkovic), special makeup effects artist (as Tatjana Nikolic), assistant production designer (as Sasa Jelicic), assistant editor (as Olgica Obradov Jovanovic). Released in Slovenia as Lepe vasi lepo gorijo, it became a cinema hit in the country with 72,000 admission tickets sold. There, the director introduce us with two characters. Milan, the main character in the movie, is actually a guy who was a guest in that show. A wounded Milan is then shown in bed at a military hospital in Belgrade, where he taunts a wounded young Bosniak soldier in the neighbouring room, whom he threatens to kill if his friend in the next bed dies. Written by During one peculiar night, the lives of several interconnected people are changed, as they rapidly experience love, disappointment, joy, greed and remorse. In early 2000s, while promoting his movie No Man's Land, Bosniak director and former soldier in the Army of the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war Danis Tanović called Pretty Village, Pretty Flame "well made, but ethically problematic due to its shameful portrayal of the war in Bosnia".[12]. https://www.navidiku.rs/video/domaci-filmovi/lepa-sela-lepo-gore Lepa sela lepo gore 1996. Only problem that comes is that you must be Serb to completely understand this movie. The Venice Film Festival refused the film with its director Gillo Pontecorvo calling it "fascist cinema". In the hospital they remember their youth and the war. Mare and Pop have always been musicians, while Gojko (who was harassed by ... See full summary ». The main time periods include the "present" with a hospitalized Milan, with flashbacks to both his childhood and his early adulthood in the 1980s until the war begins, and subsequent service as a soldier where he is trapped in the tunnel. Neka ostane medju nama 2010. Halil makes comments to Nazim about moving away rather than visiting his relatives as many of their belongings can be seen in their car and trailer, which Nazim denies. Then the story goes on, introducing us , with whole Serbian soldiers and one American journalist who got there accidentally , trapped in tunnel. Majority of the scenes were shot on location in and around Višegrad, Republika Srpska (Serb inhabited entity of Bosnia and Herzegovina, at the time still governed by Radovan Karadžić), often in places that were former battlefields. Karaula 2006. Karaula 2006. Neka ostane medju nama 2010. Huvudbild: Lepa sela lepo gore. (as Jelena Ivanisevic), Bubin cale Twelve years later, during the Bosnian civil war, Milan, who is trapped in the tunnel with his troop, and Halil, find themselves on opposing sides, fatefully heading toward confrontation. The film's critical reception in North America was very positive. Travel back in time to check out the early roles of some of Hollywood's heavy hitters. Two young boys, Halil, a Muslim, and Milan, a Serb, have grown up together near a deserted tunnel linking the Yugoslav cities of Belgrade and Zagreb. | Following a new round of fund-raising, the production resumed in mid-November 1995 and finished by early 1996. Jezivi detalji sa snimanja filma Lepa sela, lepo gore! In July 1995, after 85 shooting days, the production was put on hold due to lack of funds, some 7 planned shooting days short of completion.

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