The main 48-megapixel shooter is used to shoot pixel-binned 12-megapixel shots and they usually turn out aesthetically pleasing. Smartphones that can seemingly do it all are de rigueur, and sometimes it takes more than just a single screen to make that happen. Once you have two apps open, you can tap on the floating DS menu and choose from the following options, provided that the content open contextually supports the command. RSS feed This is an underrated feature until it is needed, and then it’s something to be thankful for once an accident or dunking occurs. And when you don’t need it, you can remove it and carry the LG Velvet on its own. You can learn more about the LG Velvet … And if the bulk is an issue, just leave it at home that day. The Dual Screen is a great idea, and for someone who is always working on the go, I have much use for it. Unlike the reflective front on the LG V60’s Dual Screen Case, the front of the LG Velvet’s Dual Screen Case is matte silver with a shiny black cover display; the cover display activates when you lift the phone or press the power button, and it shows the time, date, battery status, and various notifications without having to open the case to check the phone. Like several models of higher-end LGs before it, the Velvet offers the option of adding a Dual Screen Case to give the user an extra display for enhanced multitasking. On the right side, there is a power button. It fits quite well in my hand, but the Corning Gorilla Glass 5, which covers its front and back, is very slick (and a fingerprint magnet) without a case. One minor improvement LG has made to the case is it made it slightly slimmer and lighter. Before focusing on this exciting beat, I was a general culture writer and editor with bylines in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Sports Illustrated, New York Magazine, among others. Wide view is supported on Whale and most major apps in the Google suite - Chrome, Gmail, the Google app, Maps, Photos, YouTube and YouTube Music. The LG Velvet is the South Korean tech firm’s first major phone hardware design overhaul in at least three years. LG's answer to foldables, the Dual Screen accessory is available for the Velvet as well, with pre-orders getting it free of charge in some markets. You can also set the otherwise bright white screens to go into dark mode from sunrise to sunset or between specific times. Inside, you’ll find the phone, a wall charger (labeled “fast charge”), a USB Type-A to USB Type-C cable, a quick-start guide, a booklet with info on product safety and the warranty, and a flyer with how to turn your phone into a digital wallet with LG Pay on one side and information on how to get a second year added to your limited warranty with registration and an upload of your purchase receipt on the other. Depending upon which carrier you purchase from, the LG Velvet will come in Aurora Gray, Aurora Silver, Aurora Red, and Pink White; my review unit came in Aurora Silver. Each display has its own home screen, so you can set up the second display (the left one) with its own app shortcuts, wallpaper, and widgets to your liking. This is one of the few apps that supports Wide Mode and a useful way to multitask. After deleting all the non-LG apps that came preloaded to see what would now be available, I had 98.78GB free. With the extra screen, the device can run two apps at the same time, or stretch certain apps across both screens for a wider view. Now, while neither of the aforementioned hardware features are new for someone entrenched into the Chinese phone scene such as myself (almost every Chinese phone released in 2019 had curves and gradient colors), for LG’s native market of South Korea or the U.S. (the company’s two largest markets), the Velvet still stands out. Military-grade drop protection. The display dims nicely at night with a Comfort View blue light filter that you can manually set; you can also schedule it to come on from sunset to sunrise, or you can set specific times for it to activate. Keep your Velvet … It took over two years for other brands to realize the benefits of the ultrawide angle camera. I have used plenty of Snapdragon 865 and 765 phones and I can’t name one real world scenario in which I can tell the difference between the two processors. We had to send the main screen to the DS, and then launch the gamepad, at which point it would end up on the main screen which the phone would then treat as the secondary display. The LG Dual Screen Case for the AT&T and Verizon versions of the LG Velvet is available separately for $199.99. Using the Velvet as a standalone phone is a standard Android experience in 2020, but what adds to the experience is the LG Dual Screen case, … If there was one weakness of previous LG designs, it was the camera module aesthetic, which usually appeared a bit generic in the middle. Opinions expressed by Forbes Contributors are their own. The LG Velvet runs Android 10 with LG’s Velvet UI skin running on top; I’ve had several updates arrive since I had the phone with the most recent being on September 24th. Brands such as Huawei, Oppo, and OnePlus have recently put out phones with ultrawide cameras that almost keep up with the main camera in image quality, and it’s a trend that other brands need to jump on. The phone may look and feel like a flagship, but it runs the mid-to-higher-end Qualcomm Snapdragon 765 5G Mobile Platform. Their interface is simple, their devices are plug and play, and their entire ecosystem is built around offering multiple options at every price point. LG’s Velvet also does away with the awkward “ThinQ” branding—which started from LG’s A.I.-driven home appliances line like washing machines and refrigerators—that LG insisted on attaching to its phones over the past two years. Not only did that make phone names absurdly long (there was an LG V50S ThinQ Dual Screen), but it wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say I have not seen one person (fan or reviewer) who liked the name. Perhaps not all of these apps are ideal to use in Wide Mode, however: remember, there's a significant gap between the two displays that is very hard to ignore when you're trying to watch a YouTube video. It is also handy for checking email when you are watching a video, or pulling up multiple news sources when researching something. The LED flash and the bottom two cameras sit flush with the Velvet’s back, and there is a ~1mm protruding ring around the top lens. News This drop off in image quality is even larger for night photographs shot with the ultrawide camera. Because I received the AT&T version, it came preloaded with a vast selection of software, including games I won’t play, premium television services that I don’t pay for, and all of the standard AT&T apps. Facebook Using the Velvet as a standalone phone is a standard Android experience in 2020, but what adds to the experience is the LG Dual Screen case, which is being bundled free with the phone in many markets.

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