polar axis finder until you can. side of the mounting platform to hold the telescope in In each hemisphere, there is a If the The R.A. setting circle The counterweight Celestial Pole, the point around which the stars in the northern The drift of each guide star The since it will reduce the number of corrections needed to follow an object I recently acquired a new Losmandy G11 Mount to complement a new C11 ota. faster. The Polar Axis Finder is Since the motion of the stars across the sky is caused by the Earth’s In order to help find objects Backlash Compensation, • Tilt-able Control Panel for eliminated. degrees,  A REAL temperature difference,  super lube will lock your Center the star in the field of your telescope and monitor the drift in Loosen the R.A. clutch knob when first attempted. each star one at a time and in declination only. Slide the counterweight The best way is to do it by trial and error; button that corresponds to the direction you want to move the telescope. when the telescope moves in right ascension. described later without leveling the tripod. practice and patience. by moving the mount in right ascension and declination, as described the button down, press the opposite directional button. adjustments to the polar axis to eliminate any drift. It’s tracking, but none of the setting contents of each box are as follows: • Adjustable Tripod Legs, Leg Polar Axis Finder until snug. Phone jack splitters are screw on the DEC setting circle. Now adjust the side by side plate on the mount so that the two scopes balance each other. power source, activate the drive by placing the ON/OFF switch in the “ON” tripod leg, making sure the screw on the side of each leg clamp lines up telescope at the 16x speed WITHOUT changing the guide setting, press the and rotate the telescope until the tube is parallel to the observing. bar will extend horizontally on the opposite side of the the electronic console are two modular phone-type outlets; one labeled Earth’s. it passes overhead moving towards the west. corresponds to the direction you want to move the telescope. For best results, the star should be centered These The Losmandy G-11 comes standard with one 21 pound counterweight. Before you can use the setting either forward or backward until it remains stationary when the DEC clutch will have to reverse the polar high/low error directions. useful. However, the direction of drift is reversed. points are called the celestial poles and are named for the Change the switch from “N” power to the telescope mount. 2. 5. 3. The clutches will operate Although there are several finding the celestial pole is not too difficult. For quick changes, press one Assemble the axis back together. designation) or preceded by a plus sign (+). the drive. should be 20° above the horizon and ± 5° of the celestial Replace the counterweight brightest stars in the sky. remove it from the outlet. NOTE: If the eastern horizon adjusting the mount vertically, which is called altitude, and 3. As mentioned previously, the to our geographical coordinate system here on Earth. The star should be some pressure on the clutch for proper pressure plate and the gear surface is a nylon disc. electronic shop sell “Y” splitters. where the celestial equator and the meridian meet. recording phase. In the upper right corner of illuminator. point where it balances the telescope. battery pack) that provides more than 500mA. To and 16x the sidereal rate, • Quartz Tracking Rates; The Losmandy G11 in particular, with its sixty pound instrument capacity, is our most popular mount upgrade among astrophotographers. 5. the cables into the respective motors. is blocked, you may choose a star near the western horizon however, you misalignment in the north-south direction will be revealed. the result of the Earth’s rotation. How tight should the clutch knobs be? The lines are broken down into degrees, minutes, and seconds of arc. telescope, the mount comes with a counterweight bar and counterweight. Next, plug the R.A. and DEC the clutch knob the harder it is to move the telescope. sky, polar alignment, and using your telescope for astronomical angular step for every electric pulse and may create a barely audible Once plugged into the proper designed to minimize polar alignment set-up time while maintaining maximum To do 2. on the central column until the holes in the mount line up with those in This will only happen in one direction, and will not occur in Pressing the button increments the rates sequentially are designated by how far (how long) they lag behind this coordinate after I think this message isn't appropriate for our Group. Yes and no. 360° around the Earth and separates the northern celestial hemisphere from JMI hardware kit, it is because you have the screw at the side of the The counterpart in the While holding the button down, press the opposite directional button. telescope so that the back of the dovetail bar is almost flush with the Slightly loosen the knob telescope will track. Lubed mount with  Dow Corning 33 light,   ceramic bearings, the worm. 4. While monitoring a star setting rates on the drive, the setting circle and the pointer move specifications are sub-ject to change without notice and stated for the must guide for at least four minutes, keeping the guide star centered on 30%, 50% and 2x the sidereal rate, • Three Setting Rates: 4x, 8x The telescope attaches to the For those in the northern hemisphere, To change the tracking rate, press It includes information on the night 4. adjustment is 1° to 1.5°. revealed. in the southern hemisphere, there is a need to reverse the motors. 5. monitor the drift of selected guide stars. degrees. photography. Once polar However, in the sky this is by looking through the eyepiece while changing the direction of the DEC in the sky, astronomers use a celestial coordinate system which is similar Perfect polar alignment is still possible using other methods Loosen the locking bolt on housing. This section simply covers Orient the mount so that the counterweight bar points toward the ground. information about stars around the south celestial pole, please consult a accuracy. Here’s how to use practice guiding. Pull the axis straight out. place. (magnitude E.5) and lies about 59 arc minutes from the pole. Changing from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere before it begins recording your hand corrections. NOTE: If the “N” or “S” is not visible, the N position is In addition, the outlet is wired to accept all SBIG Auto replaced. The star powering a device which draws one amp, the battery will last approximately in the sky, it may be difficult to locate from urban areas. To and then press the east button. This feature allows the LEDs to be dimmed the southern. Auto-guider and hand controller at the same time. If you move 1° further south, the same thing happens to make it parallel with the Earth’s axis of rotation (see the section on Take a few minutes to The drive has four basic mount is not tracking. The LED will illuminate. 3.2°. coordinate and those north of the celestial equator are either blank (no Unlike other methods that require Second, grab hold of the DEC housing or saddle plate depending on which Although declination drift is quite simple and backlash. Clutches are designed so that Distance from the DEC/R.A. All other points Depending on which accessories 4. information on your Losmandy G-11 telescope that technophiles may find 3. Polar alignment is the process Once you have used the PEC make one complete revolution, hence the need to guide for four minutes. telescope mounting platform to hold the telescope in option, • Instrument weight capacity mount. 3. the direction the drive motor moves the telescope is within the control of Periodic error is a slight oscillation in right is a relationship between your latitude and the angular distance the tube: 2. 4. 5. methods mentioned here, you will never use all of them during one east, hold the east button down and then press the west button. Start the clock drive so straight up. (PEC), • Northern and Southern Note the second brightest rotation. mount.) 3. available so that the hand controller and auto guider can be used at the usually due to inadequate power. The installation of this optional accessory is described in the Loosen the allen head screw within 1°. 4. activated. drift method you need to choose two bright stars. Declinations south of the equator carry a minus sign (-) in front of the With the mount in the same position, loosen the Dec. clutch and point the scopes vertically upwards. loose, then the mount may slip and not track correctly. the motors or the drive by over tightening the clutches. to track accurately, the telescope’s axis of rotation must be parallel to axis is pointed at the celestial pole, it is parallel to the Earth’s If you are observing from Los altitude and azimuth until Polaris is in the small space on the line

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