The eccentric and goofy behavior of a modern-day woman like Kadesurang shocks everyone, but her kindness makes them change their attitude towards her, winning their hearts and minds eventually. "Le touriste apparait comme le principal agent de diffusion du mépris anti touristique. The finale of “Love Destiny” also attached much importance to the fate of a Western diplomat who was empathetic towards Siam but nevertheless pursued a damaging agenda. This drama sounds a lot like eternal love I’m still on eternal love two but this sounds so much like that and I really loved and I’m enjoying that one immensely! SERTAI SEKARANG. Tahun keluaran: … In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings. She amazed the people with her knowledge of the era (historical events) and questioned the knowledge she learned in the future whether those information based on truth or fabrication. This is something that younger Thais might not have fully appreciated – until they saw it played out dramatically on the small screen. Merci d'avance... La série télévisée 'Love Destiny' a renouvelé l'intérêt des Thais pour l'ancienne capitale siamoise, Publicités invisibles aux membres VoyageForum connectés à leur compte. Cast; Bella Campenti; Thanavat Vatthanaputi; Prama Imanotai; Karaket asks Phin to kill Chanwat, but Daeng is dead. Thailand had signed numerous commercial treaties with the West. The drama also includes the Ayutthayan embassy accredited to the court of King Louis XIV of France, with Pan as ambassador. Your email address will not be published. By meWATCH Published: 14 Sep 2020 Audio: Thai. 8. Quant à l'histoire du Siam, j'en sais beaucoup plus qu'elle. In short, Karakade asks Kadesurang to make spiritual offerings for her soul so that she could save her soul from eternal damnation. In the past, the cruel and selfish Karakade was betrothed to Date, a man who despises her wickedness and prefers a kinder woman. And the successful enterprise of Phra Phet Racha, King Narai's xenophobic regent, to seize power and get rid of the Christians in the kingdom. 43 Min. “Call them cunning, chameleon-like or whatever,” one commentator wrote on the community chat site, “but without their genius and flexibility, Thailand could have become one of the countless colonies of the West.” The same person rightly noted that leaders of less developed countries in colonial times faced dire threats, but the Siamese cleverly. The heroine somehow travels back in time to occupy the body of a much-maligned woman whom the male lead abhors at the outset. This 15 episode drama is a romantic story; however, although it portrays a beautiful love-story, I had the distinct sensation, while watching it, that the romance was a mere, yet sweet excuse to talk about one of the most prosperous periods of Ayutthaya kingdom – a time period that brought irreversible changes to today’s Thai society. J'ai tapé le titre anglais pour voir quelques séquences. Another fan wondered how nations that cherish human rights and other noble virtues today could have been so evil in the past. Encore un petit effort et on verra des valeureux guerriers circuler en Toy, Izu ou autres, Les employés de l'hôpital Paolo Memorial de Chokchai 4, hôpital privé de. link download drama Love Destiny (2018) Selalu Berikan like dan share untuk mendukung kami untuk menyajikan koleksi drama Subtitle Indonesia. Episode 5 106m. "Love Destiny" is set during the reign of King Narai of the Ayutthaya Kingdom. “Love Destiny” owed its success to a smart screenplay based on an exceptional novel, fine acting, and a generous sprinkling of wit. She lives in the residence of King Narai's chief astrologer, Chaophraya Horathibodi (เจ้าพระยาโหราธิบดี) and is the father of her fiancé, Det (เดช) (Thanawat Wattanaputi), a foreign ministry official holding the noble title of Muen Sunthon Thewa (หมื่นสุนทรเทวา). Love Destiny (Thai: บุพเพสันนิวาส; RTGS: Bupphesanniwat; IPA: [bùp.pʰeː.sǎn.ní.wâ:t]) is a 2018 Thai historical television series that originally aired on Channel 3 from February 21 to April 11, 2018 for 15 episodes. Sorry, due to rights agreement, we are unable to offer this content in your territory. After her father died, she entered the household of her future in-laws, while waiting for the wedding ceremony. 1. This is a story where karma, merit, love destiny and a moon mantra combine to fling Kadesurang, a chubby archaeologist, into the body of another woman during the Ayutthaya era (300 years earlier). After a fatal event, an archaeologist time travels to 17th-century Thailand into the body of a vile noblewoman, so she tries to change that perception. This was a relatively low-budget programme, too, yet it drew an audience far vaster than that of another period drama airing about the same time, which was well financed and heavily advertised. [3] Success factors were attributed to its elaborate screenplay, costumes, and locations. [5] The novel got the Seven book award in 2010 and was adapted into a television drama for the first time in this series. Audio: Thai, Karaket asks Phin to kill Chanwat, but Daeng is dead. On the other hand, her fiancé and his family are in a daze to witness the total transformation of her character. Ketsurang woke up in the body of Karaket (การะเกด), the daughter of the ruler of Phitsanulok, who's currently living in Ayutthaya, the capital of the Ayutthaya Kingdom, during the reign of King Narai(1656–1688). [1][2] Starring Ranee Campen and Thanawat Wattanaputi, Love Destiny was a major hit in Thailand and gained popularity across Asia, contributing in a rise of tourists in filming locations. "รอมแพง เธอคือใคร? 4. Ici et là, dans l'est de la Thaïlande et le sud du Laos, Dernier séjour dont nous avons parlé en ligne. Episode 9 111m. 7. Thaïlande, Malaisie... Empruntez à petit prix un livre numérique/21j, Découvrir la Thaïlande & Booking hôtels pas chers. Please open the page in a different browser. While traveling back home from a school excavation trip in Ayutthaya, Kadesurang and her friend, Rueng (Parama Imanothai), got into a car accident. And the successful enterprise of Phra Phet Racha, King Narai's xenophobic regent, to seize power and get rid of the Christians in the kingdom. The coup is supported by the Buddhist clergy and Narai's own daughter, Princess Sudawadi, and leads to the execution of Phaulkon, who held the position of Prime Counsellor of Ayutthaya and assuming the Thai noble title Chao Phraya Wichayen (เจ้าพระยาวิชาเยนทร์).[7]:59,64. The series contains elements of romance, comedy and time travel. You can also refer to our FAQ for more info. Musim 1. She lives in the residence of King Narai's chief astrologer, Chaophraya Horathibodi (เจ้าพระยาโหราธิบดี) and is the father of her fiancé, Det (เดช) (Thanawat Wattanaputi), a foreign ministry official holding the noble title of Muen Sunthon Thewa (หมื่นสุนทรเทวา). Un petit coup de coeur pour ce super bouquin, "Very thai; Everyday popular culture". This situation of tension eventually led to the Siamese revolution in 1688. Love Destiny. Our time-travel love story takes place during these historical events. My Top 5 List. Episode 10 109m. 2. She lives in the residence of King Narai's chief astrologer, Chaophraya Horathibodi (เจ้าพระยาโหราธิบดี) and is the father of her fiancé, Det (เดช… Episod Love Destiny. New to Thai drama in general and exposed to Thai historical drama for the first time, I was simply captivated with the new world I was introduced to. However, she adapts to the period and slowly changes Det's attitude towards her and he even has affections for her. Thailand had signed numerous commercial treaties with the West. From what I was reading, Thai television series are, in general, soap operas. Heavy Sweetness Ash-Like Frost – Review, Best Korean Dramas of 2019 - My top 10 - Asian Dramas, The Secret of the Three Kingdoms. Episode 8 107m. Above all, the acting of the female lead, Ranee Campen (of Thai and British descent) was outstanding; so, when I read that she starred in a time-travel drama, I decided to give it a try. Par contre j'ai cherché sur le net mais rien: (Quelqu'un connait-il ce genre de livre ou pourrait me donner un lien? The suspicion, though, fails to consider the series’ phenomenal ratings, which no political power could have engineered. Plus le touriste se voit en miroir de l'autre, plus il le déteste". Anda bisa nonton full drama nya di sini dan tentu saja drama Love Destiny (2018) sub indo nya sudah kami lengkapi juga untuk kenyamanan pengunjung web kami. Kadesurang (Ranee Campen) was a history student. ใยคนอยากรู้จักกันทั้งเมือง", Chakrabongse, C., 1960, Lords of Life, London: Alvin Redman Limited, Learn how and when to remove this template message, "Prisoners in Thailand get to watch mega drama hit Love Destiny - by popular demand",, "Love Destiny: The Kitsch Period Drama Taking Thailand by Storm", "Venerating the past, traditional costume fever grips Thailand",ละครช่อง3/second/477/บุพเพสันนิวาส.html,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, "Bupphesanniwat" (บุพเพสันนิวาส), opening theme by, "Phiang Sop Ta" (เพียงสบตา; Just Eye Contact), ending theme by, "Ochao Oei" (ออเจ้าเอย; "Thou Oh Thou") by, "Thoe No Thoe" (เธอหนอเธอ; "You Oh You") by Wathiya Ruangnirat, This page was last edited on 28 October 2020, at 13:53. meREWARDS lets you get coupon deals, and earn cashback when you complete surveys, dine, travel, and shop with our partners. 2018 13+ 1 Musim Rancangan TV Thai. The story starts in the modern day era; but most of the action takes place in the past, in the second half of the 17th century, under the rule of king Narai. Please contact : Sirintip Yutika Mobile +66 80 818 8187, In showing how Siam fended off colonialism, the TV series gave viewers a crash course in history, The WHO needs Taiwan’s proven expertise in the battle against Covid-19, Accelerating digital transformation of Thai businesses, Australia and Thailand: partners in water and energy, Rule of law: A new consensus needed to redefine Thai society, Volunteerism building solidarity and solutions transcending borders, SET, other Asian indices rally over hope of Biden win, Five foreigners, one returnee test positive, Cool weather forecast for upper Thailand, isolated heavy rain in South, Dow jumps 367 points as Wall Street looks past election uncertainty, Europe lockdowns could shrink Thai economy another 0.5%: private sector, Thai agricultural GDP almost back at 2019 level as demand rises, Strong Business Matching Results at Thailand Subcon Show Despite Covid-19, BOI Says, Booming Digital Industry boosts Thailand’s Smart Electronics, COVID-19 Spurs Thailand’s Rise as Global Medical Hub, Investors Taste Success in Thailand’s “Kitchen of the World”, BCG ECONOMY AS ANSWERS TO MANY CHALLENGES, Udon Thani abbot charged with allegedly offering sex to over 20 underage children, BEWARE: fake Bt100 bank notes spreading in Surin, Govt considers reopening Maya Bay to tourists next year. Je viens de terminer un bouquin très sympa - Café Lovely - écrit par un écrivain Thai - Rattawut Lapcharoensap - né à Chicago, ayant grandi à Bangkok. I admit that the titled intrigued me and I decided to watch one episode. The drama also includes the Ayutthayan embassy accredited to the court of King Louis XIV of France, with Pan as ambassador. Episode 4 107m. The television adaptation was done by Broadcast Thai Television, script-written by Sanlaya and directed by Pawat Panangsiri.[6]. Review, Differences Between Korean and Chinese Dramas, Gender Bender Korean Dramas. Ketsurang is a chubby archaeologist. is it just episode length or something like that? The series’ plot was unusual, if not entirely unique.

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