Home | Sometimes they’ll include recommendations for other related newsletters or services we offer. If you are a regular M2 motorway user, a commuter, lorry or van driver The M2 closure will now start a day later, but diversions will still be 69 miles long The road will be closed all day and reopen by 4.30am tomorrow morning. Joburg's M2 highway construction to be completed in October. M60 Traffic News |, M62 Traffic News | updates. You can unsubscribe at any time. motorway in England which connects Strood to Brenley Corner (near Faversham) with primary destinations being Maidstone. “We are reviewing the first weekend closure and are ready to make any adjustments we need to help ensure that disruption is kept to an absolute minimum.". A2. The A2 is a major road in southern England, connecting London with the port of Dover. “We have worked hard to review our programme of work this week, and the changes we are making should make a real difference, reducing the length of the closure by at least 24 hours. "Delays are expected, and drivers are urged to plan ahead, check travel conditions before they set out, leave plenty of extra time and stick to the official diversion routes.". All Scotland Traffic News, Motorway Traffic News: Heading up to junction 7 of the M20, the lengthy diversion route then heads onto the A249 and finally to junction 5 for the M2 at Stockbury. All England Traffic News | M1 Traffic News | Drivers will then leave the M20 at junction 6 for the northbound A229 before rejoining the M2 at junction 3. Lane closures: Lane three is closed. Search for all M2 traffic news and traffic reports using the search The closure between junctions 5 for Sittingbourne and 7 for Brenley Corner resulted in traffic chaos on surrounding roads , including the A2 in Faversham and the Thanet Way. “Where work takes place overnight during the week the road will be open in time for 4.30am, helping the people who rely on it for business and trade. Contact | These closures will be in place between 8pm in the evening until 6am the following morning. But there are also two sets of overnight closures to be aware of for this coming week. If you are interested in becoming a Traffic News Club member lik up members can share news and updates about M2 traffic and the routes they The M2 will be closed between junctions 7 and 5 heading Londonbound overnight on Monday (July 15), Tuesday (July 16), Wednesday (July 17 and Thursday (July 18). The road will be closed all day and reopen by 4.30am tomorrow morning. Below are the latest M2 motorway traffic news and M2 traffic updates. Turn right at Eloff Street and use Scott and Trump Streets to access the M2 at West Street. Feedback, Copyright 2009-2015 UK Traffic News.co.uk explains more about how we use your data, and your rights. the M2 motorway The Londonbound carriageway between junctions 5 and 4 will also be closed for two nights. Location: The M5 southbound between junctions J7 (Worcester)and J8 (Ross on Wye) . North West England Traffic Reports | The M2 runs west to east motorway in England which connects Strood to Brenley Corner (near Faversham) with primary destinations being Maidstone. "Clearly, the first weekend of work caused more disruption than we were expecting, and we are very sorry for the delays that drivers experienced. East Midlands Traffic Reports | The closures coincide with traffic lights in force on the A2 in Faversham, just before the junction with the A251, arguably making matters worse. Check back regularly for the latest M2 traffic news and M2 traffic reports. M26 Kent Live Travel News Sat, 31 Oct 2020 06:10:40 GMT Blog | “Our work will repair and replace worn out sections of road, keeping journeys on the motorway safe and reliable. View the Latest Coronavirus stats including new cases, rolling rate and case rate compared to average. The M2 runs west to east

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