The religious observance gives worshippers the opportunity to remember martyrs and saints, and originates as far back as the 4th century, although the date was not moved to 1 November until 837AD. This year’s Halloween Doodle follows freshman feline Momo on her mission to rescue her school of magic. The objective and the development of the game are exactly the same, only that the action takes place under the sea, since a ghost managed to escape from Momo after winning the first part, reaching the ocean and possessing various marine animals. All rights reserved. This opened the door to a more robust world filled with interesting characters and paw-some themes. Plans like the “Eiffel Tower spell” were abandoned, and similarly, gag spells didn’t make the cut. Grab your wand and help fend off a ghostly catastrophe. [1] The swiping directions include an horizontal line, a vertical line, a "v" shape, a "ʌ" shape, and a lightning bolt, the latter-most of which summons lightning that destroys onscreen enemies. Momo (black cat). There has been much debate over Halloween’s origins – some believe that it is solely a Christian holiday, with others tracing its roots to Parentalia, the Roman festival of the dead. This Halloween’s Google Doodle features an underwater cat and lots of scary fish, ghosts and other underwater creatures. Google reintroduced the Magic Academy Doodle game that requires the players to cast spells with a wand against the Big Boss ghost and its school of ghouls. Sorry, there was a problem with your subscription. The Doodle was created by the makers of the 2016 Magic Cat Academy Doodle which was made for that year’s Halloween. Magic Cat Academy is a browser game created as a Google Doodle and released on October 30, 2016. [2] Momo fights ghosts and bosses throughout five levels, taking place in the school's library, a cafeteria, a classroom, a gymnasium, and on the rooftop. [6], The character of Momo was based on a real-life cat belonging to Google Doodler Juliana Chen. The original concept for the game involved a magic cat making a soup that was so good, it raised the dead. We hope that every human, creature, and ghost has a purrfectly magical day. From the team that created the Magic Cat Academy: The inspiration for this year’s cat spell-casting game came from a real-life black cat named Momo that … Ghosts are defeated by clicking and swiping the mouse in certain directions, pertaining to the symbol atop the ghosts' heads. The ghosts moving towards your character each have a shape, such as a line, arrow, triangle or swirl, drawn above them. And you’d better pounce fast—the ghost that stole the master spellbook is getting away! By … Aquatic foe: Immortal jellyfish, Level 2: Twilight zone. Click on it. Celebrating Halloween virtually, Google has brought the iconic “Magic Cat Academy” Doodle game back to its homepage. Four years later, on October 30, 2020, and also to celebrate the same holiday, Google launched Magic Cat Academy 2. Kicking off with a short animated video, the Google Doodle sets the scene, showing a little cat dreaming about battling ghosts, before jumping into the sea with a magic wand and a determined look on its face. This will bring up a range of AR characters that you can project into your space. Here’s what it’s all about and how to play. “Dive in with Momo the cat to help new friends and reach new depths in her adventure against the Big Boss ghost and its school of ghouls…underwater.”. The game, which was originally released in … Press play to swipe spells, save your friends, and help restore the peace at the Magic Cat Academy. The inspiration for this year’s cat spell-casting game came from a real-life black cat named Momo that belongs to Doodler Juliana Chen. On occasion, the player will be allowed to swipe in a heart-like shape to regain health. “Graveyard” concepts included vacuums, candy-eating ghosts, and hiss-worthy exams. Draw the symbols in the order that they appear,” the Doodle explained. Some will have more than one shape to draw, with the patterns of shapes becoming more difficult as more ghoules appear. From the team that created the Magic Cat Academy: On you mobile phone, head to Google and search for Halloween, Jack-o-lantern, human skeleton, cat, dog, or German Shepherd on your mobile phone. Halloween 2020: How to play the free ‘Magic Cat Academy’ Google Doodle game celebrating festival today The game from Google involves battling underwater ghouls. Aquatic foe: Boop boops, Level 3: Midnight zone. The game invites players to help Momo the magical cat battle ghostly creatures. Some say it is based on Samhain, a Celtic festival marking the end of the harvest season and the onset of the cold darkness of winter. In the end we decided that for a short game against the clock, simple was better. That’s all for meow. The team said: “This Halloween, we’re picking up right where our 2016 Magic Cat Academy Doodle left off with a subaquatic shriek-quel! Harmony Music (David Levison & Nicole Paul) Now underwater, the game begins – you will play as the cat, which becomes surrounded by ghouls that can be defeated by casting spells. This year’s game is a sequel. [1][2], "Trick Or Treat! “Deafeat a ghost by drawing its symbol anywhere. The game includes five levels set in a school environment: the library, cafeteria, classroom, gym, and the building’s rooftop. This game includes two new movements: a circle, by which the player gets a shield, and a spiral, by which the player pushes back all monsters. The game, made playable in place of the logo on the Google website, was created in celebration of Halloween. That year’s Doodle featured a similar game which was set in a magic school and was inspired by a real-life black cat called Momo. It’s that time of year for all things spooky – and Google is getting on board.

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