In 1989, Barney opened a second strip club, called Magic City II, in Birmingham, Alabama. Big Boi: I kind of gauge it like, if I’m gonna go in the club, I know I’m gonna throw about 20 PlayStations. . Platinum: I waitressed at the Gentlemen’s Club. It is de rigueur. He’s the one who taught the girls how to do it. If you believe that any content of this Website violates your copyright, please see our Copyright Policy for instructions on sending us a notice of copyright infringement. It means the team’s third leading scorer will miss Thursday’s season restart. First, you had to fight the insurance claims, then, you had to remodel and get back open. Most records are broken in strip clubs. So, I’mma throw 20 of ’em, 30 of ’em. DC: When Deion lost his first playoff game as an Atlanta Falcon, he was so distraught. Everything’s trap-trap-trap. That was my goal from the beginning: the nicer woman. Two years later, Cooper sold the property to Joseph Saba, a metro Atlanta physician who knew Barney from their college days, for $400,000. Dupri: I started dating Janet Jackson. 12:10 pm ET, Holiday trade rumors: Potential landing spots, Report: NBPA progressing toward Dec. 22 agreement, Report: Holiday on trade block; contenders interested, Sister of Cavaliers executive shot dead in Akron, 76ers paying Morey north of $10M a year, per report. Barney: Customer service is the number-one thing we need to get better at. Paying Magic extra money to have his friends fly in and have an extra afterparty. I think that’s why he stood the test of time—his staff and the girls. Because the girls know. Dupri: Back when I was going at my early age, it was really about the dancers. Go away from me if that’s what you wanted to do. Barney: The legal fees were just astronomical—a two- or three-year battle with them, and the lawyers playing games, playing ping-pong, you know? Before retiring completely, though, he’s considering a refresh for the club. You gotta push the boat off at four o’clock on a Sunday and bring the boat back by about six in the morning. [Friend and fellow Tag Team member] Steve Roll’n had moved down here a year before to go to Arts Institute. © 2004-2020 CBS Interactive. It’s hard for you to find one without. You might just give them a stack of ones. Barney: I’d like to dust the whole building out, and the only thing we can do with the building is build up, but you can’t close for three months no more. Then, he started throwing money. We were like New Kids on the Block, but we were Atlanta’s own. It’s so much of a show that the regular guy doesn’t stand a chance. Jack Harlow posted this and deleted this on his IG story yesterday I got off the plane with like $500 to spend the whole week, and the first place he took me was Magic City. He was gonna give me his Rolex one night because he wanted me to beat up one of the girls in the club, Strawberry. Somehow, Magic City has survived arson, the arrest of its founder, and the unstoppable march of time. That’s the same month Future dropped [the mixtape] Dirty Sprite. Platinum: Easy is the one who started making it rain and shutting the club down. And I’ll never forget: DJ Andre said he was about to mess with a girl. I got to meet Hammer up close. When you came in the door, we felt like you came to see us. When I first started, I think I made $400 a night. The people did it. From 1989, the late Derrick Thomas, who played with the Kansas City Chiefs; Barney; Deion Sanders; former Tampa Bay Buccaneers linebacker Broderick Thomas. We are going to have to start coming up with some solutions on it. You can find more details and opt out at any time in our Privacy Policy. And they would be a bit confused, because I was such a great actress in the club. And my whole third verse is about Magic City. Now, the mood is more trap-heavy. It’s not necessarily who you are. Today, Barney says he’s focused on maintaining the quality of entertainment and customer service at Magic City. It’s unclear how long he will be required to quarantine or if he will miss any games. Loyalty changes. I was a wide-eyed, bushy-tailed baby. Magic City, which began with one dancer, focused on customer service. You’re a nice-looking woman! In one of the stranger stories to come out of the NBA bubble, Clippers guard Lou Williams was hit with a 10-day quarantine after social media posts showed him at the Atlanta strip club, Magic City The lawsuit was part of a wave of litigation between exotic dancers and nightclub owners in Atlanta. Williams will be available to play starting on Aug. 3. That’s unheard of. He watched me for years and started to become a good DJ around 1998. DC: Man, Magic City destroyed my life [laughs]. Barney: It became a theme: Come to Atlanta, come to Magic City. A common reaction seems to be sympathy and understanding for Williams’s decision. Easy took bottles out of the Champagne bucket and poured it on them, and they were just wet. 2020 Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Designer Showhouse, DINES: A Taste of the City’s Best Restaurants, a group of Magic City dancers filed a lawsuit against the club, Subscribe to get our September 2019 issue, 6 Reasons Why Abbeville, South Carolina Should Be Your Next Weekend Getaway, What’s Classic and What’s Coming in Charleston: Music, Behind Georgia’s Covid-19 dashboard disaster, In politically mixed friend groups, a lesson for navigating differences. Rain! Take her home! Sports stars were still front and center in Atlanta, but musicians were elbowing their way in. This fake hair and the fake titties, fake butt, has damn-near taken over. Kevin Harlan Requests Magic City Wings Be Sent To Orlando “Reggie Miller, Harlan’s TV partner, is apparently happy with Harlan’s idea.” By BSM Staff / July 29, 2020 . The average guy who makes a regular worker [salary], he can come out and have a good time, but he can’t afford to throw his money. Next year, we’re going to have a 35-year anniversary party. That’s one thing I can say about Magic—he always showed love to us or anybody who represented Atlanta. By May 1 we had sold a million records, dog. Rival clubs were closing, the era of “making it rain” began, and Monday became Magic City’s most popular night of the week, led by DJ Nando, who emerged as a major musical tastemaker before being shot and killed in 2014 outside his home. He was like, “You’ve gotta come down here for your break and stay a week.” Christmas break of my senior year was in 1988. He would drop down the big screen, and you saw videos going on with the dancing. You know, some girls take home $1,000 in a day. ESPN reports that the NBA is now investigating the activities of Williams, who claimed he only had dinner and that no entertainers were present at Magic City. Next thing you know, Shaq graduates and comes through, and it was like a firestorm of celebs. So, what other people are doing now, I used to do it specifically just to hit the ceiling because then the money would just splatter everywhere. Tip Drill! Wings, catfish nuggets and strips from the historical African American Performing Arts Center Magic City. It was all about the Tip Drill. Copyright Barrett Sports Media © All rights reserved. Don’t lose confidence.”. He came to Magic City, and we were downstairs in the basement. Barney: In the first years of Magic City, I was married, but I was here most of my hours. DC: I went to school at Sacramento State University in California. Barney began printing glossy calendars featuring Magic City dancers, distributing them in unorthodox places such as jails and the military, to expand the club’s notoriety beyond the southeastern U.S. Barney: We have a lot of military people we mess with, and we give them cases of stuff every year. After that night, 50 percent of the girls in there were gay, and every girl started doing sensual dances and touching each other. Please use the search to find the page that you were looking I said, “Look, Strawberry, you’re gonna have to act like I’m gonna beat you up real bad. Andre Rison, Deion Sanders, Dominique Wilkins—that’s where all the ballers went to ball. Two weeks later, it was Freaknik ’93, and my last day. So, it took a long time. L.A. Clippers guard Lou Williams was allowed to leave the NBA bubble in Orlando to attend the funeral of a family friend—but has admitted he also went to a strip club. Elaine was the costume-maker. Kevin Harlan got in on the fun Tuesday night. Dupri: There’s no place in the world like Magic City. I used to play football for Duke, so I knew how to relate to Deion and the football players. I was like, “Damn, I don’t get no free dances!”. That’s just the way the music industry has gone. That would be something. I went to court, they found me guilty, I went away, I think, from about 1994 to 2002. Reggie Miller, Harlan’s TV partner, is apparently happy with Harlan’s idea. But that’s just something you did out of appreciation. He opened the door to show other DJs that this could really be a lucrative business for you if you did things a certain type of way.

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