Defeat the boss of this mission to unlock the trophy. This will unlock the Aerial Garden Mission in stage select afterwards; defeat the powered up version of the boss to unlock the trophy. Complete the stage: Karakuri Castle on any character, difficulty and game settings. This should come naturally while playing the game normally. Course and select any 5 characters. Fululu can take down the normal stage bosses quicker and easier but Nowa is more adept at handling the true final boss which will probably be your final wall to tear down for these trophies. Step 1: Do not translate text that appears unreliable or low-quality. The Netherworld Travel Challenges consist of normal stages which increase in number and in difficulty ans you progress through the course. Clear all stages on Normal Difficulty in the Netherworld Adventures. 4) Home of the Cherry blossoms (Right path). Focus on learning the layouts of the stages as well of the shot types of each character including mastering the use of the curse shot. Clear the Aerial Garden Mission in Arcade Mode. Clear Arcade Mode with any character without losing a single life (Difficulty 3 or higher). In Story mode complete every objective for each stage, and then defeat the true final boss to unlock this trophy. The stages start off easier and get harder for each one you complete, so I suggest choosing the stages you find hardest first and saving the easier ones for later. Clear every challenge listed under the Cursed! Step 5: This is a series of 8 normal stages on hard difficulty, and the enemies explode into additional bullets when destroyed. A good average run should take about 6 or 7 minutes and reward you with 25k to 30k candies. At the start of the first stage, charge a curse shot to about 3 bars, and fire it directly into the middle between the 2 enemy spawners. Mamorukun Curse’s other distinguishing trait is its visual style. Clear Arcade Mode with Mamoru on 1 Credit (Difficulty 3 or higher). This will be vital in completing the later challenges. Curse bullets can be charged up and fired at enemies to cause damage over time over a large radius. On completion of a stage you will unlock its boss as an extra mission in stage select. Clear the Southern Temple Mission in Arcade Mode. In the second phase a cube will appear in the centre with 4 faces, and one eye on each one. to unlock the “All Clear!” and difficulty trophies, but they are required for the platinum) Time:10:00 Clear Arcade Mode with Luchino on 1 Credit (Difficulty 3 or higher). Curse yourself, and destroy the tentacles blocking the door, then attack the boss until you run out of time, but do not defeat her. Defeat all the Golden Butterflies and Golden Frogs that appears in Home of the Cherry Blossoms of Story Mode. The game was released for arcade in Japan on July 30, 2008. Clear every course under Nowas Challenge! You can also die and continue an infinite amount of times. Trophy will unlock after the game has registered the entry. Clear every challenge listed under the Basic Test and Applied Test Courses in Netherworld Adventures. If not, the following method is the easiest and fastest way to farm candies: Start Netherworld Adventures Practice, change Lives to 5 and Time to None. Doing so will cause the enemies within the radius to 'enrage' and become more difficult to deal with, but will also destroy all bullets from those enemies on their death. In the Netherworld Adventures mode. Complete the stage: Aerial Garden on any character, difficulty and game settings. Collecting every illustration in the gallery, In the Netherworld Adventures mode. Clear all the courses in Fururu's Challenge. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Mamorukun Curse! Castle Purged! These are very basic challenges just consisting of one stage each on the easiest difficulty. Clear the Flat Slope of the Underworld Course under Fululus Challenge! -Estimated trophy difficulty: 9.5/10 Platinum Difficulty Thread [PST Would like to Thank Threnzy for this Roadmap]. YI ROM Map. Garden Purged! -Offline trophies: 66 (64, 0, 1, 1) - Karakuri Spirits: Show random: ... SMW ROM Map. You can also die and continue an infinite amount of times. They are the turret enemies that usually appear in set places pairs and do not move. Clear the True Final Battle in Arcade Mode. Complete the stage: Entrance to the Netherworld on any character, difficulty and game settings. Mamorukun Curse! Repeat 108 times to unlock the trophy. The King of Fighters 2002 Magic Plus II (bootleg), Marvel Vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (USA 980123). Clear the Casual Course in Netherworld Adventures. [JAPAN] on your devices windows pc , mac ,ios and android! Clear the Confusion Fang Course under Nowas Challenge! A good technique that should be mastered early is charging the curse shot just long enough so it won't stay on the floor and then firing it in a direction away from any larger enemies. Follow Us On. *Note: Steps 1 to 5 can be done in any order* [5], "Mamorukun Shoot-em-up Coming to PlayStation 3", "G.rev brings Mamoru-kun shooter to the Xbox 360",!&oldid=961723765, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles to be expanded from September 2010, Articles needing translation from Japanese Wikipedia, Articles using Infobox video game using locally defined parameters, Articles using Wikidata infoboxes with locally defined images, Official website different in Wikidata and Wikipedia, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. This is a series of 6 normal stages on normal difficulty. Complete the stage: Southern Temple on any character, difficulty and game settings. Entrance Purged! Beautiful hand drawn artwork done in a traditional style. is a bit more unique from its genre, as it gives you the ability to freely move around the screen instead of being forced to while the game is scrolling. While half of the trophies can be obtained fairly quickly and easily, it is the latter half of the trophy list which will have you cursing (pun intended) at the game while trying to progress. These include: The game was released for arcade in Japan on July 30, 2008. YI Music. Defeat all the Golden Drones in Aerial Garden of Story Mode. This is a series of 8 normal stages on extra hard difficulty. in the Netherworld Adventures mode. Wait until your time ticks down to around 10 seconds left, and then trigger the boss. This page was last edited on 10 June 2020, at 02:00. From the anime-inspired appearance of the title’s protagonists to settings situated in lush cherry blossom-lined regions and archipelagos of floating temples, each stage is visually divergent and memorably rendered. In Story mode, fail to complete all the objectives in the first playthrough. Clear the Flat Slope of the Underworld Course. Mamoru: Aerial Garden Mission Collecting 1 million pieces of candy (Total accumulated can be seen on the main menu), SMW Hijacks. -Does difficulty affect trophies? (Note that you do not need to clear 'Fululu's challenge!' Complete any Stage and its respective mission on any character, difficulty and game settings. 3) Entrance to the Netherworld (North path) Clear Netherworld Travel in Netherworld Adventures. Mamorukun Curse! Temple Purged! course in Netherworld Adventures. Choose Fululu and the stage: Cherry Blossom, and proceed through the stage until you reach the area just before the boss is triggered. Step 2: Defeat all the Purple Natives that appears in Southern Temple of Story Mode. Defeat the Aerial Garden Boss of Story Mode with Mamoru. Mayuno: Cherry Blossoms Mission Defeat the Underworld Entrance boss of Story Mode with Beniko. Mamorukun Curse! Simply press, and instantly release the curse shot to fire it onto the floor. This is a series of 7 normal stages on hard difficulty and the bullets travel and twice their normal speed. Destroying it will make her teleport to another platform, repeat this until no platforms are left. Part 1 + 2 Complete the stage: Karakuri Castle on any character, difficulty and game settings. Available after completing all challenges in Casual Course. Set the game settings in options to Difficulty: 5 star, Life: 5, Time: 10:00. Available from the start. Part 1 + 2 Recommended stage order: This is easiest done on the first stage of the challenge: Atonement of sheep under Nowa's challenge! Fululu: Karakuri Temple Mission Curse an enemy over 108 times (across all modes and playthroughs). Top 25 MAME ROMs. Doing so will allow you to constantly clear potentially deadly bullets and free you from tricky situations. Arcade Mode (Free run) During this 1st week you can attempt the following trophies if comfortable enough or wait until the 2nd week: Clear every challenge listed under the Breakthrough Course in Netherworld Adventures. The boss has 2 phases, in the first phase she will teleport to a random platform that you will need to destroy. No cheats available. Available after completing all challenges in Casual Course. This is a a series of 6 normal stages on normal difficulty. Well that's it, you've freed Mamoru and his friends from their curses and saved the Netherworld! Clear Arcade Mode with Mayuno on 1 Credit (Difficulty 3 or higher). Dodge the incoming bullets by moving to the left slightly, and then charge another curse shot to about 3 bars and fire it into the middle again. YI SPASM. If possible, also try to destroy the Jumping tanks while they are under the curse effect and while there are as many bullets as possible on screen. Clear the Breakthough course in Netherworld Adventures. The Breakthrough challenges consist of varying stages and missions that reward more candy than usual. Clear the Sweet Soaring Star Course under Fululus Challenge! Clear all stages on Max Difficulty in the Netherworld Adventures. - Start and clear an arcade game with the true final boss ending with each character wearing their alternative costume (Can be changed under Options > Costumes.). Curse yourself over 108 times (across all modes and playthroughs). Start a new game in story mode on 1 star difficulty as this does not affect story related trophies. Throughout this stage, refrain from using the normal shot as much as possible; only use it to reposition your aim for curse shots and to destroy the jumping tank enemies.

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