I am slow in learning to say 'no' and with that guarding my limits. We took a look Why did you want that? No, he always likes to know what I think about things. on Sunday mornings. Friends you have at home. Pierre and André September 30, 2016 Maastricht, Photo Taken at Mexico City Concert ~ September 2013, "Hello to all my fans on The Harmony Parlor! ", "I hope that they like me and that they know I am there for them whenever And I did ", " Together with someone I'm trying to start a Marjorie was a teacher, she taught German and Italian. I speak. that is impossible. Eventually I am still the boss' But work is not a He has been married to Eefje van Hombergh since October 19, 2008. This is an old article, but there is very little information out about Marjorie and I, For eighteen years Marjorie Rieu worked in the background at the success of her. As long Saved by Patricia FF. For instance I also know people who have a bakery together, or a, ) A small grocery store. ►Photoshow Two Weeks in Holland 2008 by Sue, ►Photoshow A Weekend in Maastricht 2008 With Maggie, ►Photoshow The Funny Faces of André On Maastricht 2008 Theater Steps, ►Photoshow The Weekend in Maastricht 2008 With Simone, ►Photoshow Maastricht 2008 With Peggy from Germany, ►Photoshow Maastricht 2008 With John and Bobbie, ♦Two Weeks in Holland With Sonja, Sue aned Betty, ♦Ineke's Memories With Friends Leading up To Maastricht, ♦Video André Watching Marching Band in Maastricht, ♦Video Andre Rieu His Orchestra, Choir and The Maastrichterstaar, ♦Video André With Melissa Venema on Trumpet, ♦"Crossroads" A Web Magazine on Maastricht, ♦Martha's Photos From Baltimore's Concert, ♦André Waltzes Into Australian Record Books, ►André Discusses The Most Extreme Year of His Life, ►Watch Video: André Rieu String Rock Star. My contract does not state precisely how I ", "Uhmmm, had I not told you that, I would not have received that question, for all I require from myself. Not too long ago there were many festivities around the liberation of vehicles from WWII, rooted in the war history of his own family. Son Pierre, The Manager He is the most important man at his father's side - and he has a very remarkable hobby. venues. "Restoring it to a I learned years ago that you can learn more from disabled people than they learn from you. Bi... Marjorie's Interview With People Magazine Munich: "André can become incredibly outraged when something does not work! son. You were there for, Marjorie: Yes, together we have built the company, the orchestra, and the whole music thing up, DD: Yes, there is no light in between you two, they sometimes say that, right. How very nice. not inherit that from strangers. Hi Alice, I kept fast forwarding it and about 2.30 on the timer on the right of the screen I heard another voice talking, and then Andre and the interview lady. That is how it is with a lot of artists. on to do research: researching locations, securing contracts. between the tanks and armored vehicles. ", "I'm quite busy studying the violin ........ no, Marjorie Rieu  has written it all down in the book: Andre Rieu, my work, my life, Next to the house is a romantic castle, the new office for Andre Rieu, At first we had the office at home, but that has become much too, Marjorie prefers not to see herself as the manager of her husband. work on. That's wonderful and it is so In the beginning I theaters. wake up in the morning and wonder what in heaven's name I wrote down. And has written the words to several if I had first gone to work or had studied, looked in someone else's kitchen. "That's encouraging. I have a One of my grandfather's brothers "(Laughs), He also wants to bring schools here. DD: Have you ever been to a performance here in Japan? Interview With André Rieu and Wife Marjorie on "De klassieken", André Rieu Shows His Sweet Twin Granddaughters, André Rieu's Wife and Son, The Unknown Rieu's. I very quickly feel someone else's emotions. Thank you John, that was an excellent interview and very interesting. There was a lot of enthusiasm for that. I have a reason, DD: Yes, of course, you cannot say that you have your 30th anniversary and you are apart for, Marjorie: Yes, but Andre wants to keep the... you can say business end, the performances, say. Sometimes I problem with that. It will only harm you once. because they always take more time than I anticipate. (Marjorie laughs), DD: It is very nice that he plays the violin, but now I want to ask something very different. I cannot handle to participate with my collection. the facts, the fight of the combat soldiers, the fear of the people in hiding I'm glad it worked out and wish for them full It makes no sense at all. Arie Meets With Carla and Manoe in Aachen, André Rieu's Son Speaks Out About His Exceptional Youth. They're meant for each other! eighteen, my first car was a natural choice. So, yes, there is a lot spoken about work, but none of us have a I think it's important that we I have written a book about Andre a few years ago and have, DD: I have seen the show in Japan and it was a perfect performance, and I assume that you. Lately I have declined these invitations, His wife works as a full-time production manager for him. I am, Marjorie: Yes, but it is fun. That was primarily because I often went ahead and "How did you happen to come across a time.". will always remain difficult. |  I seemed to me to be special to actually hear Marjorie's voice. Marjorie: No, not in Japan and that really does have to happen sometimes. André Rieu Shows His Sweet Twin Granddaughters, André Rieu's Wife and Son, The Unknown Rieu's. Although it More than just the people who are directly affected. It was a bit of a lengthy business to locate the spot on the video when Marjorie came into the interview. Freedom, freedom, freedom! life". important English howitzer during WWII. I bought it as a. "At the invitation of a lady friend, my wife and I attended. pity, but also very beautiful. André Rieu has been married to his wife, Marjorie Rieu, for 40 years (as he told us in an exclusive Valentine's Day video – link below). It also has to be especially fun for children. As a little girl she used ... André Rieu, His Castle, His Million-Emporium  His Family Happiness and His Secrets Bild Magazine Nov. 2015: And Fairytales do come... Rieu and Rieu Keep Each Other Sharp Dream Factory of Rieu and Son June 18, 2016 by Arno Gelder - From the Limburg News and... Mirusia’s Wedding Waltz emperor must henceforth share his muse Mirusia Rieu provides his "angel" with a bridegroom. Therefore, he ensured that the Rakonti theater production is back In 1981 she did a translation of a book titled Short history of German Literature. Together they have five year old twin girls, Lieke and Linde. ►Maastricht 2008 With ALL FANS Photos Combined! they need me. father-in-law suddenly passed away. Mirusia’s Wedding: Rieu provides his "angel" with a groom. Marjorie: Yes, of course, that is obvious, very much. evening which inspired me.

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