Your shot groupings will be much tighter because you won’t have a lot of recoil to throw off your shots. They won’t just be adjustments to improve the length of pull, but also adjustments for the cheek well, giving them added comfort while they are in the firing position. There’s no specific answer to this question. It may not be a synthetic stock, but it functions like one to an extent, all while giving you the benefit of an aesthetically pleasing rifle that your hunting buddies will appreciate. Granted, this is an optic that could cost more than your Marlin 795, but like many things in life, the added cost is well worth it. It’s easily one of the best Marlin 795 accessories in my book. So it is a better option to add scope rings. On top of that, a stock that is made from synthetic materials will have a better chance of absorbing more shock than classic wooden stocks. The Marlin 795 is no different in this respect. It’s built to handle hard use and rugged circumstances while protecting your rifle. These adjustable stocks will have some positions that fit all kinds of shooters. The rifle doesn’t require a powerful scope since the range and recoil of the .22 lr rounds are not very big. If you’re looking for something that will give your Marlin 795 that classic, old-school look then you’d be hard pressed to find a stock quite like this. If you are ready to take your Marlin 795 to the next level, or simply demand top quality from your optics, look no further. What we are left with then is the common sorts of Marlin 795 accessories and upgrades that one might buy for any sort of gun. Get it as soon as Wed, Nov 4. That means you will struggle less and you will be able to handle the rifle with the greatest of ease and use it more effectively. He loads both revolvers with old-school 148-grain Federal Gold Medal .38 wadcutters. Inexpensive and the quickest way to use traditional 1” scopes on your 795, you’ll find this is a must have accessory. Some have complained that the recoil pad is a little too thin. More rounds in your weapon can mean the difference in a life or death situation. We’ve even got e clips for your old Marlin 99. Tech-SIGHT'S TSM200 Adjustable Aperture Sight for THE MARLIN 60, 795, 70P & 70PSS Rifles. FREE Shipping. FREE Shipping . Other than that, it is also great for amateurs to learn and understand the concepts of shooting. This wasn't designed for heavy-duty use like tactical situations. Sling swivels included for easier, hands-free carrying. Once installed, you’ll swear by the looks of it, reminicient of the rifle that your grandfather used during his hunting days.What Recent Buyers ReportSome recent buyers were quite happy with the stock for a few good reasons. Next, we’ll be taking a look at the At-one Thumbhole Clip Feed Stock. This fine adapter provides a secure one piece base that clamps firmly to your rifle’s dovetail, and then allows the use of most any scope with a 1” tube. So it is a better option to get this 25 round mag for more shooting and less reloading. The magazine carries 25 rounds and is straight in shape. To get you started on your search, we've decided to review four of the best Marlin 795 stocks that are currently on the market. Storage compartment might be difficult to open. The ergonomic shape and design of the speedloader prevent your fingers from being sore or getting injured. The Marlin 795 comes with a 10 round nickel plated magazine. The USP of a Marlin 795 is its reliable operation, coupled with its unbelievable price. You may need to make some measurements before choosing a length of pull, which might take a little longer as far as shipping times go. Might be a challenge to install at the outset. Who Will Use This Most, Loading Marlin 795 magazines can be a real pain. This mag loader is good for all shooters using the Marlin 795. These sights improve overall accuracy and are a reliable addition to the rifle. The Black Badger is a stock that definitely stands out in a few ways. The company offers a one year warranty which covers your back. These are our recommendations for the best Marlin 795 stocks: Below are the four best Marlin 795 stocks currently on the market. What Could be Improved and Why, The speedloader should have been more wide and bigger in size, for a better grip. Aftermarket sights such as aperture sights or fiber optic sights or even red dot sights can turn out to be a useful addition to your Marlin 795 rifle. Marlin 795 is already a reliable rifle, and adding the right upgrades will improve its reliability. Lightweight; it doesn’t add on any unnecessary weight. Which makes them ideal for mounting on a small caliber rifle like the Marlin 795. $17.99 $ 17. Now, all it needs is the accessories you might want to turn it into a varmint destroyer.Who Will Use This Most Like the name says, it’s a Varmint Pro. Fortunately, there are many great adapters that allow for the use of 1” rings on a traditional rimfire dovetail. He also enjoys hunting, fishing and spending time outdoors. This hardwood stock is solid and will look even better on your current Marlin 795 rifle. Loading those small mags can be a problem, especially for kids and older people. 4.6 out of 5 stars 29. The only American built modular tactical stock for the Marlin model 60, 70*, and 795 that allows you to maximize the value of industry standard modern accessories. However, I have long favored the Marlin 795 over a Ruger or other comparable semi-auto .22 simply because the Marlin has the superior out of the box trigger. Marlin 795 is mostly used for close range shooting so having a good pair of iron sights is extremely crucial. The design is more than enough to get your attention to learn more about it. And it’s the one stock that is used the most by varmint hunters. You get added stability, plus the ability to store more small accessories so you have them at hand when you need them the most. We won’t be surprised if you get asked the question of “how long have you had that rifle?” Or something similar like “how old is it?”Who Will Use This MostHunters will most likely benefit from using a wood stock. $11.99 $ 11. Here we will discuss some important and rewarding accessory upgrades to Marlin 795. Additionally, the mount can also be used with other rifles with a dovetail. Target shooters may also want to consider using a stock like this if they typically go to the range a couple of times a week for a casual round of target or clay pigeon shooting.What Could be Improved and WhyOne of the things we noticed was the lack of sling swivels. As I already mentioned, the Marlin 795 is a tough one to really accessorize because it is truly a fantastic rifle right out of the box. But, the marlin is still not going to shoot that far where windage is concerned. But if we have to choose, it would be the latter; this way the stock doesn’t look so bulky. 4.7 out of 5 stars 417. This mag lets you carry more rounds in less space. So, you can custom order it to ensure that your rifle will fit your size and frame. Plus the regular mags of Marlin 795 can be difficult and time consuming to load. If you’ve got the dough, this is one of the best Marlin Model 795 accessories you can buy. Email him. If you’re looking to get both a good look and better control over your rifle without breaking the bank, then the Pro Varmint Gunstock from Boyds could just be your cup of tea.What Recent Buyers ReportMost recent buyers were quite happy with the stock in general. So you spend more time practicing. Most of the users that will benefit from this will be hunters, target shooters, and even competition shooters. Once you've replaced an ineffective factory stock with something more robust, you'll be able to notice immediate advantages that will make your Marlin 795 more accurate and reliable. Additionally, there’s a ton of social proof since it is the best selling rimfire scope out there. The scope’ power, functions, and price are an impeccable match for the Marlin 795. Recent users commend the precise fit and aesthetically pleasing finish of the stock. The scope is ideal for practice, and hunting. Also, it’s available in a wide variety of lengths of pull.

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